Brazilian football player Ferreira Rivaldo has become a celebrity in his own right and is married to an equally famous model, Eliza Kaminski. She’s the one who made him popular with her sexy Instagram posts that he shares online

Who Is Eliza Kaminski? Meet The Super-Hot, Sexy Wife Of Ferreira Rivaldo! -

Birthday October 19th, 1978
Place of Birth N.A.
Nationality Brazilian
Residency USA
Boyfriend Ferreira Rivaldo
Job N.A.
Instagram @elizarivaldo10
Height N.A.
Weight N.A.
Tattoos She has a tattoo on her shoulder
Smoking N.A.
Sister / Brother N.A.
Father & Mother N.A.
Religion Christianity
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Net Worth (approx.) N.A.

Eliza Kaminski Biography

There is nothing better than having someone that matches our vibe, but only a few people get lucky enough to find that unique person. Ferreira Rivaldo is one of these fortunate people because he found the love of his life a long time ago. They still have a happy, thriving marriage and live with their children. The woman in his life is Eliza Kaminski, a beautiful and talented lady in every way. Kaminski has so many characteristics that make her stand out from other women, and we will explore them all one by one. Let us begin with her excellent, model-like features.

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Eliza Is Beautiful, Even Post 40

Eliza looks stunning even though she is 43 years old; her birthday falls on 19th October. She is a fitness and diet freak, due to which her body has remained in excellent shape throughout her life. Rivaldo fell head over heels for the moment he saw her, thanks to her incredible looks and body. She has beautiful black, slightly wavy hair that reaches her waist. Eliza has deep, expressive eyes that compliment her skin tone and hair. Eliza looks excellent because she works hard to maintain her athletic figure. She goes to the gym with her husband, where she does intense workouts with him.

Beauty, Brains, And A Spicy Tongue

However, her hot and sexy looks are not the only great thing in her life. Eliza Kaminski has a loud, fiery personality, and everyone knows about it. She shares the great moments of her life on her social media regularly, much to the delight of her fans. She is not afraid to call out any issue or anything else that bothers her. Her fearless personality makes her more attractive to her fans and her husband.

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Her Love Story Began With Controversy

Her love story with Rivaldo began in the early 2000s after the footballer divorced his ex-wife after a cheating scandal. Some fans speculate that Eliza Kaminski was one of the girls in the scandal. However, the credibility of these claims remains debated, due to which it is impossible to conclude. The only thing fans know is that Rivaldo and Eliza became a happy couple and raised an excellent family. They shower each other with a lot of love and do not feel afraid to display their affection in public. They praise each other on social media often, indicating that they are perfect for each other.

Her Family Is Her World

Eliza Kaminski is also a family woman who focuses on her children and husband. She belongs to a large circle of friends, but her top priority is always her family. She has three children with her husband – João Vitor Ferreira, Rebeca Ferreira, Isaque Ferreira. She treats her two stepchildren, Rivaldinho and Thamirys Borba Ferreira, as if they were her own.

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She Loves Travel, Luxury, and Extravagant Fashion

Eliza Kaminski is a massive lover of traveling, and it is one of her favorite hobbies. Thanks to her husband’s wealth, she can travel to any country. Her employment status is unclear, but Eliza Kaminski does not need to work because he is already a wealthy lady. Because people do not know what she does for her job, the net worth of Eliza Kaminski remains unknown. She has blessed her children with luxury and often declares her affection and appreciation for her family on social media.

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Apart from traveling to different countries and living a luxurious life, Eliza also likes to indulge in fashion. She has several designer clothes that she wears regularly. Eliza shares her love for style and luxury with her daughter, who looks like a carbon copy of Eliza. From her social media, one can tell that Eliza is a high-maintenance woman who does not settle for anything less than what she wants. She makes all the crucial decisions in the family, and her husband automatically gets on board.

No matter how they met and fell in love, Rivaldo got lucky with Eliza. She is the perfect match for the footballer because her personality is similar to him. They are both goal-oriented people who like to have fun and live a laid-back, luxurious lifestyle. We complete each other in every way, due to which one can say that they are soulmates.

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