On Tuesday, NFL analyst Chris Mortensen said the Jacksonville Jaguars were considering trading Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey responded with a tweet of his own, saying he was “In disbelief over this report.”

Jalen Ramsey in disbelief over analyst’s on Read more in detail here: jalen ramsey.

Mookie Betts Jalen Ramsey

Before an MLB game at Dodgers Stadium on October 2, Mookie Betts of the Los Angeles Dodgers walks off the field with Jalen Ramsey of the Los Angeles Rams.

During Los Angeles Rams training camp, Jalen Ramsey said that he is attempting to keep himself quiet on social media in order to avoid being distracted.

Regardless of whether his name is connected to it or whether it includes anything that amuses the All-Pro cornerback, Ramsey is nonetheless aware of what others are sharing. On Tuesday, October 19, Ramsey discovered a footage of something that made him weep and laugh emojis, as well as his astonishment about one prominent national analyst and pundit.

And it was all because of this play: the Buffalo Bills’ inability to punch it in from 1-yard out on 4th and 1 against the Tennessee Titans, which contributed to the Titans’ 34-31 victory:

What triggered Ramsey’s retaliation?


Chris Broussard attempted to go into the reasons why the Bills were unable to gain the first down on Fox Sports 1’s “First Things First” on Tuesday morning. What is Broussard’s justification? The Bills were missing an offensive tackle who isn’t even on the roster.

During the performance, Broussard remarked, “It was blown apart on the left side due of the pressure of Tennessee.” “I’m not sure why.” Is it because Taylor Lewan, Buffalo’s Pro Bowl left tackle, is out? If he’s there, it’s possible that won’t happen, but he’s not there. So you’ve got a second stringer that Josh Allen is attempting to overtake, and he’s been annihilated.”

Lewan is a member of the opposing side.

Ramsey had heard and seen the footage… and gave it the following response:

The Ram wasn’t the only one who was the target of internet jokes.

Despite being NFC West opponents with the Rams and Ramsey, Budda Baker of the Arizona Cardinals responded:

Meanwhile, J.R. Reed, who played alongside Ramsey for the Rams for the month of August before being released, posted the same emojis as Ramsey.

Broussard afterwards corrected himself and laughed off his TV gaffe.

Broussard, on the other hand, can add it to his litany of TV gaffes. He once “confirmed” that LeBron James would join the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014, after James announced his return to the city in a first-person article for Sports Illustrated. He also claimed erroneously that Kawhi Leonard was on his way to the Los Angeles Lakers, but Leonard ended up with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Kawhi Leonard is said to be on his way to the Laker. Today, a source close to him informed me that no decision has been taken… We’ll see… https://t.co/9irvC99Knp

July 2, 2019 — Chris Broussard (@Chris Broussard)

As a result, Broussard was the target of jokes, including some directed towards Ramsey. Another national analyst, on the other hand, was not.

‘Baldy’ is praised by Ramsey.


Fortunately for NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger, he wasn’t the target of Ramsey’s online mockery. Rather…online adoration.

On Monday evening, “Baldy” published his latest “Baldy’s Breakdowns,” which included one routine play that pleased the veteran commentator and former NFL lineman. A 1:09 clip of the veteran CB blowing up a screen play was shown by Baldinger. But what about the significance that “Baldy” emphasizes? The Giants would have eaten a lot of yards or scored on the easy screen if Ramsey had been blocked on this play. Ramsey read it and maneuvered past the approaching impediment.

Ramsey replied by praising “Baldy” for spending time studying the game of football and “making amazing plays seem ordinary and having fun…all credit to God.”

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