Dwight Howard’s not having a good time in his personal life. The Los Angeles Lakers Center won its first NBA championship just a few weeks ago, thanks to its move to the Golden State, but not everyone is happy with the veteran. Howard’s first son and the baby’s mother have attacked him in recent days, calling him an absent father on social media and accusing him of other things.

First, a woman, Royce Reed, went to Instagram to tell people what was going on with Dwight and asked the fans if they would support a man who had forgotten his son while he was in the same neighborhood (Orlando).

Stop bragging about the stove based on a screenshot of your life on TV and Instagram channels. And best of all… Imagine writing a third person to find out if they plan to see their two children who live here and they haven’t seen them since July or they have SPOKEN since August, before they leave town, and in return I don’t know, I need to see what the team is doing. A multimillionaire who can take any flight, with the choice to spend a few hours with children who want to believe that he is their personal Superman. A child who is now REALLY REALY! But, uh… I keep this little boy in tears and rage through the night. ”

I comfort him. I raise him with love, not money. So, who’s got a problem with this F*CK YALL! Straight ahead! Braylon will always get my lioness out! PERIOD! # mytherapistisgonnakillme #

Finally, Braylon talked about the situation, made even bolder statements about his father and even told Howard that he hated him. Something big for a 12-year-old.

I hate you from now on. And I’m not just saying this because someone asked me to. The truth is, I hate you. You don’t talk to me at all. As soon as Leila is as old as me, she will be. We have created an account for you at the checkpoints so that you can play with us when you are in Atlanta and we are here. Do you ever play it? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. They’re not even playing with us. You only play with us when we’re with you, which is rare when we’re with you. Every time we enter the house, we’ll always be Mama V. All our parents said we didn’t need a nanny.

Now that Dwight has discovered the whole situation, he denies that he is a father in a dead-end street and explains what is going on in his life and the time he has spent with his children in recent months. Frank Ski Radio host Nina Brown asked Dwight about the whole situation, and the player said he had been talking about it for a few days.

About Mademoiselle:

I’m not the kind of person who can go online or beat up someone through the media. All I’m gonna ask is if anyone thinks I’m a stupid father. I have a baby with me now. My son lives with me. I can’t be a stupid father when I have a son with me. My other son’s situation has unfortunately been made public.

But even before this season started, he lived with me for three months. He stayed at my house, we woke up every morning, we practiced together, ran together, ate together. We did everything together. I went around the house and followed me. This is the most time I’ve ever spent like this…

I don’t like what they say, that our own people give the impression that I’m not who I am. I’ve always been an excellent father. Are there areas where improvements can be made? Sure, like in life, in basketball, in everything I do. I’ve never been that person. I lost the mother of one of my sons earlier this year. I’ve been given the responsibility of having my son with me full-time. And he really changed my life. He was one of the main reasons why I could help this team win the championship. I can’t be what they call me.

He also referred to Ries’ remarks about him and his parenting skills, trivializing these remarks and saying that it is important for a child to have both parents in his life.

All I care about is that our kids have two parents… I will never air the dirty laundry of the mother of my children or explain to them why they are upset. Being upset doesn’t help in situations where you give your emotions the upper hand.

D-12 said he hadn’t told Braylon about the situation, but that he had used the platform to send a message to him and his mother.

Whatever happens, I love my son. I would never disdain his mother. One day we can overcome this toxicity and realize that we are living in a day in which they have killed many of our blacks. And I don’t want anything to happen to my son. It’s too expensive. His voice is big. He’s got a big mind. He’s mentally inclined, and I don’t want his life taken away from someone who’s poisoned. I love him to death, he knows it. He’ll always know. Braylon had the best life he could have had. He went to the best schools.

I was his livelihood. Everything he ever needed or wanted, he’s always had. And I would never put him in that position. He’s my firstborn. He has my name, and I will always take care of him. But I think it’s gonna be great for all of us. We just have to be able to change the way we think, the way we talk, the way we act and the way we interact with each other. So, instead of answering out of hate, I’ll keep answering out of love. Too much hatred and negativity.

It’s just a terrible situation, and the only loser here is the kid. I hope Howard and Rhys can find all possible solutions and have a better relationship with their son.

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