OnPassive is a digital marketing platform that offers email marketing, video conferencing, and URL shortening. Its benefits include simplicity, high standards, and the best value. OnPassive is a great choice for small businesses and online entrepreneurs. You can sign up for an account for free for that visit.

It offers video conferencing

ONPASSIVE has developed an app called O-Connect that boasts high-definition video and audio conferencing. Users can add as many as ten people to a conference, and the app includes a detailed dashboard and follow-up options. Other features include meeting chat, on-demand viewing, and screenshots.

It offers email marketing

Onpassive business is a web email platform where you can communicate with your contacts easily. Its features include unlimited storage, calendar integration, and synchronization across devices. The platform also allows you to create different email formats and schedule messages. In addition, you can set up alerts on all your devices.

It offers URL shortening

Using URL shorteners for your business is an excellent way to improve your online presence and boost your marketing efforts. These services can help you shorten links to your website and social media pages and direct visitors to a landing page. Many of these services also allow you to track your marketing efforts, including how many visitors have clicked on your shortened links.

It offers artificial intelligence

ONPASSIVE offers a suite of artificial intelligence solutions for businesses. These systems provide automated traffic generation and enhance your online presence. They also offer self-optimizing business campaigns and intelligent cross-channel approaches.

It’s a pyramid scheme

Despite the benefits of this network marketing opportunity, there are some major problems with this scheme. The compensation plan is not clear and it doesn’t provide a clear path to success. It relies on a pyramid structure, with affiliates selling memberships and paying commissions to their downlines. The business model is also not sustainable, because there are no tangible products.

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