Best Week 12 NFL Bets To Make ASAP

The NFL is just about done for the season and it’s time to start thinking about Las Vegas odds on who will win the Super Bowl. The Patriots have a slight edge over their opponent, but there are plenty of teams still in contention so we can’t ignore them altogether. Here are some good bets that could pay off big this week.

The “nfl week 12 predictions 2021” is a list of the best bets to make in the upcoming NFL week 12.


After the thrilling Thanksgiving Day games, NFL Week 12 action is finally started, and it’s time to sit back, relax, and prepare for a full day of football. Whether your club has a game on Sunday, Monday, or is off this week… Sunday is a day for football, food, and a general lack of getting off the sofa, as many NFL fans know. But, first, you’ll surely want to place a wager or two…right? Of course you do–that is why you are reading this post in the first place, looking for NFL betting tips!

To begin, the number with the “plus or minus” next to it is the “spread” while reading the “line” that we have. Which number should you add or remove from your team’s total in order to win? So, if you choose a side at -6, they must win by a score of seven for you to win.

The “vig,” which is the amount you pay to the casino to place your wager, is the figure to the right of the spread. If the vig is -110, the better will profit $1 for every $1.10 he wins. FanDuel SportsBooks provides all of our odds. Here are my Week 12 NFL best bets, which include one bet from each of the three Sunday timeslots.

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Week 12 NFL Picks You Should Make Right Now

At Indianapolis Colts: Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3 (-118)

Despite the fact that Tampa Bay is just 4-6 ATS this season and Indianapolis is a solid 7-4, we’re going with the Buccaneers because the Colts are in a terrible matchup. The run game, which is the strength of the Colts’ attack, is the finest aspect of Tampa Bay’s defense.

Teams have defeated Tama Bay in 2021 by targeting their secondary, but the Colts have not done so in recent games. When they have been able to control the game by rushing the football, they have won. If the tables are turned and the game must be won by Carson Wentz’s arm and Michael Pittman’s hands, we’re not so convinced they’ll have the same success. Take the Buccaneers, lay the three-pointer, and profit.

Green Bay Packers -2 (-110) at Los Angeles Rams

We’re picking a squad that is 4-6 ATS on the season to win the bet once again. With a two-point spread, it’s essentially a pick-em situation for you, so you may as well choose the side with the -2 to reduce your vig. The Rams are heading into this game with a bad taste in their mouth after losing two consecutive games in which they were the favorites.

While the Packers have a lot to prove, they are also a club that is showing signs of crumbling on the inside, particularly at the leadership level. Aaron Rodgers, their great quarterback, is more of a celebrity for TMZ to follow than someone for NFL filmmakers to mic-up. That is an issue for his club, and following a significant defeat this week, the Packers’ organizational structure may start to reveal cracks.


Cleveland Browns -3.5 (-114) vs. Baltimore Ravens

I’m sure you’re picking up on a pattern here. You guessed it–we chose three clubs with a combined ATS record of 4-6 this season. That’s how passionate we are about our choices, particularly this one, which is dubbed “JB’s lock of the week.” The Browns have a victory under their belt, but it came against the Detroit Lions, so take it with a grain of salt. They also nearly escaped with a three-point victory in that one.

Over the first half of the season, Cleveland has alternated victories and defeats, and this week will be no different. The New England Patriots ran all over the Browns for almost 250 yards only to their backs two weeks ago. Baltimore also happens to boast the league’s finest rushing offense. This one should be rushed to the betting window, not walked.

That’s all there is to it. Whether you intend to wager on just one game, all of them individually, or all of them in a parlay, we wish you luck and hope you’ll return next week at the same time for our week 13 top NFL bets to make.


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