What’s gone wrong between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers? Here’s how they got here

It’s been a year since the Green Bay Packers and quarterback Aaron Rodgers parted ways, after the two parties split following a disagreement over contract negotiations. Rodgers was a top-5 quarterback in the NFL before a serious leg injury derailed his career. Facing a difficult decision, the Packers decided to move on from Rodgers and enter into negotiations with backup quarterback Brett Hundley. Initial reports indicated the deal was a one-year, $11 million contract.

Rodgers was a superstar in Green Bay, and the Packers were a contender in the NFC North for most of the time he was on the team. Since he left for the rival Minnesota Vikings, the team has struggled under the leadership of new Head Coach Mike McCarthy. How can a team go from Super Bowl Champions in 2010 to one of the worst teams in the league in 2016?

In the NFL, it’s easy to forget how young Aaron Rodgers is. He’ll turn 30 in December, and he’s been in the league since the third round of the 2005 draft. You won’t find a better example of a player who has been in the league for a decade and is still only 26 years old. Rodgers made an immediate impact as a rookie for the Packers, and he’s been one of the league’s most outstanding quarterbacks ever since. He’s been the face of the franchise for the past decade, and he’s been a great leader for the Packers as well.. Read more about aaron rodgers trade and let us know what you think.GREEN BAY, Wisconsin. — The date was the 30th. August 2018 — one day after Aaron Rodgers signed a record $134 million contract extension with the Green Bay Packers through the 2023 season. It was a celebratory day for the quarterback and the team, except for one ominous comment:

I don’t think that guarantees anything except maybe the first three years of the contract, Rogers said.

Three years later, Rogers and the Packers have reached this point.

And neither party is in a good position.

Rodgers is so unhappy with the team, as first reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter and confirmed by multiple media outlets, that he has told some in the organization that he will no longer play for the Packers. Part of the reason is that general manager Brian Gutekunst not only drafted quarterback Jordan Love as a possible replacement for Rodgers in 2020 – and made a first-round deal to do so – but also failed to tell Rodgers his plans in advance.

Now, after a season in which he became MVP – the third of his career – the balance of power seems to have shifted back to Rodgers, who said the following on the day he announced his contract extension: I want to prove that I am still a top player in this league, and if I can do that, I feel good about myself. I have the opportunity to end my career in Green Bay, but I’m certainly not arrogant enough to think it will never happen to me. It happened to [Brett Favre], it can happen to any of us.

Here’s a look at the events that brought Rogers and the Packers to the brink of separation:

18. April 2019: The Packers welcome Missouri quarterback Drew Lock, one of the top prospects in the 2019 draft, for a pre-draft visit. The news was a surprise, even though Rodgers is the same age (35) as Favre was when the Packers picked him up in 2005. However, Rodgers has never addressed Favre’s considerations and retirement, and has repeatedly stated that he wants to play until he is 40.

Aaron Rodgers’ problems with the Packers go beyond Jordan Love. Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire

But Rodgers comes after a 2018 season in which he essentially signaled that he was ready for a new coach (see his criticism of Mike McCarthy’s offense after the win over the Buffalo Bills in Week 4 last season and his disappointment that Alex Van Pelt was fired as quarterbacks coach earlier this year).

6. August 2019: The Packers are currently in a joint practice with the Houston Texans. It’s been 14 years since they hosted another team for training camp. Rogers hates it and says after the second session: I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t do it for another 14 years. Just before that, first-year coach Matt LaFleur said: Absolutely, 100%, I want to do it again. Rodgers’ opposition worries Gutekunst and others in the football department.

21. February 2020: If the visit to the castle was a ruse, what Gutekunst said that day was pure honesty. The general manager said he would be open to selecting a quarterback in the first round. During the same meeting with reporters, Gutekunst was asked if he was concerned about the impact of such an election on Rodgers.

Aaron wants to win, and I think that’s the most important thing for him, Gutekunst said. He knows we’re trying to make the best decision for the football team. So I’m not worried, but with all those players, you can’t control it. Players are happy and sad on different occasions. So I’m not too worried about that.

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23. April 2020: Shortly after the Minnesota Vikings selected Justin Jefferson at No. 22, a receiver the Packers coveted and Rodgers liked, another receiver dropped to No. 25 when the San Francisco 49ers selected Brandon Ayuk. Gutekunst then makes its entrance. He traded his fourth-round pick (No. 136) to the Dolphins to move from No. 30 to No. 26 and take Love.

15. May 2020: Rodgers held a nearly 40-minute conference call with reporters in which he said he was not happy with the selection, but added: I understand. He also said he understands that his desire to start and end his career with the same team is not an option at this time. He confirmed that he hopes to play out his contract to the end, but conceded: I’m not sure how it’s going to play out at this point.

3. September 2020: Rodgers said in an interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he feels good about his top four receivers: Davante Adams, Allen Lazard, Marquez Valdez-Scantling and Jake Coumerow, for whom Rodgers has been full of praise since the Packers signed him in 2017.

4. September 2020: Gutekunst is cutting into Kumerov’s cut.

8. September 2020: The Bills have placed Kumerov on the practice squad.

1. November 2020: Just before the trade deadline, Rodgers is asked if they need help on offense (Gutekunst has reportedly made a bid for Texans receiver Will Fuller V). We’ve had many conversations about this over the years, Rogers said. I understand my role very well. I’m not going to defend anyone, the last time I defended a player he was traded to Buffalo, so …

20. January 2021: Rodgers continued his c’est-la-vie approach to the entire season in the week of the NFC Championship Game when he called his future a beautiful mystery. That was the answer to the question of whether Rodgers, 37, sees this game as his last chance to make it to the Super Bowl.

24. January 2021: In the moments following the 31-26 loss against the Buccaneers in the NFC title game, Rodgers pondered his future with the Packers: With the Packers, the future of a lot of guys is uncertain, including me. Rodgers didn’t get the ball back in the closing minutes and had a chance to win the game after LaFleur opted for a field goal with 2:09 left to cut the lead to five points instead of on a fourth down from the 8-yard line.



Louis Riddick says Aaron Rodgers will eventually go somewhere else and end his career away from Green Bay.

25. January 2021: Packers president Mark Murphy said on WTAQ-WNFL radio in Green Bay when asked about Rodgers’ comments the day before: I’ll just say this: There’s no way Aaron is with the Packers. I mean, he’s gonna be the MVP of the league. This may be the best year of his life. He is our undisputed leader, and we are not fools.

26. January 2021: In a broadcast of the Pat McAfee Show, Rogers said: I don’t think there’s any reason why I wouldn’t go back, and I emphasize the word believe. But you see, there aren’t many absolutes in this business. Therefore, I have not made an absolute statement about what is not absolute. And I think that’s why everything went wrong.

1. February 2021: Gutekunst was asked at the end-of-season press conference if he thought he should make any commitments to Rodgers about his future. I don’t think I need to assure him of anything, because his game speaks for itself, Gutekunst said. I’ll say this: We are looking forward not only to next year, but also to the years to come. He’s playing at as high a level as ever, and I think this year’s team was special. It didn’t go the way we wanted, but I think everyone is motivated to come back, and like I said, I don’t think we have to do anything. He is our protector and He is our leader.

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2. March 2021: Gutekunst was vague when asked if a restructuring of Rogers’ contract was a possibility. Right now, the Packers are still well above the salary cap and need to restructure some veteran contracts.

20. March 2021: The Packers did not convert Rodgers’ $6.8 million signing bonus, which would have given them an immediate salary cap advantage of more than $4.5 million. Instead, the source reported that the bonus had accrued as planned. Rodgers has an automatic transfer clause in his contract, but it would still require a signature from Rodgers to make the transfer official (which begs the question of why it’s called an automatic transfer).

30. March 2021: At the first sign that serious trouble is afoot, Murphy has a chance to defuse the situation, but he doesn’t. Instead, it refuses to say why the restructuring of the contract never took place.

5. April 2021: In his last interview on the subject, Rodgers reiterated on the Pat McAfee Show that nothing has changed since the year the Packers selected Love. That’s why I used the term beautiful mystery, because there’s no telling which way it will go, Rogers says. Rogers also said in the interview that he would love to be considered for a full-time guest role on Jeopardy! after two weeks of guest starring.

19. April 2021: The Packers’ offseason program begins with four weeks of virtual meetings and workouts, but Rodgers did not show up for the voluntary session.

Coach Matt LaFleur (left) said: I can’t even imagine Aaron Rodgers not wanting to return to the Packers. Mike Roemer/AP photo

29. April 2021: Hours before the NFL Draft, Schefter’s article was broadcast live on NFL Live and posted on ESPN.com. Later in the evening, after selecting cornerback Eric Stokes in the first round, Gutekunst said the Packers had no intention of trading Rodgers and that they thought things could work out. Gutekunst admits he should have communicated better with Rodgers before choosing Love.

1. May 2021: Murphy, in his monthly column on the team’s website, notes the media reports and writes: This is a problem we’ve been working on for months. He said the Packers are committed to Rogers in 2021 and beyond. Later in the day, Lafleur also said he wants Rodgers back, but when asked what happens if Rodgers doesn’t want to come back to the Packers, the coach said: Yeah, I know, and I can’t even get my brain around that right now.

3. May 2021: 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan, one of Lafleur’s mentors, told the Rich Eisen Show that he called Lafleur the day after the Schefter report was released to ask about the deal. To be honest, I didn’t want to wake up the next day, Friday, and see Aaron Rodgers, one of the best quarterbacks in the league, being traded without any vetting. So I called Matt and asked him if there was anything we could do, and Matt said I was wasting my time if we called [CEO John] Lynch.

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5. May 2021: In an interview with Wisconsin radio station ESPN, Favre said he doesn’t see Rodgers coming back and simply said: OK, let’s bury the hatchet and add that his instincts tell him Rodgers would rather sit still than play for the Packers if he doesn’t get transferred. Later in the day, former Packers quarterback John Kuhn painted a more optimistic picture on CBS Radio by saying that he thinks Aaron Rodgers will be the Packers’ starting quarterback 70-75% of the time this year.

10. May 2021: In an interview with Fox Sports Radio, receiver Adams said his future with the Packers could be affected by how the Rogers situation is resolved. Adams is entering the final year of his contract.

12. May 2021: The Packers have contracted veteran quarterback Blake Bortles, who was previously coached by the Packers’ current offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. Hackett held the same position in Jacksonville when Bortles helped the Jaguars win the 2017 AFC Championship.

15. May 2021: The Packers have contracted former Falcons practice squad quarterback Kurt Benkert, who was one of two quarterbacks to participate in rookie minicamp this weekend. They started the week with two quarterbacks on the roster and now have four: Rogers, Love, Bortles and Benkert.

24. May 2021: Rogers did not show up on the first day of OTAs. Although the classes are voluntary, Rogers has always attended them in the past. Later in the evening, he appeared on Kenny Mayne’s latest SportsCenter show on ESPN and confirmed that his complaints were primarily related to the Packers’ management. He said he had nothing against Love, but that it was just a kind of philosophy, and that perhaps he had forgotten that it was about people standing up for themselves. It’s about character, culture, doing things right.It’s hard to believe that the Green Bay Packers have lumbered through the first half of the 2018 NFL season without their franchise quarterback—Aaron Rodgers. After breaking a collarbone in Week 6, the Packers have been in disarray. Their offense is ranked No. 25 in the league, averaging only 19.8 points per game. Their defense has given up 27 points per game and is ranked 23rd in the league.. Read more about where is aaron rodgers today and let us know what you think.

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