Trump plans to ask the court to intervene in a case challenging the decision of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which allowed the ballots to be counted after election day. The judges refused to expedite the appeal before the elections and are currently considering whether to pursue the case further.

In a brief statement Wednesday afternoon, Biden said his campaign was on track to win 270 ballots, but he would not declare victory until the counting of votes in the major states was complete. He was encouraged by the extraordinary turnout and rejected Mr Trump’s attempts to undermine the election result.

This is where the people rule. The power cannot be taken away or claimed, Biden said.

But both candidates still have a way to win. Biden will win Wisconsin and Michigan, the CNN projects, and could take over the presidency as the narrow Nevada and Arizona titles. The Capricorn campaign hopes to maintain the former Blue Wall states in the Midwest, including Pennsylvania, which he won four years ago.

In Wisconsin on Wednesday afternoon, the Trump campaign said a recount was needed, while the campaign said Michigan and Pennsylvania were facing growing legal problems.

The president is in a good position to demand a recount (in Wisconsin) and we’ll do it immediately, said Trump campaign manager Bill Stepin.

Stepin said the results showed razor blade thinness, as we always knew, and said there were violations in several Wisconsin counties, but said the campaign didn’t think the violations were such.

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Candidates can request a recount in Wisconsin if it does not exceed 1% of the total number of votes cast by the winners. However, a formal recount cannot be requested before the end of the investigation, which must be completed no later than the 17th day after the end of the investigation. November may take place.

These requests must contain a basis for recounting, which may consist of a general accusation of error or fraud in a particular constituency, but may also include other reasons, such as a defect, irregularity or illegality in the conduct of the elections.

It is rare for the difference of 20,000 votes to be reversed in a recount. But since Biden’s leadership margin is less than 1%, Trump’s campaign has the power to ask for a recalculation.

While the Trump campaign argues for the continuation of vote counting in those states that it deems favorable for counting, the campaign statement states that it filed a lawsuit in Michigan to ask the state to stop vote counting because it did not have effective access to many counting booths to monitor the opening of the ballots and the counting process, as guaranteed by Michigan law.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Ryan Jarvi responded to the threat of litigation by stating that the elections in Michigan are transparent, open to political parties and the public, and that there is a strong system of checks and balances to ensure that all ballots are counted fairly and accurately.

The strength of the campaign, Wednesday afternoon, is that they believe the president can maintain his leadership role in Pennsylvania, but they also denounce the Commonwealth and say democratic election officials are hiding the vote count and processing from domestic observers.

Deputy campaigner Justin Clark said the campaign is taking legal steps to suspend the census until there is real transparency and the Republicans can ensure that the census is conducted in overtime and in accordance with the law.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro responded in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on the campaign charge, saying that the process in Pennsylvania was transparent and that observers monitored the process as required by state law.

The President made unfounded accusations that the elections he considered more favourable had been stolen on Tuesday before the start of the early vote count, and called for a halt to the vote count in certain regions. His morning appearance in the East Hall of the White House, where he falsely claimed victory, was the most bold threat to the democratic principles that underlie the American political system yet to be realized.

As far as I know, we’ve already won, Trump said, painting a picture that contradicts the true state of the race. Earlier, Mr. Biden had warned both parties to wait with the counting of the votes and stated that patience was needed until the hard work of counting the votes had been completed.

Build your own path to 270 voices with CNN’s interactive map.

Although the president had for a long time threatened to challenge the elections legally, the voting itself was largely peaceful, without violence in the polling stations and without intimidating voters, who were widely feared, especially in the light of Trump’s attempts to discredit the electoral process in advance.

But the election did not turn into a massive rejection of the president and his failed presidency, as the Democrats had hoped. Trump has shown a remarkable connection with its base, which consists mainly of white voters in rural areas, and a new connection with Latin American voter groups in some states. He destroyed the hopes of the Democrats to conquer the red stronghold of Texas and won a spectacular victory in Florida, where Biden was not well received by the Spanish voters.

The blue wave that many Democrats were looking for to end the majority of Mitch McConnell’s Senate is still not being implemented, although some major races are still going on. And despite the desire to broaden their parliamentary majority, the Democrats lost several seats and some threatening Republicans clung to them.

Today, America seems to be ready for hours, even days, of uncertainty in counting votes, which could give way to legitimate battles in several states, while the country is already shocked by the worst public health crisis in 100 years. While the country watched Tuesday’s elections, another 1,048 civilians died of Covida-19, a disease that, according to the president, has almost disappeared and is now killing 232,000 Americans.

Biden leads Michigan

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Biden made progress in Michigan after announcing some early votes last Wednesday. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said at noon that about 100,000 ballots are still outstanding throughout the state, many from very democratic areas. She said she was optimistic that most of these voices would be reached by the end of the day.

Kathy Garrett, an employee in Wayne County, a suburb of Michigan, said CNN election officials still counted the votes and didn’t know when to draw conclusions. The district reports that more than 81% of the participants were counted.

Wayne County is the largest county in Michigan and includes Detroit and the metro area. After counting 94% of the votes in the state of Michigan, Biden led the peloton on Wednesday afternoon with about 37,000 votes in that state.

In Pennsylvania, the Trump is less than 500,000 votes ahead, but Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Bukwar told CNN Wednesday lunchtime that more than a million votes are remarkable. Many of these remaining votes are absent votes that have been sent back to the very democratic area of Philadelphia.

The Democratic government of Pennsylvania, Tom Woolf, said Wednesday morning that the backlog of votes still to be processed could be so long that we might not even know the results today, he said.

Biden has subtle leadership skills in Arizona and Nevada. The trump card in Georgia has risen by around 79 000 votes, but several very democratic constituencies have not yet finished counting the votes. In the middle of Wednesday morning, Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger said there are still about 200,000 votes to be counted, including in the DeCalb and Fulton districts.

CNN Biden projects will receive at least three out of four votes in Maine, Wisconsin, Michigan, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Minnesota, California, Virginia, Oregon and Washington, Illinois, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Washington and one out of five ballots in Nebraska. Nebraska and the state of Maine give two votes to their state winner and divide the remaining votes in congressional districts.

CNN Trump projects will also win votes in Montana, Texas, Iowa, Idaho, Ohio, Mississippi, Wyoming, Missouri, Kansas, Utah, Louisiana and Alabama, South Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arkansas, Indiana, Oklahoma, Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee, and four out of five votes in Nebraska.

Threat of cold outweighs vote count

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Mr Trump tried to announce the victory of the presidential election campaign at the beginning of Wednesday morning and called for an end to the legal voting, which is currently taking place.

It’s a deception of the American public. This is a disgrace to our country. We’ve prepared to win this election. Honestly, we won this election. We won this election, the president said.

He tried to mislead the country by suggesting that voters would continue to vote after the elections. But the votes were counted legally. Pennsylvania makes it possible to count ballots that are stamped on election day and arrive before Friday.

We want the whole vote to stop. We don’t want them finding ballots at 4 a.m. and putting them on the list, Trump said, promising to hold a Supreme Court election.

Biden addressed the president at his campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. Although he said he was sure he would win, he didn’t claim he would.

It’s not over until all the votes are counted, Biden said. It’s not my job or Donald Trump’s to announce who won this election. It’s the decision of the American people.

Even in Trump’s short speech, there was a blatant contradiction in his point of view when he advocated that Arizona’s votes should still be counted, a state of affairs he found more favourable to him, while expressing his anger at the fact that one of the networks had called him earlier. CNN didn’t predict a winner in Arizona.

He celebrated his victories in Florida and Ohio and claimed to have won several states that CNN had not yet projected.

Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon cancelled Trump’s speech in an attempt to deny American citizens their democratic rights.

In their view, today’s statement by the President on the attempt to stop the counting of well-presented ballots was scandalous, unprecedented and inaccurate. It was unprecedented because the President of the United States has never in our history tried to disenfranchise Americans in national elections. Trump encouraged Republican efforts in many states to prevent the legal counting of these ballots before election day, and now says these ballots can no longer be counted after election day.

Trump wins in two mandatory states

Trump’s victories in Florida and Ohio were crucial to keep the road to victory open in the second half of the year, even though the road got narrower on Wednesday.

Florida Democrats were disappointed with the results in the densely populated southern Miami-Dade County, where Biden failed to reach Clinton’s threshold in 2016.

Biden’s deficit in Miami-Dade was proof that the President had infiltrated traditional Latin American democratic support.

In Miami Dada there is a large concentration of voters of Cuban and Venezuelan origin, who are more conservative than other Latin American groups and who have been told by the president that democrats are just like socialists.

Biden works well in Arizona

Biden seems to have made significant progress in Arizona, where demographic changes have accelerated the transition from traditional republican territory to the eventual democratic rise of the state. The president’s unpopularity and the rapid growth of the state – from a growing Latin American population to an influx of pensioners from the Midwest and other parts of the country – made his policy even more unpredictable, even in the four years from 2016, when Trump Hillary Clinton beat the state from 49% to 45.5%.

Clinton has created a democratic space in the densely populated Maricopa County, which includes the Phoenix and its suburbs – and the majority of the state’s voters – and Biden seems to continue that trend Tuesday night, and turnout in this important drive seems strong.

Results may not be known for a few days

For weeks, Trump has made it clear that voters need to know the results of the election night – although this is rare in America – while suggesting that a later count could be a sign of electoral irregularities, although there is no evidence for that and the count is much more difficult because so many people vote by mail to be safe during a pandemic.

In the state of Pennsylvania, which is at a critical point, some of the longest delays may occur, not only because of a very complicated voting process with internal and external envelopes, but also because election officials were not allowed to start counting the votes by e-mail before election day.

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