Nintendo fans were not too happy that the company decided to cancel the Splatoon 2 tournament. This follows the cancellation of the Super Smash Brothers fan tournament last month. Melia. Of course, with current Nintendo devices it’s not easy to broadcast online hand-to-hand battles, but with Splatoon 2 such problems don’t arise. But no treatment was promised at the North American Open this weekend. About 30% of the tournament players have declared themselves in favor of the scrum players with their usernames. That’s probably why Big N made the deal. Or maybe it had the opposite effect, because the company started a trend on Twitter on Sunday evening. And #FreeSplatoon, and #FreeMelee all over the platform now.

The big house that hosted the Super Smash Brothers tournament made a statement last month. La Grande Maison is pleased to announce that we have received a cancellation from Nintendo of America, Inc. for an upcoming online event. We have been informed that we are not authorized to hold or broadcast the event, mainly due to the use of slippi. Unfortunately, all our competitions are affected. We have to complete the mission and cancel Big House Online for melee and Ultimate. Return information will be sent shortly. We apologize for all the victims.

For example, this weekend 30% of the top teams in the Spl2 NA Open with the names of the teams supporting Melee and Smash were in support of the Smash community.
And what does @NintendoAmerica @NintendoVS do in return?
They shattered their dream of reaching the finals tomorrow.

– 4. Slimi (@ Slimi-Quagsir) 5. December 2020.

Shortly after the news began to spread, Nintendo proposed an official statement.

Nintendo appreciates the fighting community’s love and dedication to Super Smash Bros. In the past we have worked with many Super Smash Bros. tournaments and have organized our own online and offline tournaments, and we plan to continue this support in the future. Unfortunately, the upcoming Big House4 tournament has announced plans to launch an online tournament for the Super Smash Bros. scrum which will require the use of pirated versions of the game in combination with a mod called Slippy during their online event. So Nintendo contacted the tournament organisers and asked them to stop the tournament. They refused and left Nintendo no choice but to intervene to protect its intellectual property and trademarks. Nintendo cannot tacitly tolerate or condone the piracy of its intellectual property.

Were you expecting a visit from the platoon? Let us know in the comments! Take a look at the answers below:

Not perfect

I’m not in the least bit surprised that Nintendo did it.

Too bad they announced spacers for train 2 in a Switch presentation, and we all know that’s never going to happen.

A community can live without Nintendo. It’s hard, but the community is supportive! I love you all

– Flash (@Blitzin101) 6. December 2020


It’s a sad

I really like Nintendo, but it’s only their games, not their support, which is at least a bad move on Nintendo’s part, apart from the cancellation of the Section 2 final and the scrum tournament.

– 7. Irony #FreeMelee #FreeSplatoon (@therealironix) 7. Irony #FreeMelee #FreeSplatoon (@therealironix) December 2020.


Very wild weather

Currently, more than a thousand people are watching Platinum 2 without any event, while it is usually watched by a few dozen viewers. Nintendo has definitely assumed that the L is now

– Dakota (@g2wolf) 7. December 2020


People are not happy

Even though Nintendo no longer plays in Splatoon, it is only because of FreeMelee’s hashtags that it is screaming to stop the release of Splatoon 2.

– 7. Fresh stars (@FreshStars0) December 2020


A few eventful weeks

So, uh… In two weeks, the Nintendo

– C&D organized a public gambling tournament, The Big House
– completed two
Negative Reaction Platinum tournaments – and C&D’d Mental Disease Fundraising, dedicated to one of their most passionate fans, the ethics.

– Xander (@xandersore) 7. December 2020.


Structural criticism

I like Nintendo, but I seriously think they should fire their entire legal team and stop protecting their intellectual property so exaggeratedly, and turn to the community to respond to it immediately, rather than evade it as they did by cancelling the Splatoon 2 livestream.

– Donovan. (@dontrashroom) 7. December 2020


Needless to say

If you want to stay up to date with the latest news in Splatoon, here are some good places to follow: @EndGame_TV – event hosting and programming online and on the local network, the team behind The Squid House@IPLSplatoon is an orgy of online events for all corners of the community.

– Slimi (@ Slimi-Quagsir) 6. December 2020


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