Frisco, Texas… It’s not easy being Mike McCarthy these days. The Dallas Cowboys are 5-2 down and have a better chance of finishing in the top five in the 2021 draft than they did in the unfortunate NFC East in their first year as coach.

Nothing was good for McCarthy.

Being Mike McCartney isn’t easy either.

As bad as it gets after 7:00. Cowboy Week is also marked by the defeat of the soccer team in Washington. On Sunday (20:20 EST, NBC), the situation could be even worse for McCarthy and McCartney when Dallas takes over the Philadelphia Eagles.

McCartney, 56, is one of the top agents of the NFL, representing players such as cowboy linebacker Sean Lee and Minnesota Viking quarterback Kirk Cousens, and is director of football for Priority Sports & Entertainment.

McCarthy, 56, is a cowboy coach hired in January 2020 who is trying to gain a foothold after a disastrous start to the season marked by defensive incompetence, serious injuries and questionable decisions.

Somehow soccer fans tweet these two together. Often.

Feel I’m not the problem or the solution Chris

– Mike McCartney (@MikeMcCartney7) 26. October 2020.

Thank you for J.D. Moore

– Mike McCartney (@MikeMcCartney7) 25. October 2020.

Sounds good to me

– Mike McCartney (@MikeMcCartney7) 25. October 2020.

That’s life as a tweeter pint @MikeMcCartney7.

It certainly started when Mike was in Green Bay a few years ago, McCartney said. I’m on Twitter and I remember a man tweeting me as a coach. And that was in the game. This is who I am: Are they that ignorant? Our names are spelled differently. But then I thought it would be nice to answer like I was Mike McCarthy.

On Sunday, McCartney’s son Brandon will be sitting in his dormitory at Olivet Nazarian University, glued to his TV and Twitter, watching the cowboys playing in Philadelphia.

He knows that social media trolls will always be looking for his father. There seems to be confusion and bewilderment every week.

Probably before we started, Brandon, the junior station, laughed at the idea.

Agent @MikeMcCartney7 about how people on social networks confuse him with HC cowboys Mike McCarthy.

– Adam Schaefter (@AdamSchefter) 27. October 2020.

It’s one of my favorite Sunday sections, Brandon said. People are angry at my father and the fact that the Packers [now] have won. Can I admit it? Yeah, I’m a Packers fan.

Two days before McCarthy’s official appointment as coach by the cowboys, McCartney accepted congratulations on his new position.

I’m on my way to work, I’m two blocks from the office, and my wife sends me a message: So we’re moving to Dallas? And I remember thinking: I bet the cowboys just hired Mike.

McCartney tweeted his wife’s emotional message. One of the Twitter followers was cowboy quarterback Duck Prescott, Ted’s brother, who tweeted about it: Winters are warmer, which indicates it’s warmer in Dallas than McCartney outside Chicago.

Our winters are warmer.

– Ted Prescott (@86Prescott) 6. January 2020.

A day later, McCartney updated his Twitter feed and told Dallas fans that there was no movement.

Update : The woman refuses to go to Dallas. Family first. I’m sorry, Dallas.

– 6. Mike McCartney (@MikeMcCartney7) 7. Mike McCartney (@MikeMcCartney7) January 2020.

McCartney and McCarthy made a joke about the confusion of their names. Well, McCartney was joking anyway.

I’m not sure he knew what I was talking about, McCartney said. That’s good. But imagine if he was on Twitter. I think I can imagine what it would be like if he was on Twitter.

It is not a trainer but an agent as defined in.

McCartney has a lot of football experience. His father Bill was head soccer coach in Colorado from 1982 to 1994. Mike spent time as a coach in Colorado and North Carolina. For a while he was a professional scout director for the Philadelphia Eagles, but the game became too exciting and for most of the year he didn’t want to be an absent father.

The McCarthy-McCartney confusion preceded social media. Many years ago, McCartney and McCarthy stayed at the same hotel in Mobile, Alabama for the annual Senior Bowl tournament. The receptionist would have forwarded the calls to the wrong number. He even got a call from the NFL office in New York, who thought he was an NFL coach.

Fault! The file name is not specified. NFL agent Mike McCartney (right) is often confused on social networks with cowboy coach Mike McCartney. The couple was photographed here at the retirement party of former NFL lineman A.J. Hawke in 2017. The photo was kindly provided by Mike McCartney.

I won’t name names, but one of the cowboys has called me three times in the last six months. I’ll tell you this: What’s going on? It’s a little, and then, oh, boy, I thought you were the other Mike. He hangs up every time. I called him back and he came back with an excuse, but we just laughed, McCartney said. My name’s probably just below Mike’s name or higher.

I got some news after Mike won the Super Bowl with Green Bay in Dallas. I get messages of congratulations. The head coach [for the beginning of the 2020 season] wrote me: Hey, Mike, can you call me? Not about the deal. Even my phone gets it.

For those who make jokes, it’s pompous.

I was at an All-Star game in Los Angeles, NFLPA, and one of the Cowboy Scouts came out and said on the field when are you going to Dallas? Can I make an appointment with you? McCartney mocked the scout’s attempt to clear up the confusion.

But even funnier for those who weren’t joking.

I don’t think they’ve got it from what I’ve tweeted, but others have: He’s not the coach of the Packers or the Cowboys. He’s a cop, McCartney said.

Do you think I should find out? Make sure!

– 3. Mike McCartney (@MikeMcCartney7) 4. Mike McCartney (@MikeMcCartney7) October 2020.

Here’s two for you, buddy

– 3. Mike McCartney (@MikeMcCartney7) 4. Mike McCartney (@MikeMcCartney7) October 2020.

It’s ruthless!

– 3. Mike McCartney (@MikeMcCartney7) 4. Mike McCartney (@MikeMcCartney7) October 2020.

That’s what Brandon says: On Twitter [after the match on 4. A guy said– Coach McCartney has to leave Dallas. That’s what I am: You need to know how your coach’s name is spelled before you criticize anyone.

When it started, McCartney said I thought someone would touch me. It took me a while to figure it out. And they’re usually unique every time. It’s weird when someone tweets me, but then you see the light is on.

In the first season of the Cowboys against Los Angeles, Ramsey McCarthy decided to give up a goal on the short field that was to be scored in the fourth quarter. When the cowboys were arrested, the officer was fairly well represented in the social media.

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As long as the tweets are clean, McCartney will respond, usually as a joke.

But today people are so angry, he says.

If the cowboys win, which hasn’t been common enough for Coach Dallas fans, there will be fewer social media bombs falling on McCartney.

My dad should get more credit if the cowboys win, Brandon said.

McCartney will even offer some comfort to those who feel the same anger.

Before the opening of the cowboy season, football blogger Markus Mosher gets rid of the first down races for good, @kellenmoore twittered.

Unfortunately, this tweet did not reach the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator. That Kellen Moore is a youth pastor in a church in California.

Pastor Kellen Moore has been getting tweets since cowboys Kellen Moore became a star quarterback in the state of Boise. At least the Moors have the same name, unlike McCartney and McCarthy.

I know, but… since Boyce State Lol! It’s my annual reminder that football started with haha.

– 14. Skeleton swamps (@kellenmoor). September 2020

I can feel you, Kellen!

– Mike McCartney (@MikeMcCartney7) 15. September 2020.

McCartney tweeted the Reverend, I can smell you!

I think my dad likes it, Brandon. He’s having a lot of fun, and frankly, I think he’s in the same boat as me, he loves every Sunday.

How much?

Mike’s great football team: McCarthy three hours a week.

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