Kim Jong-un wants to improve ties with the outside world

The winds of change are in the air as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un decides to break out of his isolation. He wants better connections to the outside world. This would help remove the label of the hermit kingdom attached to his land. He revealed this in a speech at a major political conference. It was the first congress of the ruling Labour Party in five years, and she decided not to dwell on the course she had proposed to achieve her goal. Observers believe he will send positive gestures to Seoul and Washington as he struggles with economic problems at home.

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), which is run by the Korean state, quoted Kim as saying that the relationship with South Korea is based on the current situation and the changing scenario.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the party convention is the highest organ of the Labor Party. It is responsible for reviewing previous projects, formulating new priorities and filling management positions. Kim Jong-un convened the recent congress to find solutions to a number of pressing issues. The most important thing is the economy. It is in a difficult situation due to pandemic-related border closures combined with natural disasters and sanctions imposed by the United States. In August, Kim Jong-un held a conference on coronaviruses and Typhoon Bavi. The leader outlined his general plans. On opening day, he acknowledged the failure of his economic development plans.

It has also established a new five-year development plan. The next day, he spoke about strengthening North Korea’s military capabilities.

Nuclear diplomacy between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump

Kim Jong-un hoped for a positive outcome of his nuclear diplomacy with Donald Trump. It lasted nearly two years, but then was lost to controversy over U.S. sanctions imposed on North Korea.

The talks were interrupted after their second summit in Vietnam in early 2019. Kim wanted an easing of sanctions in exchange for limited denuclearization. This was unacceptable to Trump. In October, Kim Jong-un shed tears for his people in a military parade. The Los Angeles Times adds that President-elect Joe Biden will take office on the 20th. January. He may have other priorities when it comes to North Korea.

He may not agree to meet directly with Kim Jong-un unless his country takes serious steps toward denuclearization.

Kim Jong-un must change his strategy.

The sanctions imposed by the United States are hurting North Korea’s economy. Kim understands that he must change his strategies to resume dialogue. The relationship he had with Trump is history and Kim had to start all over with Biden. The Los Angeles Times added that Kim Jong-un may start courting South Korea, an ally of the United States. This could be the first step toward negotiations with the Biden administration. Kim is aware that the resumption of negotiations would involve sacrifices, particularly with regard to her nuclear arsenal. Kim Jong-un opted for a handwritten letter instead of a televised New Year’s speech.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un knows thechallenge.

According to NDTV, Kim Jong-un spoke about strengthening the military capabilities of his nuclear state. It was at an important meeting of the ruling party just weeks before the inauguration of Joe Biden as president of the United States. But things have changed. Analysts say Pyongyang now wants to send a message to the new government and is being cautious. Perhaps under Biden, the United States could have adopted a more orthodox diplomatic approach. This may require appropriate negotiations at the operational level prior to a summit meeting of Heads of State or Government. North Korea has an arsenal of nuclear weapons developed over time, and Kim would like to keep it. Its main programme will be the easing of sanctions, for which it will have to find an appropriate compromise formula.

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