Trump, who returned to the White House after a vacation in Mar-a-Lago and didn’t plan any public events, attacked Senator John Thune, the number two Republican in the Senate of South Dakota, in a New Year’s Eve tweet in the afternoon.

I hope a great governor of South Dakota @KristiName takes on RINO @SenJohnThune in the upcoming 2022 primaries. She’d do great in the U.S. Senate, but if it isn’t Christie, others are already queuing up. South Dakota wants strong leadership, NOW! He tweeted.

Trump has resisted the Republican leadership several times this week, but this time it’s about names. Thune, the Senate majority leader, was one of the most important Republicans to speak in favor of recognizing the victory of the Electoral College and President-elect Joe Biden, who aroused the wrath of Trump.

Once someone’s 270 years old, I understand they’re making a decision now, but I think that’s the process we’ve got, yeah. … At some point, at some point, you have to face the music. And I think that if the Election College decides on this matter today, it’s time for everyone to move on, Tanh said last month before the official Election College vote.

Trump’s tweet arrives just 19 days before he leaves the White House and a few days before a joint session of Congress supposed to formally certify the results of the Electoral College, and some of Trump’s allies plan to join his unwarranted efforts to refute the election results.

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The president came back the day before the 6th. January returned to Washington when 140 Republicans in the House of Representatives, accompanied by at least one Senator, Republican Josh Hawley of Missouri, were able to return votes in key states that Trump had lost. Trump praised Hawley in a tweet Thursday night.

Hawley told reporters Friday that he hadn’t yet decided how many results from the state election college he intended to overthrow: I haven’t developed a mechanism yet.

Several of Hawley’s Republican colleagues on Friday expressed concern about his plans and the consequences such a decision could have for American democracy. Tennessee retired Republican Senator Lamar Alexander said he thought Hawley’s planned appeal was unwise, while Trump’s most vocal critic, Utah Senator Mitt Romney, said that spreading rumours that our electoral system is not working is dangerous for democracy at home and abroad.

McConnell, who called congressional certification the greatest voice in his career, did not respond to CNN Friday when he was asked if he would consider sanctions or penalties against the freshman senator if he took up the challenge, which severely opposes the leadership of GOP.

Thune told reporters on Friday that the issue is incredibly consequential, incredibly rare in history and sets a precedent. Now, our members… It’s an important vote, they’re thinking about it.

I think now that we’re doing this, we’re going to give the objections some air and people can have their day in court and we’re going to hear and vote everyone, he went on. Like I said, I don’t think anything’s gonna change in the end.

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We let people vote their conscience, Towne said, with several Republicans saying there’s little they can do to stop Hawley’s protest.

Mr. Trump is already thinking about how he’s gonna spend his time after the presidency. In recent days he has offered his resignation to the Georgian government of Brian Kemp, which he supported and which was a strong ally until the November elections, because he did not want to help reverse Biden’s victory in the state. He has also repeatedly attacked Georgian Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger, another Republican whom he supported in the 2018 by-elections.

The president has spent hundreds of millions of dollars since the election of the 3rd. Money was raised in November, much of which will go directly to PAC Save America’s new fundraising guide to help it make donations to other candidates and political initiatives as it considers a possible presidential race in 2024.

In this tweet, Trump already puts forward the idea that he will support candidates who offer priorities to the current Republicans in the House and Senate, which he considers unfaithful.

Governor Christie Call of South Dakota, a key ally of Trump, said last week she would not seek a seat in the Senate.

@johnthune is my friend and I will not defy him. I am honored to be governor of South Dakota, and I will ask the people to give me the chance to continue serving as governor in 2022, she wrote.

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Lisa Murkowski, Republican senator from Alaska, reprimanded Thune for defying in the 2022 primaries. She told CNN on Friday, I think it’s pretty interesting that he’s demanding a test of loyalty from so many Republicans and then whether they’re loyal to him – and there’s an incident, a statement – and he threw those loyalists under the bus first. That’s not loyalty as I know it.

As a key member of the GOP leadership team, Thune has done much to promote the interests of Trump on Capitol Hill – from passing on tax cuts and other legislation, to confirming the appointments of the Supreme Court and many other trials, to criticising acquittals in the Senate trial on the Trump charge – even though he has sometimes spoken out on some of the President’s most controversial actions.

For his part, Thune shrugged his shoulders and laughed in a presidential tweet.

Yeah, finally an attack tweet. A calm and gentle Towne told reporters that he left Capitol Hill after the vote to override Trump’s veto on the Defense Act. It’s okay. That’s how he communicates.

Mr. Thune said no effort was made to build a relationship with the president: No, I don’t know what I did to deserve all this, but it’s, it’s okay. Like I said, I’m not sure he’ll change his mind once he does.

This story has been updated with extra coverage.

Caroline Kelly of CNN contributed to this report.

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