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Anderson Silva, one of the greatest martial artists of all time, will make his last walk to the Las Vegas Octagon on Saturday. Probably. Maybe.

True to form, Silva plays with the idea of retirement as the main event approaches UFC Fight Night against Uriah Hall. The past few weeks Silva has been swaying so much back and forth in his plans for the future that he has actually covered all possibilities. This could be the last battle of his career. This could be his last fight at the UFC. It could be one or the other.

If there’s one thing Silva knows for sure, it’s that a 45-year-old legend will have a hard time leaving town when the time comes. He spoke openly about how his family begged him to retire after he defeated Nick Diaz at UFC 183 – almost six years ago. Silva broke into pieces during the CFU 234 weighting and renamed the fighting. That was two battles ago.

Saturday’s UFC Fight Night is probably the last game of Anderson Silva’s career. Silva, recognised as one of the largest MMAs of all time, will be held during the main event for Uriah Hall. Andre Fili Bryce Mitchell will take over at the main event.

CFU Fighting night: Room vs Silva
– Saturday, Las Vegas
Main card: ESPN+, 7:00 IN THE MORNING. ET
Forewords: ESPN+, 16:00 AND

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Throughout his incredible 22-year career, Silva has been a master of deception and mystery. Even when he was in the prime of his life during the 16 battles of a winning streak that lasted from 2006 to 2013, it never seemed that the fans – or any of his opponents – really cared about him. He became a superstar in the sport, with a degree of secrecy and confidentiality.

Since Silva (maybe, maybe not) reaches the UFC final, logically we don’t know what to do with him. We have said goodbye to this man many times, the first time in December 2013 when he suffered a terrible leg injury at the loss of Chris Weidmann. And yet, seven years later, we’re talking about saying goodbye.

In a way, that loss was for Weidman the night we said goodbye to Silva, at least as we knew him. Since then, his record without a match is 1:4, with the only victory being a disputed decision. In 2015 he was suspended from the sport for a year after testing positive for several steroids. In short, Silva’s UFC career can be divided into two crucial chapters: before and after the leg injury.

But the only bridge between them, and this happens every time Silva fights, is the chance to appreciate and celebrate what he has been – and to admire the man’s true love for the sport. This led him to the Hall of Fame of his career and forced him to fight in 2020. And maybe even further.

That this proves that this is the last chapter of Silva’s career, it is worth a second time to enjoy his greatness as if it were the end 100%.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Uriah Hall v. Anderson Silva ESPN


1: Silva’s victory since October 2012. After starting 16-0 in the UFC he finished 1-6 and hasn’t competed since then. Some differences: From 2006 to 2012 Silva had 14 finals and 11 titles – he hasn’t won one since. The difference is significant: +227 from 2006 to 2012 and -86 from 2013 to 2020.

Fight 24 T-25
Important events 19 1.
The victories. 17 T-13
Victory in the battle for the title 11 4.
Consistent victories 16 1.
Knockouts 11 T-1
Fact. 14 3.

12: Ends 16 career victories, all but one, by KO under the Halls.

60.2: A significant percentage of impact accuracy for Silva, the highest average weight in the history of the UFC. Hall combines with 50.7% with the clip, the sixth largest of the average active weights.

1: Previous major UFC events in Hall (lost to Geghard Musasi at the head of the field in November 2016). Silva was in the record 19 (see right).

2: Soldiers older than Silva, who won the UFC fight. Randy Couture was 47 years old when he strangled boxer James Tony in August 2010, and Dan Henderson was 45 years, 285 days old when he knocked out Hector Lombard in June 2016. On the night of the battle, Silva will have 45, 200 days.

Sources : ESPN statistics and PDU information and statistics


Fault! The file name is not specified. THE NEW PENALTIE — In the career of Anderson Silva, who sometimes played like a long drum, Anderson Silva reached perhaps the most spectacular end with a head shot that grounded Vitor Belforth in CFU 126 in 2011. James Lowe/Zuffa LLC/Getty Pictures

Five against five

Get the latest results : Antonio Carlos Junior (SD, 14 September 2019; see ESPN+)
Winner : Loss of Bevon Lewis (KO3, 29 December 2018) : Paulo Costa (TKO2, July 7, 2018)
win: Krzysztof Jotko (TKO2, 16 September 2017) loss of
: Geghard Musasi (TKO1, 19 November 2016)

Latest results for loss of Anderson Silva
: Jared Cannon (TKO1, 11 May 2019; see ESPN+)
Loss Israel Adesania (UD, 10 February 2019; see ESPN+)
win : Derek Brunson (UD, 11 February 2017)
loss: Daniel Cormier (UD, July 9, 2016)
loss: Michael Bisping (UD, 27 February 2016)

And the winner…

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In fact, this fight would take place in 2016, and it can be said that the delay is in favor of Hall. Not only because Silva is 45 years old, but also because Hall seems to be in a very good position. In 2016, Hall lost three straight fights, the longest series of his career. The losses were due to good competition, but generally Hall made no movement at this point in his career. Especially in comparison with the current situation. He led 3-1 in the last four and gave Paulo Costa a tough time in 2018. The room is quieter and seems to have found a good shelter at Fortis MMA led by head coach Saif Saud. His self-confidence today is higher than it was four years ago when he fought Silva in Brazil. I think he’ll shine on Saturday and use the main event. Hall by elimination, third round.

Saturday ticket

ESPN+, 19 hours. ETUriah Hall vs Anderson Silva | half weightAndre Fili vs Bryce Mitchell | half weightKevin Holland vs Mahmoud Muradov | half weightMaurice Green vs Greg Hardy | Bobby Green vs Thiago Moisez | half weight ESPN+, 4:00pm. ETChris Grucemaher vs. Alexander Hernandez | HeavyweightAdrian Janez vs. Victor Rodriguez | HeavyweightSean Strickland vs. Jack Marshman | MiddleweightCole Williams vs. Justin Ledet | HeavyweightMiles Jones vs. Kevin Natividad | HeavyweightMiles Jones vs. Justin Ledet | HeavyweightMiles Jones vs. Justin Ledet | HeavyweightMiles Jones vs.

How to observe battles

Follow the battles on ESPN+. If you don’t have ESPN+, bring it here.

There is also the FightCenter, which provides real-time updates for every UFC card.

Bryce Mitchell will finally look like he likes.

Bryce Mitchell had four battles in the SKP and won them all, and after each victory he did two things: He shouted in his beloved home state of Arkansas and demanded – no, he demanded that Ribok make him camouflage pants. He says this look shows who he is and where he’s from.

On Saturday, when Mitchell comes to the Octagon for a joint event, the 26-year-old from Cergy, Arkansas, will do it in style.

Camouflage pants. He got an O.R. from the UFC and his war clothing sponsor, Rebok.

Mitchell will set the Octagon’s unbeaten record against 15 UFC veterans Andre Fili. The victory makes Mitchell the sixth fighter to start his career with the UFC with a 5-0 victory in the lightweight category, after Jose Aldo, Conor McGregor, Yair Rodriguez, Arnold Allen and Zabit Magomedsharipov.

Let’s see if Mitchell’s new look leads to an inspired performance.

It’s not just shorts…

This week @ThugNastyMMA is on cover #UFCVegas12 pic.twitter.com/AzJ4fsSsF9.

– CFU (@ufc) 28. October 2020

Two other things to know (based on ESPN statistics and information)

1. Kevin Holland, who is face to face with Mahmud Muradov, is aiming for a 4-0 exit in 2020. Only two average weights were 4-0 in a calendar year: Israel Adesania in 2018 and Geghard Musasi in 2016.


1 Related

2. Also this year 3-0, featherweight Bobby Green. If he had defeated Thiago Moses, Green would have been the fifth lightweight to win four races in a calendar year, after Donald Serron (2011, 2014), Jim Miller (2010), Rustam Habilov (2016) and Roger Huerta (2007). The Greens would be the fastest four victories in modern UFC history, having done so in 128 days.

ESPN’s Jeff Wagenheim gave a glimpse of this fight.

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