The Bad Batch poster art is based on the artist’s interpretation of the characters from the film, The Last Jedi. To create the final version of the poster, the artist, Mike Krome, digitally transferred the art directly onto the poster using a process called vectorization. This prevented any trace of the original artwork from being visible in the finished product and allowed for the artwork to be replicated in different colors and sizes.

The Star Wars franchise has had a notable lack of female characters in its extensive history. One of the first major moves the franchise made to address this problem was in the prequel trilogy, which featured a young Padmé Amidala as a major supporting character. Unfortunately, Star Wars was not very kind to her, and she did not survive the end of the prequels.

In the latest edition of The Bad Batch poster series, Star Wars’ most popular furry character is celebrating his animated debut.

Fennec Shand, who made his debut in the action thriller Mandalorian, has been given his own poster following the release of the latest Star Wars: Bad batch on Disney+. The episode, titled Cornered Bounty Hunter, is shown in all its glory. Ming-Na Wen, like Katie Sackhoff, now has the rare honor of having new characters in both live-action and animated Disney+ Star Wars projects.

In the series Cornered, Fennec Shand is hired to find Omega, a female clone and a new member of the series’ titular team. Each member of the group has his or her own skills. However, the rookie’s skills remain to be seen. Fennec Shand demonstrates his fighting skills by overpowering the experienced clones Hunter and Wrecker with ease.

APPROPRIATE: Young Fennec Shand is fully revealed in the new Star Wars movie: The Bad Batch Promo Image

She also shows determination and ruthlessness in eliminating those who would stand in the way of her mission. At the end of the chase involving Hunter, Omega and Shand, the bounty hunter’s target manages to escape. But the cat-and-mouse game is far from over. Who hired Fennec Shand remains a mystery. The possible candidates are the Empire, the Caminoans, or a third party we haven’t seen yet.

As mentioned above, Ming-Na Wen was seen in Bad Party and Mandalorean. The scene after the credits of the last film alludes to a future in another Star Wars project. She’s taken out all of Jabba’s palace guards. Then infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett killed Bib Fortuna, who took over after Hutt’s death. Next, a teaser for The Book of Boba Fett was shown. In the next series, she will probably take on the role of his sidekick.

Clips for the movie Bad Batch showed the Fennec Shand in action. Until now, fans and critics didn’t know this character was part of the show. Afterwards, actor Shand was visibly excited. She probably has the same feelings as everyone else in the franchise. Do you know how long I’ve had to keep quiet about the return of the Fennec? Wen told This is the first time I’ve been able to talk about it! Everyone says they just need affirmation. So, yes, it is Fennec! It’s the youngest Fennec, I’m the one who voiced it, and I’m very happy that Dave [Filoni] wanted to give it a more detailed history.

The producer of the animated series, Jennifer Corbett, has spoken in a new interview about the Fennec’s place in the series. She’s a young Fennec, she’s new to bounty hunting, and this is an interesting introduction for her. She said in an interview with Radio Times. It certainly comes into play with the hype and proves to be a formidable force. It was great to see it develop. The action that takes place in this particular episode …. It’s really amazing.

Fortunately for fans, they’ll likely see more of the bounty hunter in future episodes. The fact that the first season isn’t over is just as good. So far, there are still 12 episodes to air. There may be posters for other episodes featuring this character. Fans loved both Shand and the new series. A combination of the two seems to be a winning scenario. The mystery of who hired this experienced fighter has already kept people on their toes. Either way, viewers will have to keep following the events to find out more.

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