Another week into the NFL season, and another round of injuries hits the league. The search for replacements in fantasy football for fallen star players is never easy, but that is the reason for this list.

Of course, there are players on Denial Wire who can help you keep it up for weeks until your stars heal, which you may have to fight for. All following predictions and evaluations are based on standard competition forms.

Jordan Reed and Ross Dwelly, TE

San Francisco 49ers
1.6 and 0.0% growth

The 49 boys from San Francisco already died of injuries last week in a league game against Seattle Siochox, but they left the game much worse than they started.

Tavin Coleman and quarterback Jimmy Garapolo walked to the ground (we’ll talk more about that later), but George Kittle’s team could be lost for the rest of the season with a broken leg, a hard blow in an attack that has already brought down big guns like Dibo Samuel and Rahim Mostort.

Kittle, who comes in at the bottom, puts an early end to a season in which head coach Kyle Shanahan has struggled to make it easy, but there are some capable reinforcements that can make it easy to get the TE position – Jordan Reed and Ross Dwelly.

Former playmaker Redskins (Reid) stepped in when Kittle ran out of time earlier this year and set up a very respectful line about two gaps. With Reed still working on his comeback from a knee injury (he’s currently in the injury reserve, but has been trained and is expected to return), Duellie was able to make up for his only loss since Sunday for the TD, showing that with Kittle out of the game it’s a viable lineup.

Reed is a more important name here, and he got a bigger role when the kitten was away, but his health can make duelling an important factor when his knee starts blinking again. With a short week of fantasy football against the Green Bay defense, struck on Thursday night, you should check Reed’s injury report on his status. If Reid is activated to play, he takes two.

Nick Mullens, QB

San Francisco 49ers
0.4% Users

As mentioned earlier in the SF meetings, 49 players have a very serious case of injuries hitting their team, hitting the Buy More room again.

Nick Mullens has been commissioned to take over the Packers for a short week. With their heavy attack preventing Coleman’s relegation, Mullens will have to take responsibility this week in a match that will undoubtedly test the preparedness of GB defense coordinator Mike Pettin.

Mullens has done well off-road this season. On Sunday at the Garapolo he threw 238 yards and scored two points. He also scored 343 yards and a point against the Giants in week three. Although he hasn’t shown any real movement outside his pocket, Mullens certainly has the opportunity to lead the team for a short time while Garapolo recovers.

If you have Buy More on your fantasy football list for a week, Mullens will sit in front of you, but will wait it out in half an hour.

Niheim Hines, RB

Simone Biles Niheim Hines foal

Indianapolis Stallions34.9% growth

Taking a job for a newcomer, Jonathan Taylor, is never good, especially not against the Detroit Open Defense. But when an unnoticed injury (according to HC Frank Reich after the game) changed the game plan, Niheim Hines did most of the work and ran away with it.

Although his almost unsuited to a large production, his receiving skills were fully demonstrated when he made three catches of 54 yards and two points and scored on passes of 22 yards and 29 yards. Hines certainly has a safer ground between him and Jordan Wilkins (who also thought), which gives Hines more confidence, but with the next game against the Ravens, Hines should be added with a lower cap at the top.

It should see its usual reception work, but it should be seen as a means of bending the lower ceiling, which can be connected if necessary.

Kendrick Bourne, WR

San Francisco 49ers
5.6% Lenders

The fourth – and final – 49ers player on this list is probably the most volatile in terms of design, as Kendrick Born has moved from WR1 out of camp via WR3 to WR2, with some advantages, and these positive prospects should continue this week, even with insulting question marks.

Mullens found Bourne in four strikes and 63 more yards in the third week and although Bourne only scored one goal this season, he’s a consistent weapon that should be able to get away a bit if Samuel drops out and rookie Brandon Ayuk is another WR starter.

Bourne’s ability to become a WR3 depends on the health of Kevin King from the UK, who recently left school on time. When the time comes, Josh Jackson/Chandon Sullivan Bourne will have what would be a good sign for Bourne’s fantasy football.

Darnell Mooney, WR

Darnell Mooney, Mitchell Pipes, bears, giants.

Chicago carries 3.7% on horseback

Allen Robinson arrived after clarifying the concussion protocol and produced as usual this year, but also Anthony Miller and Tulane rookie Darnell Mooney produced in a game that was crazy from start to finish.

Mooney scored a second goal this year, and with a 5/69 he had the best result of the season. This week’s game will be played with a second team of the lower than average Titans, followed by the Vikings. Mooney is an example game in WR4 that may have some value in two games that can become insulting balls.

Josh Reynolds, WR

Josh Reynolds, Jared Goffe.

Los Angeles Rams1.3% loan shark

Josh Reynolds has touched every hinge in Cooper Coop’s wrist tests, causing him to fear it might be broken – if that’s the case, the time he misses immediately increases Reynolds’ offer as he moves on.

After the 9th. Lar week will see the Rams meet the Seahawks, Buccaneers, 49th, Cardinals and Patriots – games in which Reynolds will appear as WR2 with Robert Woods. Considering that Reynolds has had a fairly balanced attack on rams this year, Reynolds may not quite match Kupp products, but it could be a solid WR2/3 without Kupp.

Russell Gage, WR

Russell Gage, Falken.

Atlanta Falcons
: 16.8% in the record.

Julio Jones finally seems to be in top form again, but Calvin Ridley is now injured – let’s bring Russell Gage back to his fantastic relevance.

Since Ridley’s ankle injury doesn’t seem serious by nature, but he can see that he missed at least one game, Gage will become WR2 in this team, which may be underestimated compared to the Broncos in week 9.

This week, the Falcons host Denver for a game that could turn into a dome shootout (even in the DEN defense), which would bode well for Gage, although he is the team’s third target behind Jones and Hayden Hirst.

Gage will maintain the WR3 value in fantasy football if Ridley is missing (unconfirmed), so confirm with injury reports that Ridley is not suitable for adding Gage this week.

Tyler Erwin and Dexter Williams, RB

Green Bay
Packer 0.1% and 0.0% growth

Starter Aaron Jones hasn’t been able to nurse a calf for the past few weeks, so as of this week he has been able to make a limited assessment of his injury, and as it is a small week, it looks like he will have to put on a suit on Thursday.

But if Jones misses again, the Packers will have a real problem for their back room. Rookie A.J. Dillon was placed on the reserve list after a confirmed positive test, which was released Monday morning, and with RB-mate Jamaal Williams identified as being in close contact with him, he was also included in the injury report as he has been more technical so far.

If this trend continues, Jones, Williams and Dillon could miss Thursday’s game, which would put Tyler Erwin and Dexter Williams in first place in the backfield of the GB, which is not a good option for this team, which is expected to play out its home loss to the Vikings.

Erwin is better suited for scatback, while Williams is the powerhouse and both can play an important role for the GB in week 9.

Curtis Samuel, WR

Curtis Samuel, the Panthers.

Carolina Panthers
37.1% growth

Three double-digit PPR scores in a row have certainly brought Curtis Samuel into the lower half of the fantasy world lately, and this will probably continue for the Carolina Panthers in week 9. And even if Christian McCaffrey comes back this week, Samuel’s value still lies in this fickle attack.

Samuel took over part of the backfield with Mike Davis, injured in the CMC. Although Samuel will not return to his shots for the RG until the CMC returns, his value in Joe Brady’s attack is certainly a plus.

In what is forming into a shooting, taking a flyer will not hurt Samuel, especially since the Panthers will catch most of the game with the Chiefs.

Damien Harris, RB

Damien Harris, the Patriots.

New England patriots31.3% in the register

Strong or not, Damien Harris is the best fullback not James White in the New England Patriots. And while time paved the way for a heavy attack that left Williams 16 to carry, Pats has a powerful weapon to move the clock forward with Harris.

It’s a good parallel with Cam Newton in kicking off some of the early options, while doing the opposite of white with little or no recording capacity – clearly preventing it from doing so in PPR formats.

For the next five weeks, Harris jets, Ravens, Texans, Cardinals and Chargers, all enemies (except the Ravens) who could give a good push to the returning Crimson Tide of Alabama. He should be your top priority this week.

Dion Lewis, the Giants, the Bucks.

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