Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez recently saw Chris Evans at a screening of the new Captain America movie. The two were photographed holding hands and kissing, sparking rumors of rekindled romance but Justin has denied any wrongdoing on his part.

“Who has selena gomez dated” is a question that many people have been asking themselves. Selena Gomez and Chris Evans are the two names that come up in most of the dating rumors.

Is Justin Bieber jealous about the dating rumors of his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez and Chris Evans?

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Actor Chris Evans is said to be dating Selena Gomez. Are these facts correct? Despite the fact that neither side has acknowledged this information, there is some fresh information relating to this rumor! Justin Bieber, Selena’s ex-boyfriend, is the subject of the story. Justin Bieber seems to be quite envious of Chris Evans. More information may be found further down.

Is there a romance between Chris Evans and Selena Gomez?

Chris Evans and Selena Gomez’s relationship started when Selena commented that Chris is a pretty attractive person. People were perplexed as to why she said it, and they assumed she was fond of him. Soon after, gossipmongers started spreading reports that the two were dating. Chris and Selena would look wonderful together, according to Selena’s devoted followers. They could make a fantastic pair!

Justin bieberSelena, Justin, and Chris are three friends. (Image courtesy of DKoding)

Furthermore, if we go back in time, Selena and Chris were seen together at numerous award shows. And everytime they were seen together in public, it was all over the news and social media. The images had gone viral, and many individuals and admirers had enjoyed them. Fans of both celebrities thought it would be good if they began dating.

Selena was recently seen in a video with Taylor Swift wearing an off-white sweatshirt. She couldn’t wear it since it was too large for her. Chris wore the identical sweater (color and design pattern) in a movie a few years ago. The two’s adoring admirers connected the dots and concluded that they are dating. Was it a coincidence or did it happen on purpose? It’s tough to tell since neither Chris nor Selena have publicly confirmed the relationship rumors. And none of them has denied them.

Justin bieberJustin and Selena are a couple. (Image courtesy of the Los Angeles Times)

In addition, both celebs are now single. Captain America has been seeing someone for a few months, but that relationship has ended. On the other hand, singer and actress Selena Gomez is now alone and not dating anybody. She’s also lately said that she’s not in a romantic relationship.

Justin Bieber’s insecurities

Though it’s unclear if Chris and Selena are dating, the romance rumors have enraged Selena’s ex-boyfriend, Canadian artist Justin Bieber. Justin is now married to Hailey Baldwin, but Selena still has a special place in his heart. What is causing him to act this way?

Is it a case of envy? Is it a feeling of insecurity? Is it overprotection, or is it something else? Justin and Selena had a ten-year on-again, off-again romance. Justin’s feelings for Selena haven’t faded.

Justin BieberJustin (Photo courtesy of Biography)

Justin, too, has been silent on the speculations and claims concerning Selena’s relationship with Chris. Perhaps he believes that these rumors will go away on their own, or he is certain that they are merely made-up fake tales spread by fans or the media.

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In his divorce file, Stevie J, a music businessman, requests spousal support from his ex-wife, Faith Evans!

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