Bungie released the TWAB blog post for Destiny 2 this week, and oh boy, what a lot it did. One of the biggest announcements is the return of the Osiris Trials, which will take place today. Earlier, the proposer had also responded to a number of concerns raised by the community. Players have also complained to the developers that Gambit’s enemies are very bad at teleporting. They have been mentioned on the DestinyTheGame subreddit and have generated a lot of interest among players.

Terrible design choice

A few days ago we turned our attention to the Celerity and Bottomless Grief bonuses because we, or rather commenters on Reddit, suggested that the terrible design decisions of these bonuses be dropped. According to the OP, these traits do almost nothing in a game of pigeon shooting until all his teammates are eliminated.

The player feels out of place when these bonuses hit his weapons or when all his teammates are taken out of the game. He went on to say that situational perks like this are too specialized and should be removed from Destiny 2.

Enemy Teleportation Gambit

Meanwhile, you/EdelweisProphet came across these enemies teleporting to Gambit, with a video to prove it. The OP noticed that the blocker teleported across the floor and that the bench was permanently locked. He added that the four guards stood around the shallow bank while the enemy was merely defeated.

This is the worst case he has seen according to the OP. If the number of upvotes is low, it’s quite possible that many Destiny 2 players have fallen victim to this new problem.

In reply to

Bungie’s senior outreach manager, Dmg, has taken note of these reports and has responded to these concerns. He said they are collecting feedback from players about the benefits of Destiny 2 that they already know.

As for enemies teleporting in the game, he admitted that he has never seen a blocker teleport, though they have noticed others on pieces of geometry.

Missing modes in Destiny 2

On Twitter, Dmg also responded to a tweet about missing mods in the game. This question was asked by Ralph from a news channel on YouTube about skill games. In his tweet, he wondered if players really need to follow a particular Twitter account just to find out if there is an NPC element being sold in Destiny 2 that could permanently and drastically change their gameplay experience because they suddenly can’t go back.

The team is very aware of this feedback. Not a short-term change, but an issue they want to address.
As soon as we have more details, we’ll keep you posted!

– dmg04 (@A_dmg04) 11. March 2021

Like the first two, Destiny 2’s development team has…

He then indicated that this is an issue they want to address, but said there will be no change in the short term. He added that further details on this issue will be provided as they become available.

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