Tana Ramsay reflects on the nervous exhaustion after the birth of premature twins (Photo: Instagram).

Tana Ramsay thinks about the premature birth of her twins Jack and Holly, now in their twenties, and talks about her young children.

Gordon Ramsay’s wife posted valuable photos of Jack and Holly as babies and another of her dressed as a toddler on Instagram, and told the fans about the fears she had after giving birth so early.

Tana and Gordon welcomed Jack and Holly in early 2000, and she admits that she tried incredibly at first.

Tana revealed that she opened up on Instagram with her nests: Every Christmas we remember it as a family – the memory of Jack and Holly’s first Christmas was particularly poignant.

She went on to say: The development of a premature baby is incredibly nerve-racking when the beginning is uncertain. You want to see it grow and blossom without losing sight of the first moments.

Tana told her disciples about the journey her two children had made since their early childhood: It was a real blessing to see them grow into healthy, plump babies in their first year of life and I will always be grateful for their determination and fighting spirit.

Although they certainly gave me a lot of arguments over the years, she made a joke before adding a more serious note: But that’s what I wanted when they were in incubators and seemed so vulnerable.

She has shared her position with the children’s brand Pampers UK to raise money for neonatal units.

Tana, 46, has five children with her husband, the famous chef Gordon: Megan, 22, Jack and Holly, 20, Matilda, 19, and Oscar, her one-year-old son.

Tana and Gordon Ramsay with their five children in matching Christmas pyjamas.

Tana has five children with her husband Gordon (Photo: Instagram)

Oscar was born in 2018, two years after Tana’s miscarriage in 2016.

She was recently seen praising Chrissy Teigen for publicly revealing that she had her third child – a boy named Jack – when she was 20 weeks pregnant. I lost it a week in pregnancy due to complications.


In a conversation with Metro.co.uk, Tana talked about her own experience with a miscarriage: Honestly, when it happened to me, I had trouble getting people to talk to me and not mention it, because it was as if it had never happened.

All I wanted to do was talk to my friends, my family, anyone who asked me questions, because it was incredibly difficult. You go from a baby inside yourself to a sudden absence of a baby, and it’s a very difficult experience.

Sands UK, a British charity.

Sands UK is a stillbirth and neonatal charity working to reduce the number of deaths among babies and ensure that those affected by the loss of a baby receive the best care for as long as they need it.

The association strives to better understand the causes of child mortality and to work together with governments and other organisations to raise awareness of the problems associated with the loss of a child.

Sands provides support in the event of death at local and national level.

Visit the Sands UK website for more information and contact details.

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