This season has been truly unpredictable across the baseball world. Three teams from the same division have won 90+ games, while two others have struggled to make it back to .500. The second wild card seems like a real possibility for the first time in years, and the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox both seem to be emerging from the pack. So, which of the AL East titans can be trusted to get back to October?

The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees are both struggling this season, but at the same time, they’re both overachieving. The Yankees have a record of 59-55 and are in a tight battle for the second Wild Card spot in the American League. The Red Sox are in last place with a record of 62-59 after being reunited with David Ortiz.

The Red Sox will be the first team in nearly two decades to share the AL East crown. The Yankees will be the first in 30 years. Both teams, though, are experiencing a remarkable amount of success that hasn’t been seen since the pre-Moneyball era. Both Boston and New York are winning more games than they should in the AL East, and that’s creating some concerns that one of these teams is about to implode, like the Atlanta Braves did in the late 1990s. The Yankees, though, have an advantage over the Red Sox.. Read more about 2019 mlb standings and let us know what you think.Expectations are just expectations. At the beginning of the 2021 season, many baseball observers thought the American League East Division would be lost to the New York Yankees. It’s been two months, and now New York is looking at three teams in the standings – the Toronto Blue Jays, Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays. On paper, the Yankees’ lineup seemed like the team’s strength, and there were questions around the rotation. Instead, the opposite has happened. New York is one of the lowest scoring teams in the majors and has to rely on its pitching staff, thanks to strong performances from Gerrit Cole, Domingo Herman, Jordan Montgomery and the injured Corey Kluber. The Yankees are just three games above .500 this Sunday – with a minus-3 point difference. Meanwhile, Boston is in the middle of the division race, just one game behind the Rays, who are leading, which few predicted. Boston’s hitters are fourth in the majors thanks to the play of J.D. Martinez and Rafael Devers, and the prowess of Xander Bogaerts, who plays like the best shortstop in baseball. So far, the rotation has been supported by his depth: Nick Pivetta, Garrett Richards and Martin Perez are consistently on the field every time now. As they close out the first 2021 series with Boston and await a possible three-game sweep, here’s how each team ended up here, what’s real and what’s not, and whether the division will continue to look like this.


The score for Sunday night’s baseball game: 31-28 (.525), fourth in the AL East. How they’ve done it so far: The Yankees’ pitching staff played the role of wild card early in the season, with Herman (3.27 ERA, 1.04 WHIP in 55 innings in 2021) returning from a one-year suspension for violating the league’s domestic violence protocols and the acquisitions of Kluber (3.27 ERA, 1.04 WHIP) in the offseason.04 ERA in 53.1 innings, not to mention the franchise’s first no-hitter since David Cone’s perfect game in 1999) and Jameson Taillon (5.09 ERA in 53 innings), neither of whom has pitched a full season since 2018. 2 Connected But the Yankees are second in the American League and sixth in baseball in team ERA – behind the Padres, Mets, Dodgers, Giants and White Sox – and Cole (2.26 ERA, 0.87 WHIP, 104 strikeouts in 75.2 innings) remains an undisputed ace and one of the best pitchers in the MLB. Due to injuries – including Kluber, who could be out for two months with a sprained shoulder – the pitching staff enters the summer with a very precarious position. Our pitch was all we could hope for at that point. I think the starters have been very reliable, Yankees manager Aaron Boone said. The bullpen has been great, and we’ve seen guys play a bigger role. We’re looking forward to the return of guys like [Zach Britton], [Justin Wilson] and [Darren O’Day], and so far some of the bullpen guys have done very well. Overall, I really liked the presentation. Backstop Aroldis Chapman, who has an ERA of 0.41 and 42 strikeouts in 22 innings this season, remains a solid bullpen backstop, one of the team’s strengths in recent years. Even with Britton, Wilson and O’Day on the injured list, Boone relied on Jonathan Loaysiga (2.08 ERA, 1.09 WHIP in 30.1 innings) and Chad Green (3.14 ERA, 0.87 WHIP in 28.2 innings) to perform well. How they haven’t done it so far: Given the number of hitters on the roster, the Yankees certainly didn’t expect to be among the worst performing teams in baseball. The Bronx Bombers are penultimate in baseball in points this season, ahead of only the Mets, Pirates, Nationals and Tigers. Boone said he doesn’t expect the team’s offensive problems to persist all season. The offense improved a little bit after a slow start, then we struggled again, so that’s an area where we want to find more consistency, Boone said. I think she will be an insurmountable force for this team in the long run. word-image-5177 Follow the 2021 MLB season on ESPN and the ESPN app. Sunday, 6. June Red Sox – Yankees, 7 ET on ESPN Monday, June 7 Cubs – Padres, 10 ET on ESPN Wednesday, June 9, Royals – Angels, 9:30 p.m. AND on ESPN You see the guys on our team? It gives me a lot of confidence, Boone said when asked why he thinks the team’s offense will change. Truly talented people who really care about what they do and have a proven track record. It hasn’t been easy so far, but that’s part of being a team. It’s not always going to be easy, and in 2021 it’s probably going to be harder than ever, but I have a lot of faith in these guys that we’ll be successful in the end, and I feel like that’s starting to happen now. According to Red Sox manager Alex Cora, it’s that sense of calm and lack of panic that makes Boone the right person to lead the Yankees and help right the ship in a market that’s getting a lot of media and fan attention. Booney never panics, Cora says. He was very calm and I know they had their ups and downs. In Boston and New York, he can get very heavy, and he’s not afraid of his essence. I think he’s done an incredible job of staying the course and doing his thing over the last few years, and he’s the same guy, he’s done it on television too. You listen to him on Sunday Night Baseball, and he was very calm, very relaxed, delivering a message to the audience, and that’s what he does with the Yankees, and I’m very proud of that. A player to keep an eye on: D.J. LeMaye has set the bar high in his first two seasons with the Yankees. He is a two-time Silver Slugger Award winner and a two-time top-four MVP. This version of LeMahieu has yet to appear in New York’s lineup this season. He is hitting .259/.339/.329 with just three hits and six doubles in 216 at-bats. That’s a significant drop from his 2020 numbers, when he hit .364/.421/.590 with 10 home runs and 27 RBI and joined Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle as the only Yankees to lead the majors in batting average. What would have to happen for the Yankees to win the division: It’s simple: The offense must live up to its potential. Kluber’s injury highlights the fragility of the rotation, and the team will struggle to find success if Aaron Judge is the only player consistently delivering results. The trio of LeMahieu, Giancarlo Stanton and Gleyber Torres should add to the game. The frustration of the team on offense is starting to spill over to the crowd. It would have been nice to serve with a lead, but that’s the way it goes, Tylon said after the recent loss against the Rays. It’s my job to put zeros in.

Red foxes

The record heading into Sunday night’s baseball game: 35-23 (.603), second place in the AL East. How they’ve done so far: In a rotation with Nathan Eovaldi and Eduardo Rodriguez, Perez (3.09), who started the season as the team’s fifth starter, is the Red Sox starter with the team’s best ERA – *leaves runs*. This surprising turn of events sums up the current state of the team’s pitching rotation. Boston continues to rely on the depth of its rotation: Perez, Pivetta (3.77) and Richards (3.75) have better ERAs than Eovaldi (3.78) and Rodriguez (5.59). word-image-5178 Are the games too long? How can baseball make the most of a new generation of stars? We explore the themes that will define the game well beyond this season. The state of baseball We thought our pitching was solid. We thought the rotation would give us a chance to play games all season. There were a lot of questions from outside our world, Cora said. With rights. I’ve got it. But if you read it out, we have Eduardo in our rotation who is struggling right now. He already has. Nate is solid. Richards with a prospect, Pivetta with a prospect and Martin, a solid player at a high level. We felt like we expected that from them at the beginning of the season, in five or six innings. The team continues to have good results with the bullpen, and fifth-round pick Garrett Whitlock appears to be one of the best acquisitions of the season with a 1.63 ERA and 29 strikeouts in 27.2 innings in 15 appearances. Other highlights include reliever Matt Barnes, who has an ERA of 2.49 and a WHIP of 0.63 in 25 games, Adam Ottavino, who has an ERA of 2.78 in 26 games, and Hirokazu Sawamura, who has an ERA of 2.78 in 21 games this season after coming over from Nippon pro baseball. How they haven’t done it so far: Although Boston has one of the best offenses in baseball this season, ranking fifth in scoring behind the Dodgers, Astros, Rays and White Sox, Cora believes the team is not reaching its full potential on the field. Prior to the series with the Yankees, Boston lost three of four games to the Astros, scoring just four runs in the first three games before allowing five in the finale. Since the 21st, May’s anchor hitter, Martinez, has knocked in just two runs, a symbol of the team’s recent inability to get into scoring position. We’re overextending the edges of the strike zone, Cora said. It’s a recipe for disaster at this level. In the series [with the Astros], we chased 38% of pitches, and that’s not good. We need to reduce the number of strikes and keep the line moving. We did it at the beginning of the season, and we know we can do it. word-image-5179 How a new generation of players is changing the culture of the MLB. Jun Lee Despite his current lack of RBI, the resurgence of Martinez – who returns from a 2020 season in which he hit just .213/.291/.389/.569 and hit 12 home runs in 54 games – is a major reason why Boston is a formidable force at the plate. In addition, Bogaerts remains one of the best players at shortstop, hitting .313/.371/.534 with 10 home runs and 16 doubles in 55 games, and Devers continues to impress as well, leading the team in home runs (15) and a record of .282/.351/.587. Boone said that despite Boston’s recent offensive woes, the team’s attention to detail will make it a force to be reckoned with for the rest of the season. I think [Cora] has created a culture where the team pays a lot of attention to detail, Boone said. He sees the game very well. He’s not afraid of anything. I think he’s really good at what he does. I think his players reflect that and play with the confidence he instills in them every day. A player to keep an eye on: Newcomer Bobby Dalbec, who hit a home run Saturday night, has disappointed so far, hitting .199/.248/.384 with six home runs in 46 games. Dalbec was considered a potential Rookie of the Year candidate after impressing in 23 games with Boston in 2020, batting .263/.359/.600 and hitting eight home runs. Dalbec is starting to cede some playing time to Danny Santana and can’t find his rhythm. With top prospect Triston Casas also playing first base, Dalbec’s play for the rest of the season may determine if he will play a role in the organization. What would it take for the Red Sox to win the division: Boston needs better performances from Eovaldi – as was the case Friday night in the series opener – and Rodriguez, two of its most credible starters. Given Richards’ injury history and the fact that Pivetta and Perez have topped their records, the success of Eovaldi and Rodriguez will relieve the pressure on the back end of a rotation that should take the Red Sox to the playoffs.This is the first week of September; a few weeks remain in the 2015 season for the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Both teams are well known for their success, a couple of times in the past few years each team has been the best team in the league, while on other occasions their performances have been mediocre at best. Both are known for their payrolls, which are consistently among the highest in the league. Both teams have their fair share of fans, which is why this season will be an interesting one, even though the Yankees and Red Sox seem to be on different trajectories at the moment. But what are the chances of the Yankees repeating their performance from last year? And what about the Red Sox? Are they going to. Read more about 2019 mlb playoffs and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Yankees in the AL East?

After a highly-competitive first half of the season, the 2017 Yankees and Red Sox are currently in a dead heat for first place in the AL East. There have been some notable storylines that have shaped the division: Jacoby Ellsbury returning to the Bronx after signing a big contract with Boston, Aaron Judge’s explosive offensive performances, and the Yankees’ surprising success without ace Masahiro Tanaka. But which of the two teams has the upper hand? The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox are baseball’s two most storied franchises. Both have won a record twenty AL pennants and seven World Series, and both routinely rank among the best-supported MLB teams. Across town, the New York Mets, who have won exactly one pennant in their history, are an also-ran, and the New Jersey Devils, a relatively new addition to the league, have yet to win a World Series.

Why do the Red Sox hate the Yankees?

It’s been a long time since the Yankees and Red Sox have squared off in a pennant race. The last time they sat atop of their respective divisions was in 2002, when both teams were making their first postseason appearance in over a decade. Not a single winning season has passed for either team since, and this might be the year they get back to the postseason. For the first time since their rivalry began in 1903, the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox will play in a postseason series. The World Series officially starts Tuesday, but this series won’t be decided until the final out is recorded.

Did the Red Sox beat the Yankees today?

The Red Sox and the Yankees are both in the midst of a season in which they have been overachieving and underachieving. The Red Sox are 48-45 and are in first place in the AL East, while the Yankees are 49-45 and are in first place in the AL Wild Card in the American League. The Red Sox have led the AL East for the entire season, while the Yankees are tied with the Tampa Bay Rays for first place in the AL Wild Card. The Yankees and Sox square off for the twentieth time this year, a few hours from now in Fenway Park. The Yankees enter the series with a slim lead in the AL East, where they’ve had a rough go of things — winning just a single division title in the last twenty-three years. That’s not to say the team has had a hard time of it; in a way, it has been the opposite. The Bronx Bombers are the reigning World Champions — a feat that is more impressive when you consider that they came back from a three-games-to-one deficit to win the World Series three years ago.

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