MINNEAPOLIS — On Wednesday, the Minnesota twins, Eddie Rosario, refused to offer a 2021 contract to their permanent left-handed paramedic for six seasons.

The twins also decided not to participate in the tender for the release of Matt Weisler until after the MLB deadline. In the course of the year, they concluded contracts with five eligible players: Right-handed Jose Berrios ($500,000 drawing bonus and $5.6 million salary), midfielder Byron Baxton ($5,125,000), liberator Tyler Duffy ($2.2 million), receiver Mitch Garver ($1,875,000) and liberator Caleb Tjelbar ($650,000).

This week Rosario has given permission to deviate from the rules, which is another sign of economic uncertainty in the sector.

We appreciate everything Eddie’s done so far. He has played an important role in this team in recent years. So these are always difficult decisions. But he’s a professional, said baseball president Derek Falvie.

Although Rosario and Wiesler were the only players on the list of 40 who did not offer new contracts, Falvi said the team would remain open to negotiate with them as free agents.


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Rosario, 29, earned $7.75 million last season and made 0.257 with 13 home runs and 42 RBI’s with 0.792 OPS in 57 games. In 2019 he reached a career record of 32 home runs with 109 RBI’s, and in 2018 he was recognized as the most valuable player of the team, but also as the most hopeful player of the club – on the field. Alex Kirilloff, who is expected to be ready for his daily work in the first selection round in 2016, after being placed on the list of candidates for the position at the end of the season. Brent Rucker and Trevor Larnach are close.

Rosario, who was considered for the third and final year of arbitration, which would probably increase her salary by more than $10 million, became a season rather self-employed. Because the COVID 19 pandemic put pressure on incomes and wages, Rosario, with a career growth rate of only 0.310, was a logical candidate for non-advocacy.

Wiesler became a success story for Gemini when he published 1.07 ERA with 35 hits on 25⅓ after sharing the 2019 season with San Diego and Seattle. In 2020, he made $725,000.

These moves left only one player on the referee’s list, closer to Taylor Rogers, with two months to come to an agreement before Gemini was forced to go to the hearing. Rogers took a step back this season with a 4.05 ERA for 21 shows with nine bailouts and two missed opportunities. It earned $4.45 million in 2020 and saved 30 times on 90 strikes for 69 hostels in 2019.

Berrios, the two-time All-Star winner, won in the 60th round. season starts at 4:00 ERA in 12 and helped the Geminis win their second straight American Central League title. In 2020 he earned $4,025,000.

Buxton still fought through injuries, but produced the best .844 OPS of his career with 13 players at home in 39 games, while providing an elite midfield defense. In 2020 he earned $3,075,000.

Duffy, the man of 27. 30 December was the best day of his career, with a score of 1.88 ERA in 24 innings this year, with 13 allowed goals and 31 outs. In the past two years, the right wheel has become an important factor in Minnesota’s late bulls play, with 2.31 ERA and 113 hits registered on 81⅔ with 57 allowed bases. In 2020, he earned $1.2 million.

Harver and Tilbar entered their first year of arbitration. After breaking the 2019 season with 31 homeruns in 93 games, Garver fell in 2020 and spent most of the summer on the injury list.

In addition to Rosario and Wiesler, Gemini has a long list of reputable independent agents, including designated drummer Nelson Cruz, starting pitchers Jake Odorizzi and Rich Hill, multiplayer Marvin Gonzalez, liberators Sergio Romo and Tyler Clippard, and backup receiver Alex Avila. The promising Trevor May has signed a contract with the New York Mets.

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