Thousands of people are planning to take part in a series of illegal raids in New York on level 4 of London (photos: no credit).

Organizers advertised on social media, including Instagram

A series of illegal New Year’s Eve parties are planned throughout the capital tonight, and thousands of people are expected.

Organisers are fined £10,000 for breaking the coronavirus rules, but this has not prevented them from promoting their events on social media.

Those who want to attend the event must register with an Instagram account and sign up with a private message before selling a ticket and telling them where to go.

One of the biggest parties planned for tonight, called the Good Vibes Rave, is only announced at a secret location.

All organizers say it will be held in a closed room, reports the sun.

The headliner of the event is Mutant, with a garage set followed by the music of Mark H Nostalgic, Andy Mills and the drums and bass of Annicca, Myro and Casper.

It is not clear whether these acts were committed personally, whether they were aware of the fact that they were related to this illegal event.

Thousands of people are planning to take part in a series of illegal raids in New York on level 4 of London (photos: no credit).

Potential partygoers are informed by the DM organisers before they are asked to identify themselves and provide details.

The drivers are determined to continue partying during the closure, despite the threat of fines.

A party in Bristol at the beginning of the year that ended after almost 24 hours (Photo: party.hub/Instagram).

Another main party has been announced as a Good Riddance 2020 NYE special.

A separate event, known as Sunday Afters, sells mystery rave tickets online for £30 each, with buyers giving further details and location in an email.

The organizers had managed the Instagram account just over two weeks after their previous account was closed by the social media platform for unauthorized activities.

Another band called Vox Sound promoted Acid in Wonderland on the secret New Year’s Eve wave on Instagram, by invitation only.

A later mention said: We weren’t allowed to have fun this year, so that’s what we’re gonna do.

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Thousands of people are planning to take part in a series of illegal raids in New York on level 4 of London (photos: no credit).

This event, which takes place at a secret location, is advertised for £30 per ticket.

Many organizers refused to advertise on social media for fear of warning the authorities.

More of them are now promoted by word of mouth or in private groups on messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

The organisers have warned that Uber drivers will inform the police after the partygoers have been dropped off and advise them not to make the final leg of the trip.

The organisers have warned the ravers that the Uber drivers will inform the police after they have dropped people off for suspicious illegal robberies.

Illegal raves in New York were also planned elsewhere in the United Kingdom, including a farm in South Wales.

The promotion on Snapchat states that the event, with tech/house DJs and a full bar, is free for participants.

An NHS employee who reported the job said it looked like a huge slap in the face, adding: I can’t believe they bragged about their previous party – it’s just insulting.

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