Big Brother: All the stars of the cast...


Big Brother: All the stars of the cast…

The second big moment of Big Brother on the books, and something that could interest fans if one of their favorite guests ever thinks of coming back to the show? Well, there are five who are ready, but the others say they’re ready to come back.

It is the one who leaves the franchise

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And that movie on @bigbrothercbs! It’s even hard to find the words to describe it all… This season has been such a roller coaster ride, but I’m glad I escaped it and I’m honored to be a star forever. I want to congratulate @enzp_ and @codycalafiore on reaching the last two seats, and Cody with this impeccable victory! Thanks also to everyone who voted for me as the favorite player of the Americans, but above all, thanks to everyone who voted for @davonnedianne_, you are an extraordinary person and you deserve it! To anyone who took the time to say the right things and to please @angelarummans, I can never say how grateful I am! I’ve met some great people in this house and I’ve seen the good in all of them. I am eternally grateful to you and I will never say anything bad about any of them (even if you want me to lie). If there’s one thing I’ve learned from playing this game again, it’s that even if it doesn’t look like it, I’m really not cut out for it. It’s not easy to find the balance between trying to be a good person and being a good player, and I certainly haven’t been perfect in that respect, but I’m proud of myself for always saying what I feel. To the people who never stopped believing in me, even though I didn’t believe in myself, thank you. Thank you for the best thing that ever happened to me: @angelarummans You put everything on your back at once and wear it flawlessly. From @nautandchain to @angelas_plante-cuisine, you have made me so proud, and you really are the one who deserves all the admiration. Without you, I’m absolutely NO, and I’m incredibly proud to call you my other half. I love you more than life. With all this I wanted to say that @bigbrothercbs has given more to my life than I could ever imagine or ask for, and for that I am eternally grateful. Even then, #BB22 will be 100% my last season and I’ll never get the victory I’ve always dreamed of, I’m a real @angelarumman’s winner. Greetings to all bb fans, I hope I’ve made you proud! #RETIRED #bb22

Item shared by Tyler Crispen (@tylercrispen2) on 2. November 2020 at 15:42 PT.

In several interviews after the show and in social media reports several guests said they were fed up with Big Brother. In a moving Instagram post about meeting his girlfriend Angela Rummans about Big Brother, Tyler Crispin wrote that @bigbrothercbs gave my life more than I could ever imagine or ask for, and for that I am eternally grateful. Even #BB22 will be 100% my last season and I’ll never get the victory I’ve always dreamed of, I’m a real winner.

Danielle Donato Briones told US Weekly in an exit interview that she would never play again.

I’ll never play Big Brother again. I wanted to be emotional. … I knew I would never play Big Brother again [when I was thrown out], and the way I got out was so painful. I’m so sad I couldn’t go around the house and take everything, because I’m never going back there. I’m never going back, Donato Briones said.

She added that it’s a big part of her life, even where she met her husband, Dominic Briones, so she wanted her to do the last tour of the house and suck it all up, and she was so happy to be invited back, but she’s done.

Nicole Franzel, Nicole Anthony and Ian Terry are also ready.

I’ve had enough. I’m retired. My heart can’t take it anymore, so I’m leaving, Frenzel said.

I’m not saying I never want to say it, but I’m sure it’s for me. It’s just a very, very stressful situation. I’ve won before, so it still seems a little too much. So I think I’ve had enough, Terry said.

Of course I want to answer that! But today, Nicole, the answer is no, for my own sanity, for the things I struggle with, Anthony said.

This is the one open for return.

Big brother: Da’Vonn Rogers responds to the fact that he is America’s first black favorite guest (Exclusive…Lauren Zima from ET spoke with Da’Vonn Rogers shortly after he voted Big Brother as America’s first black favorite guest. Rogers opened to express her gratitude for her historic victory in the season finale on Wednesday night and for the important conversations she got during the show. После месяцев…2020-10-30T14:30:02Z

Many stars said they would think about it or play again.

Da’von Rogers said in his usual hilarious way: You know, I play this game every time someone calls me… …until I win. Once I win, it’s over. But, you know, I love this game all the time. I saw this game when I was young, it was one of my favorites and my grandmother’s, so every time I’m in this house, I think about it… I always feel his presence when I’m around. So, yeah, I’m gonna play this game over and over again.

Keisha Smith laughed and said: Give me another chance, give me another chance! Let me show everyone who I really am!

David Alexander says he’ll play again, but not all the stars, and Memphis Garrett says it’s too early to tell – call me in 10 years, he’s joking.

Kevin Campbell compared Big Brother to a lottery ticket with good odds, so he wouldn’t play, but he’d have to ask her husband.

Cody Calafiore, the winner of the All Stars competition, said he couldn’t refuse because he really appreciated what the show had done for him and his accomplice Enzo Palumbo, and he thought he had one more season to live and if he came back it would be crazy.

The abbot said that at the time she played she thought she was ready, but just talking about it had stirred her heart a little, so she would probably say yes.

Bailey Dayton also said she would come back if the show wanted to, but that was before she decided to leave reality TV.

Kaisar Reed made a joke that he would come home for another four weeks and then go home – after four weeks at home he would still be forcibly deported.

This seems to be my journey. It’s really a 12-week commitment for everybody, it’s a 4-week commitment for me, so why not? He was joking.

And Janelle Pierzina said she thought she was already retired from Big Brother, but then she got a call from all the stars and look what happened.

You can say you’re done with something, then something appears, then it changes. Never say never, I guess. I’ll always answer the phone, I’ll always think about it, Pierzina promised.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. In the meantime we can also get a new Big Brother Canada season this winter/spring.

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