The key to the success of HBO Max is the investment in the original programming, and their intensified efforts must begin with the Infinity Train. What does a bizarre children’s show have to do with the fact that WarnerMedia is trying to take over the streaming content space? It’s going to be a lot, because the work of Owen Dennis is the fifth most popular HBO Max original on the platform. The tweet from the Round Table by Kevin Williams pointed out that, and Infinity Train fans want answers. Dennis has always been very open to the prospect of seeing the series continue into season 4. It was always up to the audience to get the show out. These figures would indicate that the public is there and wants more Infinite Train. All HBO has to do is follow this model and everything will be fine.

Other streaming giants may not have an abundance of original content, but they absolutely love the idea of playing tubes. Remember when Netflix was much smaller, the Orange is the new black script that worked like a clock. Disney made a hit with Mandalorian, the most popular Star Wars film since the new trilogy. No project has wasted time so far in obtaining the approval stamp for a second season. What about WarnerMedia’s approach? Some of these shows will definitely bring him back. Close Enough is on that list, and host J.G. Quintel has already confirmed a second season.

Infinity Train is the 4th most played original on HBO Max at the time of this recording.

About 60 items under the original @hbomax brand. Alive and kicking. And Infinity Train is in the top five.

However, the series has not yet been extended for additional seasons.

What’s up?

– kev kringle (@AwestruckVox) 16 December 2020

The part of the beef that is part of the Endless Train could be an object or something. But there is a clear lack of love for the show. HBO Max offers many interesting programs and the company has the advantage that it doesn’t have to worry so much about Disney. In this way the audience tells what they want and need. You have literal measurements at your fingertips, so consider these social media views as #RenewInfinityTrain and go from there. Yeah, Anne with the E fans, I can see and hear you. S/o Tuca and Bertie fans who found their way back even after this confusing situation).

So, to recap: If you have original content that already has an audience, go while the audience is there. (Fingers crossed that Dog House UK will be updated here somehow). Don’t be afraid to take a risk on something that doesn’t seem certain at first sight. Can anyone say in 2018 that Watchman Country and Love Country are the biggest things for the network? Maybe not, but we’re here. The path to more profit is there, and they’re starting to get the Infinity train and show how it’s being modernized.

What would you like to see updated on HBO Max? Let us know in the comments!

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