1933 King Kong

(Photo: Radio Photos)

Kong’s first appearance is the film that started it all and remains one of the most popular films of all time. The stop-motion animation and emphasis on giant monsters thrilled audiences in this early era of the silver screen. Kong himself was kidnapped from Skull Island and brought back to the United States, where he served only as a beacon before eventually being released and razed to the ground by authorities. Although the sequel to Son of Kong was released a few months later, it followed a much smaller offspring of the legendary primate.

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1962 King Kong vs Godzilla

(Photo: Toho)

Instead of relying on stop-motion animation for most of the film, as the original King Kong film did, the Kaiju crossover presented Kong as a man in a monster suit testing his powers against the lizard king of the time, Godzilla. Ironically, the film was announced as King Kong vs. Frankenstein, with the role of Victor Frankenstein’s creation passing to Godzilla. In the movie, the two monsters were about the same size, but the filmmakers thought that by giving Kong strange abilities, like absorbing electricity, things would balance out.

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1967 King Kong Escape

King(Photo: Toho)

After the success of the previous crossover, featuring a duel between a lizard and a giant ape, Toho returns to the world of Kong a few years later with King Kong Escape. The film focuses on Kong’s return to life thanks to a man wearing a monkey suit, and also introduces a new threat to King Kong in the form of Mechani Kong, Godzilla’s metallic doppelganger in Mechagodzilla. This is the last time we’ll see Kong in a Toho Studios production, but it’s far from the last time we’ll see the giant ape on the big screen.

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1976 King Kong

(Photo: Paramount Pictures)

The first full remake, but certainly not the last, of the original King Kong, the 1976 reboot followed the same structure as the original 1930 films, with various explorers taking Kong to a place that is anything but familiar to him. Because the story follows the original piece by piece, it wasn’t as well received, but it gave us a new look at the ruler of Skull Island and used special effects that were much better than those of the time.

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1986 King Kong lives

(Photo: De Laurentiis Entertainment Group)

A direct sequel to 1976, which hit theaters ten years later, the next chapter in this realization of King’s supremacy introduces the idea of Kong starting a family, and hits the fan because he wasn’t dead in the previous film. The film itself creates a female half of Kong who has a son, but unfortunately Kong couldn’t help but be targeted and destroyed by the military when he witnessed the birth of his offspring.

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2005 King Kong

(Photo: Universal Pictures)

Peter Jackson’s version of the ruler of Skull Island was voted the best remake of the original 1933 film, and was easily the best version of a giant ape we’ve seen to date. The film tells a great story in which Kong is portrayed as an ape who walks and moves like the primates we know, and not on two legs.

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2017 Kong: Skull Island

(Photo: Warner Bros Pictures)

Monster-Verse, the film that first gave us a glimpse of Legendary Pictures’ giant ape, laid the groundwork for Kong’s fight with Godzilla and plunged him into the same universe that had already been overrun by the giant kaiju. The Kong we see in this first episode was shown in the 1970s, with the characters noting that he still has a ways to go, with the current iteration of the Skull Island resident being big enough to make the King of the Monsters doubtful.

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2021 Godzilla vs Kong

(Photo: Warner Bros Entertainment)

Since Kong’s first appearance in the legendary film in 2017, he has changed a lot. He is now facing Godzilla, and they are both the same size. The King of Skull Island wields a glowing battle weapon to even the score. Although Kong’s future is still unclear, as the giant ape hasn’t been confirmed in a movie since that titanic crossover, this latest film gave us the deadliest and most amazing version of the ape yet.


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