Lester celebrates Yuri Thielemans has scored more goals for Lester (three) in his last three away games in the Premier League than in his first 25 games for the club (two).

Youri Tielemans struck twice, while Lester scored a stunning victory in Leeds to move within a point of Premier League leaders Liverpool.

Jamie Vardi was one of Fox’s top three scorers – after a costly mistake by Robin Koch, he scored a goal in two minutes for Harvey Barnes.

The Thielemans caught a second Leicester in the net – a rebound on the head of diver Vardi – before Stuart Dallas’ cross flew into the net for Leeds after the break.

But Leeds’ reaction in the second half was confusing as Wardy scored the third goal for Lester before Thielemans scored from his seat at halftime.

Marcelo Biels’ party – without Rodrigo’s registration, forced to isolate after contact with someone who tested positive for the coronavirus – had to pay the first half of the bottled part.

Patrick Bamford led in Casper Schmeichel, seconds before Barnes and Pablo Hernandez hit the post in the second half.

But the Foxes killed at the end of the game to achieve their fourth consecutive victory.

Continuous Road Lester Starter Packs

Harvey Barnes scored in two minutes Harvey Barnes’ first goal in 121 seconds was Lester’s fastest goal in the Premier League, while Shinji Okazaki scored against Brighton in 52 seconds in August 2017.

Lester started last season with bubbles and will continue to do so in 2020-21.

The intensity of their debut in this game was also – Barnes urged Koch to make an early mistake when the rearguard picked up Vardi, who selflessly put him on the record for his teammate.

Wardie and Barnes played together in the first half and only the presence of the striker seemed to worry Leeds’ defenders.

It was only a matter of time before Vardi – whose shoot-out was a friendly 2-0 for Thielemans – reached the standings. He did it on the 76th. minute, just like Leeds threatened to come back in the game.

Lester’s aggressive pressure in the first half led to an obsession that turned countless times, and the hosts were unable to handle the counter-attack transitions.

Their dominance in the first half set the tone, then Brendan Rogers responded wisely to Leeds gaining strength in the second half – the Leeds manager brought in James Maddison and Cengiz Ander, who helped score the third and fourth goals.

Maddison kicked the ball, which was picked up by Under, who skillfully kicked it on Wardie’s way to third place. Mateusz Klich was punished for a foul at Maddison Field – Judge Andre Marriner confirmed this decision only after reviewing the incident at VAR Field.

Lester maintained a sense of maturity and never gave the impression of giving up victory, especially thanks to the constant threat from Vardi. The show recalled why foxes were among the top four candidates last season – and said they intend to fight again.

Early errors cost Leeds.

Harvey Barnes and Robin Koch Leeds remain in their last four league games against Lester (D2 L2), the longest period without profit against the Foxes from February 2006 to December 2010. (7th period).

Bamford made it all the way to the game and scored six goals in six Premier League games in Leeds, including a hat-trick at Aston Villa.

But when the striker set the tone for the first half from an unnoticed position by placing a header in Schmeichel’s arms within two minutes, it was the first time he was able to do so.

Lester was fast, ruthless and clinical, while Leeds seemed shaky and indecisive with the ball in his possession.

Koch’s mistake, seconds after Bamford missed his chance, was a gift to Barnes, and Leeds struggled to settle down.

Captain Liam Cooper misjudged the rebound under pressure from Vardy in the minutes that followed, while goalkeeper Illan Meslieu almost missed his shot from a cross at the nearby post and Helder Costa then struggled to give Luke Thomas a chance.

Bamford’s bad note when he played on goal at the end of the half brought him home, but Bielsa’s half-time speech seemed to inspire Leeds.

They got lucky when the center of Dallas flew over everyone in the box and the flattering net – but Hernandez’ curling, which hit the bar, could change the course of the game.

Leeds was more urgent – Dallas was given a yellow card by Mark Albrighton for an over-aggressive catch, while the coaching staff encouraged fast pitches to maintain intensity.

But Leeds can’t keep up with the runs behind Wardy, and when Maddison comes, he’ll have a huge impact on midfield – taking control and creating chances with his direct pass.

The result places Leeds in 12th place in their games against Crystal Palace, Arsenal and Everton, but only three points from the top four, giving a clearer picture of where their season is going.

There is still a long way to go, what they said.

Marcelo Biels, the boss of Leeds, in sports: The first 30 minutes we defended ourselves badly and after that we didn’t create enough danger. This is one of the most important tasks of the manager.

I’m not taking the blame, I’m just saying the players were misplaced. The players are disappointed. Every game is a chance to recover, especially after a defeat.

Lester Brendan Rogers is the head of the sport: I thought my players were brilliant. We had to be tactically disciplined and play when we had the ball.

When we arrive in March and April and we are in that position, it will be great, but we still have a long way to go. We’re missing a number of key players. The best international players, but two 19-year-old players in the background, were great tonight.

Best statistics

  • Leicester City came out on top in the best action (after seven games), which coincided with the 2000-2001 count (15 points).
  • For the first time in the club’s history, Lester won four away games in one season (this is the 116th season of the English Football League).
  • Leeds lost their first consecutive home game with Marcelo Biels, most recently with Paul Hackingbottom in March 2018.
  • In his last 12 Premier League games, Jamie Vardi has been directly involved in 13 goals (11 goals, two assists), while his assistant Harvey Barnes was only the second player to score 30 assists in the fight of the Foxes against Steve Happy (34).
  • Wardie was the seventh player in the history of the Premier League to score nine or more consecutive away games in the league and the first after the 13 away games of Harry Kane in September 2017.
  • Stuart Dallas was the first Northern Ireland player to score for Leeds United in the top flight since Nigel Worthington against West Ham in December 1994.

What happens then?

Saturday the 7th. In November, Leeds travels to Selhurst Park to meet the Crystal Palace (from 15:00 GMT), and on Thursday, November 5th, Leeds is in the heart of the city. November (20:00 GMT), brings Leicester Sports Braga into the Europa League. On Sunday 8 November (20:00 GMT) Leicester Sports Braga will play in the Europa League. November (14:00 GMT), Leeds meets the Premier League.

The actors of the game

Wardie Jamie Wardie

Leeds United

  1. Name of the player on team number 15Dallas
  2. Squadron number 17Veteran’s nameThe veteran Costa
  3. Team number19 Player nameePablo Hernandez
  4. Team number1 Name of the player Sir
  5. Team number2 Name of player Isling
  6. Team number43 Name of playerClix
  7. Team number22Name of Garrison player
  8. Team number 7 Player nameePoveda-Ocampo
  9. Team number 6Player’s GameCooper
  10. Team number11 Player nameRoberts
  11. Team number 10 Names of playersAlioscopes
  12. Team number5 Player nameKosS
  13. Team number46 Player nameShackleton
  14. Team number9 Player nameeBamford

City Lester

  1. Team number9 Player NameWardy
  2. Shift number 8Name of the person involved
  3. Team number19 Player nameSub
  4. Team number 3Fofanas player name
  5. Section number 10. Name’s Madison player.
  6. Team number15 Name of the playerBarnes
  7. Team number24 Player nameMendi
  8. Team number28 Name of the Fox player
  9. Team number11 Player nameAlbrighton
  10. Team number 2 Player name Justin
  11. Team number33 Name of the playerThomas
  12. Team number1 Player nameSmall
  13. Team number26 Names of players
  14. Team number5 Name of playerOrgan



  • 1Moscow
  • 2Ilation
  • 5Kitchen
  • 6cooper
  • 15DallasReplacement with alyoscite 81 minutes.
  • 43Klih
  • 17 Hélère Costa
  • 19ErnandezReplacement of Robertsat 67.
  • 46 ShackletonReplaced by Poveda Ocampoat 45 minutes
  • 22Garrison
  • 9Bamford


  • 7Poveda-Ocampo
  • 10Alioscas
  • 11-rapporteur
  • 13 Casilla
  • 21Strikes
  • 24Notifications
  • 49Casey


  • 1Amiable
  • 2 Justin
  • 3-Fofana
  • 28 fuchas
  • 11Albrighton
  • 8Thileman
  • 24 Mendy
  • 33ThomasReservation at 84mins
  • 26 Shifted by 63 minutes Madison.
  • 15BarnesSubstitut deÜnderat 71’minutes
  • 9WardiSubstituted for Morganate 85’min.


  • 5Morgan
  • 10 Maddison
  • 12. House
  • 14Ihanacho
  • 17Perez
  • 19Ünder
  • 20 Chudhuri

Real-time text

  1. Game Final, Leeds United 1, Lester City 4.
  2. The other half is ready, Leeds United 1, Lester City 4.
  3. I missed a shot. Patrick Bamford (Leeds United) fired a high left turn shot at the left side of the six yard box. With the support of Ezhan Alioski.
  4. I missed a shot. Jack Harrison (Leeds United) misses with a right shot in the middle of the penalty area.
  5. The attempt is blocked. Leeds United’s right leg of Tyler Roberts, which was hit outside the penalty area, has been blocked. Supported by Luke Eiling.
  6. Aim! Leeds United 1, Lester City 4. Youri Tielemans converts a right-footed penalty kick into a left-top corner kick.
  7. VAR solution: City of Lester punishment.
  8. Mateusz Klich (Leeds United) will be punished after he has committed an offence in the box.
  9. City of Lester punishment. James Maddison commits a foul in the penalty area.
  10. Corner, Lester City. Admission of Mateusz Klitsch.
  11. Representation, Lester City. Wes Morgan is replacing Jamie Wardy.
  12. Luke Thomas (Lester City) has been booked for a serious offense.
  13. Ian Poveda-Ocampo (Leeds United) hits a free kick on the right wing.
  14. Lukas Thomas (Lester City) is punished after committing an offence.
  15. I missed a shot. Jamie Vardy (Lester City) shot from close range from the centre of the penalty area, but missed his shot on the right. With the support of Cengiz Wonder.
  16. Corner, Leeds United. Covered by Mark Albrighton.
  17. The attempt is blocked. Leeds United’s Ezgjan Alioski’s left-hand shot was blocked outside the box.
  18. Substitution, Leeds United. Ezhan Alioski for Stuart Dallas.
  19. Corner, Leeds United. Confession of Christian Fuchs.
  20. I missed a shot. Leeds United’s Robin Koch tried to get close from the centre of the penalty area, but missed the right side. Backed by Jack Harrison with a cross around the corner.

Stand - blue

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