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2020 was not a great year for many, but it was a good time to become a Star Trek fan. New seasons of three different Star Trek series were released. Two new Star Trek series aired. Fans received 23 weeks of new Star Trek content.

2021 should be as loaded as the content of Star Trek. Both Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Filming on Discovery was scheduled to begin in the summer of 2020, which likely meant a release date around the middle of 2021. However, filming of both series was interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Work on the three current Star Trek series – and several new ones – continues unabated. Things are slowing down, to be sure, but progress is being made. What does this mean for the new Star Trek in 2021? Here’s the status of each of the Star Trek series in development, and the forecast for their release in 2021.

Opening: Maybe this year.

Star Trek: Opening – The series is entering its fourth season. Season of Trek 4 Star produced : Discovery stars Sonequa Martin-Green and Doug Jones, as well as the series’ executive producers and co-producers Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise, are eagerly awaiting the casting and the team will be back together for season 2. November to go back into production next season. Broadcasting all new episodes of Star Trek: Opening Thursday, exclusively at …2020-10-16T19:00:59Z

Discovery was the first show to return to in-house production after the pandemic freeze. Some of the actors, as well as showrunners Michelle Paradise and Alex Kurtzman, have announced that they will resume filming in early November. Unlike Picard, filming on Discovery did begin on schedule, as Paradise confirmed on Twitter. So the actors and crew are back at work for two and a half months, plus or minus a few weeks.

Will there be new episodes of Discovery in 2021? This depends on the production schedule being followed. According to the Directors Guild of Canada, production of the Discovery field is expected to be completed by June. The episodes are then sent to post-production, which can take several months.

While Discovery is the most likely of all live Star Trek series to air in 2021, late fall is likely the first episode that could air.

Picard: Maybe this year.

Late last week, one of Picard’s showrunners tweeted that production was underway. The tweet was quickly deleted, but not before people got screenshots. The screenwriter continued to post tweets suggesting that production had already begun, without explicitly saying so. The next day, Michelle Hurd, who played Raffi for a season in the series, posted a photo on Instagram confirming she was on set.

Thus, after several delays, the actors and the Picard crew were only on set for a few days. Given Discovery’s expected production time, Picard will likely not be ready until late summer or early fall at the earliest. Given post-production, it’s still possible that Picard’s second season will premiere in late 2021. However, this does not seem so likely.

Strange New Worlds: Maybe this year.

Almost a week ago, the main cast of the brand new Star Trek series, Strange New Worlds, began arriving in Toronto, where the series is currently being shot. Ethan Peck, who will resume his role as Spock, posted the photo on his Instagram and tagged it in Toronto. He confirmed in comments that he was there for the shooting. Rebecca Romijn, who will resume her number one role, also posted a photo on Instagram showing her in a Canadian city.

So the actors and crew of Strange New Worlds have been on set for just under a week. Their production schedule will likely be similar to Picard’s, although it may be a bit faster given the young distribution. The studio may be more interested in launching a new series than a new season of Picard. Fans will thus receive episodes of Strange New Worlds before the new Picard episodes.

The new series could air as early as the end of the year, but there’s a good chance the release will be delayed until 2022.

Lower deck: Probably this year

Star Trek Lower Decks Interview with Mike McMahon Season 2 Updates and more! PART 1 In today’s episode, I have the chance to sit down with the creator of Star Trek Lower Decks, Mike McMahon! We talk about the development of the first season, the Trek culture, and some updates on the second season! TIMEFRAME : 3:35 Discussion of the success/failure/placement of Trek season 1 5:20 First impressions of Trekka 9:24 Lower Deck Pilot Episode …2020-12-01T00:30:00Z

In the animation world, things are different. A much longer production period for an animated series means that the creators have to get started well before any release date. So the second season of Lower Deck has been in production for some time.

In an interview with YouTuber Ketwolski in December, presenter Mike McMahan revealed that work on the series was in full swing. He told Kewolski that the entire season has already been written and some episodes have already been hosted. He went on to say that he hopes there will be a second season in 2021.

Since it’s taken so long to produce the series, it’s likely that the lower decks will be the first Star Trek content fans get to see this year.

Prodigy: Probably this year

Videos about the Star Trek series from 2021 ? 2021-02-21T16:00:49-05:00

Like the lower decks, Prodigy has been in production for some time. The series was confirmed in 2019, according to, and has been in production since. However, the expected release date is not for this year as the production of the animated series has taken some time.

Kate Mulgrew, who will resume her role as Janeway’s captain, confirmed in January that one of the series will be presented this season. She also confirmed that they are already working on a second season.

Prodigy, which is still in its first season, will likely premiere later this year. It remains to be seen if it will come out before or after the next season of lower decks.

So it looks like fans will get to see new Star Trek episodes in 2021. There is no official release date yet for any of the series currently in production. All versions are still scheduled for the end of the year, although Strange New Worlds and Picard could easily be delayed until 2022 if production is delayed.

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frequently asked questions

What new Star Trek series are coming out?

Confirmation of every Star Trek episode in the universe – Zavvi

Will there be another Star Trek series?

There is at least one other Star Trek television project that CBS has not yet revealed. Earlier this year, Alex Kurtzman, the franchise’s senior producer, confirmed that two new television projects were in the works. CBS has since announced Strange New Worlds, but has not said what the other project might be.

How many different Star Trek television series are there?

Nine television series and one short derivative series make up the bulk of the Star Trek mythos: Original Series, Animated Series, Next Generation, Nine Deep Decks, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery, Short Track, Picard and Lower Deck. The series has a total of 797 episodes, spread over 37 television seasons.

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