Ollie Watkins Ollie Watkins has scored six Premier League goals this season.

Ollie Watkins said it was incredible to score against the team he supports, because his brace helped Aston Villa achieve an impressive victory in Arsenal and move up to sixth place in the Premier League.

The visitors came out in the middle of the first half when Buquayo Saca made Matt Targett’s cross to his own goal.

Watkins, who scored a 7-2 hat-trick against Liverpool champions at the start of the season, ended the second half with a 2-0 header and scored a second goal shortly after, allowing the ball to go after a short break under Bernd Leno.

As an Arsenal fan, it’s incredible to score here in the Emirates, according to Watkins live on Radio 5.

The 24-year-old also scored six goals this season: I think I have another level.

In the second half you saw what I mean when I get the ball, do a set and a spin and let the defenders run to their goal – the more I can do that, the more goals I hope to score.

The men wanted to build on their impressive 1-0 victory over Manchester United last time, but despite the dominant possession they were in a very bad position and Alexander Lacazette was closest to the goal when he gave Kieran Tierney a cross.

Instead, it was Villa who always seemed to have the best chance of scoring, and they won by an even greater margin.

Arsenal 0-3 Aston Villa : The way we lost, it really hurt Arteta.

The goal was cancelled in the first minute when John McGinn scored Jack Grilish’s goal.

However, after a long video check by the assistant referee, he was sent away as Ross Barkley, who was in an offside position, was recognized as the Leno goalkeeper.

Egyptian midfielder Trezegueta forced a good rescue from Leno at the start of the second half, until Arsenal goalkeeper Grealish threw a powerful hand over the bar, while Aston Villa’s captain also tried to get off the line.

The defeat leaves the inconsistent Arsenal in 11th place in the standings, while the victory maintains Villa’s previous record of 100 percent this season.

Villa is back in good condition after the mini breakage of.

With four consecutive victories, including spectacular victories over Liverpool and Lester, Villa got off to a good start this season.

Their two consecutive defeats against Leeds and Southampton – games in which they missed a total of seven goals – brought with them fears that their big start was a false one, but their performance has greatly allayed some of those fears.

Boss Dean Smith said before the start of the game that he thought the team he had put together had an offensive quality that could hurt Arsenal, and this turned out to be especially true in the second half when they seemed to be on the lookout at every break.

So far Villa has won five out of seven games this season, and now that she has already won some important scalps, there is every reason for optimism among her fans.

A well-organized villa has caused trouble for Arsenal Smith.

It’s hard to get here, we knew we had to be in better shape without the ball, Smith said.

What I was most happy about was that we could score more points. We’ve created great opportunities through our baseball skills with Jack Grilish and Ross Barkley and Trecekett and Ollie Watkins in non-stop running mode.

The arsenal of errors pays the price for

Alexander Lakasett Lakasett had one of the best chances in the arsenal.

The defeat is particularly relevant to Arsenal boss Michael Arteta, who seemed to solve the problems of defense, which missed goals too easily last season.

At the beginning of the game they had the best defense in the Premier League, with only seven goals in seven games, and on the other hand, Arteta was hoping for an improvement.

But once again the hosts lacked creativity and only managed to get two penalty kicks during the match, neither of which really threatened their former goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez.

However pleasant the performance in the 1-0 match against Manchester United was, the result was underscored by Arsenal’s attacking problems when the defence had a day off.

Part of the villa – Luxury Club – Statistics

  • For the first time in the history of Aston Villa, they won each of the first three away games of the season.
  • It was Arsenal’s worst home game since December 2019 against Manchester City (also 3-0).
  • Only Chelsea (five) has won more away matches than Aston Villa (four) at the Emirate Stadium.
  • Aston Villa is the third club in Premier League history to win each of their first three away games without missing a goal, after Chelsea (2005-2006) and Manchester City (2015-16).
  • Pierre Emeric Aubameiang was unable to unload a single shot today – he first spent a full 90 minutes in the Premier League home game for Arsenal without trying to score.
  • Ollie Watkins has scored six goals this season in seven games for Aston Villa in the Premier League. Only Dean Sanders (seven) and Dion Dublin (nine) have scored more goals in the first seven games of Villa in the league.
  • At 19 years and 64 days, Arsenal’s Bucayo Saca was the fourth youngest player to score in the Premier League and the youngest after Southampton’s Martin Craney in May 2004 (17 years, 218 days against Chelsea).
  • Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish has been directly involved with nine goals this season (four goals and five assists) – only a handful of Spurs Harry Kane (15) and Seon Heung Min (10) have been involved with other Premier League goals.

What happens then?

After an international break, Arsenal will leave Leeds on Sunday 22 November (16.30 GMT) and Aston Villa will be located in Brighton on Saturday 21 November (15.00 GMT).

The actors of the game

Jack fries

Aston Villa

  1. Team number10Player nameRealist
  2. Team number11 Player name
  3. Team number20Player nameBarkley
  4. Team number 7 Player nameMcsippe
  5. Team number17 Name of playerThrezeguet
  6. Team number26 Player nameMartinez
  7. Team number 5 Player nameMinsa
  8. Team number six is Douglas Louis.
  9. Team number2 Name of playerCassu
  10. Team number18 Name of the playerTarget
  11. Team number4 Name of playerConce
  12. Squad number 21Name of fighter El Gazi…



  • 1Turner
  • 16 Holding company
  • 6dos Santos Magalhaes
  • 3Tierney
  • 2Bellerin
  • 18Changing parts for the kebab 45’minutes
  • 25Elennium
  • 7 Saka’s
  • 12WilliamReplacement for 65 minutes
  • 9LacazetteReplacement of Nketiahat 65’minutes
  • 14Aubamese


  • 8Sebalos
  • 13Runarsson
  • 15MytelandNiles
  • 19Pepe
  • 23David Louis
  • 30Netia
  • 34Haka

Aston Villa

  • 26 Martinez
  • 2Species
  • 4Cons
  • 5 men
  • 18Target
  • 6Douglas Luis
  • 7McGinn
  • 17TrézéguetReplaced by El Ghaziat 88’minutes
  • 20Barkley
  • 10Realist
  • 11 Watkins


  • 3Taylor
  • 12 Tires
  • 14Hurigan
  • 19Nakamba
  • 21El Gazi
  • 27El Muhammadry
  • 39Notifications

Real-time text

  1. Race finals, Arsenal 0, Aston Villa 3.
  2. The other half is over, Arsenal 0, Aston Villa 3.
  3. Gabriel Magalhaes (Arsenal) wins the free kick in the defensive half.
  4. Foul Anwar El Gazi (Villa Aston).
  5. Attempted rescue. A right click on Ross Barkley (Aston Villa) on the right side of the field saves the goal in the middle of the penalty area. With John McGinn’s help.
  6. Dani Cheballos (Arsenal) will be punished after committing an offence.
  7. Jack Grilish (Aston Villa) hits a free kick from the right wing.
  8. Dani Cheballos (Arsenal) will be punished after committing an offence.
  9. Ross Barkley (Villa Aston) hits a free kick from the right wing.
  10. Foul Bucayo Saka (Arsenal).
  11. Ollie Watkins (Villa Aston) hits a free kick from the right wing.
  12. Nicolas Pepe’s (Arsenal) free kick is deflected by the right wing.
  13. That’s a Matt Target violation.
  14. Replacement, Aston Villa. Anvar El Gazi is replacing Trezega.
  15. Hector Bellerin (Arsenal) is punished after committing an offence.
  16. Jack Grilish (Aston Villa) hits a free kick from the left.
  17. Hector Bellerin (Arsenal) is punished after committing an offence.
  18. Matt Target’s (Aston Villa) free kick is deflected in the defensive half.
  19. The attempt is blocked. Hector Bellerin’s (Arsenal) shot from the right leg outside the penalty area is blocked.
  20. Corner, Arsenal. Tyrone Mings’ concession.

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