Today is a big party for the fans of the chainsaw man. Not long ago fans were informed that the series was coming to an end. The big announcement freed many people from the thought of losing Denji, but every story must have an end. But it turns out that the man with the chainsaw hasn’t reached his final yet. The series plans to pursue a whole new arc, and the recent announcement of the anime has caused panic among online fans.

As you can see on the slides below, the man with the chainsaw is happy with this plan change. Tatsuki Fujimoto didn’t finish the chainsaw man’s work for good this week. Instead, the manga has just completed its first arc and the second part should appear in the Shonen Jump+ application. This ad was also very much noticed in the anime, and the fans were blown up for obvious reasons.

(Photo: Shuisha)

After all, fans have long been begging for an anime that the person with the chainsaw takes with them. His spectacular actions and battles have been entertaining the fans for some time now. This year, the man with the chainsaw, mixed with his sometimes disgraceful humour, has become a thundering talker. Meanwhile, fans around the world have fallen in love with Denji’s story, despite its saturation, and MAPPA is the perfect studio to bring this extraordinary series to the small screen. So when it comes out next year, fans will want to see it in the first episode!

What do you think of this big announcement? You’re on fire for the Anime Saw Man… Share your thoughts in the comment section below or visit me on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

It’s worth more than.

I hope MAPPA’s Chainsaw man anime will have an exceptional staff and an exceptional schedule, it deserves nothing less than an adjustment of the functions!

To the next chapter of Part 2….. until now, the man with the chainsaw will VVVRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

– 12. Man with goat chainsaw (@DenjiUnleashed) 13. Man with goat chainsaw (@DenjiUnleashed) December 2020


You must be

Boy, #Mappa will do well for the anime The Man with the Chainsaw. The last chapter left me a lot of excitement after today.

– 「Coby Huse」 (@TobyCuse) 13. December 2020.


Are you wearing my sunglasses?

I just want to say how glad I am that we didn’t see the end of the chainsaw man. I was afraid the manga would end, that’s all. Now we have part two on SJ+ plus anime. The future is bright for this series and I couldn’t get promoted for it anymore!

– Michael Hart ♣️ (@DarkFoxTeam_) 13. December 2020.



I’m just saying that 2021 is the year he’ll be there when the chainsaw figure falls into the cartoon.

– Hazuka himself (@BeardTeacher) 13. December 2020.



In the best news: It was officially announced that Chainsaw Man-Anime is produced by MAPPA. This is the best new Shounen in a long time and it deserves to be better adapted. I hope they all agree.

– 12. Rotten protein (@squir circle diagram) 13. December 2020


We believe that

I woke up with the news that Saw Man animation is a good life.

– Pump! (@greediing671) 13. December 2020


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