Covid is a virus that has the ability to cause sporadic outbreaks of an unknown condition. Recently, scientists found a way to stop Covid from spreading but it only works one time, meaning no cure and patients will remain at risk for life. Now with new variants emerging in each outbreak and developing countries being hit hardest by this pandemic, experts are sounding the alarm on what’s next in store.

The “omicron latest news” is a warning from the World Health Organization that there is no end in sight for the current pandemic. The WHO has warned that new variants of the virus will continue to emerge, and are likely to be more dangerous.

Covid pandemic 'nowhere near over and new variants will emerge', warns WHO

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesys

‘No nation is out of the woods yet,’ the WHO director added. (Photo courtesy of AP)

The World Health Organization’s director-general has cautioned world leaders that the Covid-19 epidemic is “far from ended” and that additional versions are likely to arise.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned against assuming that the newly prevalent Omicron strain is much milder and that the virus is no longer a concern.

‘Make no mistake, Omicron is causing hospitalizations and fatalities, and even the less severe cases are inundating health institutions,’ he said at a news conference.

According to Dr. Tedros, the next few weeks are essential for certain nations’ health-care systems, especially those with poor vaccination rates.

‘No nation is out of the woods yet,’ he added, adding that although the current wave of the virus may have passed its peak in certain areas of the globe, now is not the time to ‘give up and raise the white flag.’

WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard - Deaths

The World Health Organization has cautioned world leaders that the Covid-19 outbreak is “far from done.”

‘Omicron is still sweeping the globe; there were over 18 million recorded cases last week,’ he added.

‘For the time being, the number of fatalities is steady, but we are worried about the effect of Omicron on already overworked health staff and overcrowded health systems.’

‘Cases seem to have peaked in several nations, giving optimism that the worst of this last wave is over, but no country is out of the woods yet.

‘I’m still worried about many nations with poor vaccination rates, since unvaccinated individuals are at a far higher risk of serious disease and death.’

‘On average, Omicron is less severe, but the notion that it is a benign illness is inaccurate, harms the entire response, and costs more lives.’

Omicron is far more infectious than earlier strains, according to studies, yet it seems to cause less severe illness in individuals.

WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard - Cases

Fewer than 10% of individuals in several low-income nations get a single dose of vaccination.


No nation, according to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is out of the woods yet (Picture: AP)

This has sparked speculation among scientists and policymakers that Covid might become an endemic in the near future.

‘This pandemic is far from ended, and with Omicron’s amazing worldwide expansion, new varieties are expected to develop, which is why monitoring and evaluation remain vital,’ Dr Tedros added.

‘By efficiently sharing and employing health technologies and adopting public health and social initiatives that we know work, we may still greatly lessen the effects of the present wave.’

In low-income nations, less than 10% of individuals have received one dose of the Covid vaccination.

Over the weekend, the global vaccine sharing facility Covax distributed the one billionth dose of vaccine, but more work was required to ensure vaccination equality throughout the globe.

The action came as fresh case numbers in certain European countries reached unprecedented highs.

On Tuesday, France reported over half a million new daily cases, while Germany reported more than 100,000 new infections in less than 24 hours for the first time since the epidemic began on Wednesday.

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However, there are some signs that the Omicron wave has already crested in the United Kingdom.

Despite a drop in daily instances, government officials are due to examine existing limits today.

Boris Johnson, who is fighting to save his job as Prime Minister, might announce the cancellation of Plan B measures as early as this afternoon.

The Plan B guidelines in England are slated to expire on Wednesday, January 26. They include instructions on working from home, the usage of the Covid pass, and required mask wearing in stores and on public transportation.

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The “omicron deaths” is a pandemic that has been present for a while. The WHO has warned that the “omicron deaths” are not near over and new variants will emerge.

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