The rise of the Warriors of the Golden State to one of the strongest dynasties of modern times would not have been possible without Stephen Curry. The double NBA MVP will be his 11th round in 2020-21. season in Dubs, and has two more years before he becomes a free agent in 2022.

Recent talks to broaden the negotiations between the two parties show that Auckland’s chef Curry will continue to cook in Auckland in the near future. This news shouldn’t come as a surprise. In fact, it’s an almost pointless decision for the Golden State.

Curry embodies in every way the qualities of the oak man. If there are only hosting contracts in the competition, the 32-year-old superstar must be the first to receive them. No one values a lifelong contract with a team more than curry.

If he decides to hang up one day, Curry will be what Kobe Bryant was to the Lakers, what Dirk Novitsky was to the Mavs and what Tim Duncan was to the Spur.

Right now, it’s hard to imagine your curry in anything other than the warrior’s T-shirt. Judging by his recent remarks, the triple NBA champion also shares these feelings.

Of course it is an important goal to wear the same T-shirt as long as possible. It is an elite club of guys who have played with the same organization, who have been successful and who have done great things in that respect, said Curry about the possible end of his career with The Bay.

The warriors, of course, do not allow a 32-year-old sniper to enter the market and close the deal until 2022. The question is how long and for how long?

Because it was not requested in the 2009 projects, Curry signed a modest four-year contract for $12 million a year for a newcomer. In the 15s and 16s, when he received only $11 million a year on a $44 million contract, he was severely underpaid for his years at MVP.

It’s a pretty lucrative business for someone who loses about 30 points a night and shoots at 50% of the ground and 45% of the depth.

Most people would consider it insignificant and demand more, but we haven’t heard a single curry note. He’d change, go to work and drop buckets. He knew his great reward would come.

Golden State made the right choice in 2017 by signing a contract of $201 million, five years with Supermax. This year he’ll be one of the top players in the league with $43 million, and in the final year of the contract he’s guaranteed another $45 million.

Now that he’s 32 years old and freed from the first serious injury of his career, it remains to be seen whether Curry will be able to regain his MVP form. Most experts even doubt that he will be as effective without another Splash brother, Clay Thompson, who will miss his second season in a row.

However, warriors don’t have to save to get the curry back, whether or not they are the same player. After all, loyalty is as rare as it is today. Not so long ago, the Warrior franchise was surrounded by a cloud of uncertainty. We think this short period of time has brought some life to the bay, but it was the arrival of the curry that brought happy days in Auckland.

Even after their memorable 2019-20 campaign, the Golden State remains one of the most popular franchises in the world. Stephen Curry is the main reason, and Debs has to make sure he’s there for her for the rest of her playing career.

Tyler Herro, Devin Booker.

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