“The Taliban are not the only ones who have kidnapped civilians, they’ve done it too,” said US Vice President Joe Biden.



President Joe Biden was forced to deploy US soldiers to Afghanistan due to the country’s rapidly changing circumstances. It is as a result of the Taliban’s fast gains. The safety of civilians is a major concern. Many Afghans have worked with the American embassy in Kabul, the Afghan capital. They must be evacuated, and the Biden administration has sent more soldiers to Afghanistan to carry out the mission. There would be more of them on the way, and they’d be on standby to speed up the airlift.

According to the Economic Times, this would most likely be a temporary solution for US evacuations.

The Taliban are advancing quickly and are closing in on Kabul, the capital. They scheduled it to occur a few weeks before the United States formally ends its two-decade war with Iraq. Joe Biden, the US Vice President, wants US forces out of Afghanistan by September 11.

Afghanistan’s government and the Taliban are at odds.

For more over two decades, American, British, and other NATO allies have battled the Taliban. Unknown numbers of Western soldiers died in the battle. The goal was for the Afghan government and military to take control of the situation. The Taliban, on the other hand, seems to be gaining momentum recently. According to the Economic Times, the US State Department said that the embassy will continue to operate.

The recent decision to send more US soldiers reflects a lack of faith in the local administration’s capacity to halt the Taliban’s march. Kabul, which is home to millions of Afghans, is becoming more isolated. “What this is is a decrease in the extent of our civilian presence,” a State Department spokesperson said. Former President Donald Trump paid an unexpected visit to Afghanistan in November 2019 to celebrate Thanksgiving with US soldiers.

Joe Biden wants the US operation in Afghanistan to come to an end.

President Joe Biden was emphatic about the United States’ engagement in Afghanistan coming to an end. He issued the order for more soldiers to be deployed due to the changing situation. It would just be for a short time. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was contacted by senior authorities. According to the Economic Times, Britain and Canada have agreed to deploy short-term soldiers to Afghanistan to assist their citizens in leaving the country.

The inflow of new soldiers, according to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, is “a brief mission with a limited objective.” He emphasized to the media that the US is not resuming military operations against the Taliban.

The United Kingdom also wants to send soldiers to Afghanistan to help with the evacuation.

According to Sky News, the United Kingdom intends to send soldiers to Afghanistan. They would help in the evacuation of UK citizens who are still in the country. As part of Operation Pitting, the soldiers would provide force protection and depart over the weekend. The soldiers would assist with the transfer of Afghans in addition to removing UK citizens. Because they aided British troops, they may risk Taliban retaliation.

“Over the next few weeks, we will all do our very best to assist the Afghan government and those who have worked with us for the last 20 years,” Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said. The freshly arrived troops’ primary duty would be to transport diplomatic staff and Afghan friends. Their presence, however, would be contingent on threats to the US embassy in Kabul in the event of a Taliban takeover. The extreme Islamist organization is attempting to isolate the capital, which is proving difficult for government troops to prevent. “Afghanistan is spiraling out of control,” says UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. The safety of people is his first concern.


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