The cardinals in Arizona have retained their place in the complex unit of the Western NFC. They are currently in second place behind the Seattle Shikhawk and are eager to continue the dominant performance they’ve achieved in recent weeks. After a shocking 34-31 loss to the Miami Dolphins in week nine, the cards threaten to be dropped against the Buffalo Beals.

They’re gonna try to take out the 7-2 Beals, which won’t be easy. The opponents won a major victory over the Sea Hawks and gained momentum in the winning triple that keeps them at the top of the AFC East tournament table. Josh Allen has not only been spectacular, but he will continue to fight Arizona.

It won’t be easy, but the Cardinals could win in week ten. We offer four predictions for the Cardinals-Beals game.

4. Cardinal’s protection allows Josh Allen to throwfrom 300 meters.

Allen has thrown over 300 yards in two of his last three games. His last throw of 415 yards went against the Seahawks’ defense as they tried to keep up with their offense. But according to the statistics, the cardinals don’t pose a major threat to Allen either, the figures should tell you that. Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovayloa scored 248 yards and 71.4 percent of his passes in two touchdowns against the Miami Dolphins in week 9.

If there’s any sign of that, Allen is ready for another big performance.

Although he could not find a complete list of ingredients against the highest level of protection, he could regularly prepare a dish with inferior protective equipment. He makes almost 70% (68,9) of his passes during the season and is currently 6th in the quarterback standings.

Probably in the ninth week he will play another game similar to his walk, with a pitch of over 300 yards.

3. Slippage of defense, allowing the cardinals to score 21 points in the first half of.

Bills this year have found most of their success on offense, but the defense leaves a lot to be desired. They are currently in 19th place in terms of the points scored and unfortunately can try to find their rhythm more than halfway through the season. In this context, the Cardinals aim for an early attack, which makes it difficult for Beals to abort the attack in view of the goals scored in the first half.

The Cardinals have had a 17-game break in at least three of the last four games. The only game they didn’t play was against the Dallas Cowboys, resulting in a 21-0 half-time lead for the Cardinals. Their early influence on the accounts could be a decisive factor in the outcome of the tenth week.

2. DeAndre Hopkins has made 125 yards, three touchdowns..

Hopkins conjured with Kyler Murray this year. They connected to 60 of the 76 targets over 734 metres, resulting in three touchdowns. Although Hopkins got his best result in the 9th round, he couldn’t win. In the second round against the Dolphins, with three unanswered goals, he didn’t tell the whole story of his season. This season it had only one representation, with a catch rate of less than 65%.

To make it better for the 28-year-old Wide Interconnection, he faces the Bill defense, which won 15th in passing yards, so the All-Pro receiver can shake the room a little more to get his game early and often. After being attacked only three times on Sunday, Murray will probably be looking for at least 10-12 targets for Hopkins.

Hopkins will score over 125 receiving yards and three touchdowns simultaneously.

1. Kyler Murray is about to explode…again…

Make no mistake, the disappointing loss of the cardinals to the dolphins last week is not her fault. He made 21 of 26 passes in 283 yards, allowing him to make three touchdowns.

If their defense had been more productive, the cardinals could have won and improved their winning streak to four in a row.

But don’t expect Murray’s efforts against the law to diminish. He leads the team both in passing and in running, which in itself is a great achievement for a 23-year-old.

His ability to push the defense into the dust and let it down was clear last week and allowed Tagovayloa to give Murray credit. He was able to collect 106 meters of running time from 11 carriers, which resulted in a touchdown.

His move will also be a big advantage as he will be looking for Hopkins, as well as other impressive options on the field that can make this a fast or historic game on the field if Beals can keep up with it. Murray’s 10. He ended the week throwing over 275 yards and three touchdowns with a touchdown.

Bills, cardinals.

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