Florham Park, New Jersey… For his first selection as head coach, Joe Douglas…

During his 21-year career in recruitment, Douglas has held various positions, but this is the first time he has been directly involved in a search for coaches. In fact, the only time he was part of an organization that hired a head coach was in 2008 when John Harbaugh was hired by the Baltimore Ravens. To create a comfort zone, Douglas draws on his experience as a talent assessor.

I’m going to stick to what I know, and it attacks as a design choice, almost like doping a coach, he said. You have critical factors, you have the peculiarities of your job, you essentially draw up your criteria and report on them.

Interesting concept.


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The process of recruiting a coach and coaching a player is relatively similar. It’s about gathering information – objective and subjective – and making the best decision. Douglas doesn’t need a 40 meter loop, but he will certainly investigate the background of the candidates and conduct numerous interviews in the coming days and weeks.

Instead of scouting days for professionals, there are zoom calls. Can we get Mel Kipper Jr. and Todd McShay to express themselves?

The Jets began interviewing Kansas City offensive coordinator Eric Benimi on Wednesday, the first known candidate to be interviewed for the job. They also learned about Buffalo Bill’s offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, Indianapolis Colt’s defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus and Los Angeles Rams’ defensive coordinator Brandon Staley. They must ask Arthur Smith, the offensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans, to intervene.

Daboll and Eberflus will face each other on Saturday in the AFC Wildcard game between the Bills and Colts. This can be an opportunity for the Jets (and other teams looking for a coach) to evaluate the candidates.

You can’t rule out a school coach. Douglas has made it clear that he throws a very wide net and is open to hiring people from within the university ranks, even if the candidate has no NFL experience. The two most prominent names are Matt Campbell (Iowa State) and Pat Fitzgerald (Northwestern), who have not coached or played in the NFL. Stanford’s David Shaw is always mentioned in NFL circles at this time of year. He has a long relationship with Douglas; he was the attacking assistant of the Ravens from 2002 to 2005 when Douglas was looking for them.

It’s important that we find someone with great integrity and excellent leadership and communication skills, says Douglas, who wants his new coach to be a partner par excellence.

A quick overview of the search, reflecting the theme of the design:

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Mel Kiper Jr. predicts the Jets will stay with Sam Darnold as QB instead of signing Justin Fields. Mr Kuiper expects the Jets to return to the Oregon OT Pena Sewell instead.

The best coach available is more than you need: Douglas applies his writing philosophy to prospecting – and that makes sense. The Jets need a true leader – a kind of CEO coach, if you will – not an offensive or defensive guru. He will not split the field in two and look for a coach for one side of the ball as the Jets did in 2019. They went for help (offense) and ended up with Adam Gase, who failed in his specialty. He tried to get a head start at work and gave up the game for a while, but it was too late.

CEO Christopher Johnson made a positive comment that they needed someone to coach the entire team and staff – something that was missing in Gaza. That’s what Bill Parcells did so well, he knew how to coach. It’s hard to predict how a coordinator without mentoring experience will do in this role, but Benimi got high marks as a dynamic leader. A university coach can be attractive here; he knows what it’s like to run a program.

Immediate action/resistance : You don’t want the players thinking at the first team meeting: Why did we hire a coach who was fired by a team in our own league? You want a coach who earns immediate respect based on his resume. Five top candidates are in the playoff teams, that’s handy. Benimi won a Super Bowl ring last year with the Chiefs, but the king of the brilliance is Daboll, who has five Super Bowl rings (assistant to the New England Patriots) and a National University Football Playoff Championship ring (Alabama offensive coordinator).


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Beware of the miracles of a year: They know the man, they tease with their potential, but they’re sparsely sown. Staley, for example, did a great job with the Rams – no. 1 in total defense and goalkeeping – but this is his first season as coordinator. Smith is in his second season as offensive coordinator of the Titans, but it is difficult to dispute the results. He went from 12th to 2nd in total offense and made quarterback Ryan Tannehill a star. However, his experience does not match that of Daboll, who has been coordinator of four different NFL teams and is the man behind quarterback Josh Allen’s push to Buffalo.

Gamemaster: No quarterback wants to be called that, but it’s very important for the coach. If you hire a so-called head coach and he doesn’t decide on the matches for attack or defense, he should be good at running the match. Again, it’s hard to predict how a former coordinator would react when conducting the whole show, so a university coach might make sense.

Douglas, who is about to make a career decision, has consulted several trusted individuals for advice on how to conduct the study. He reportedly spoke with his mentor, former Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome. You talk a lot.

This is a man who wants to gather as much information as possible and then make a decision, Newsome told ESPN last year. To me, it’s a processor. No matter how fast things go sometimes, Joe D will be solid and he’ll be in the middle. And he leaves with a good decision.

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