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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

The Cleveland Browns have been the target of classic forum postings in recent weeks, but quarterback Baker Mayfield isn’t taking the bait for the latest shadow cast over his team.

The Browns asked Sammy Watkins, the receiver for the Chiefs wide team, if they wanted to compete and answered: I wouldn’t go that far.

Mayfield never hesitated to challenge those who doubted him or his team, but he showed maturity when asked about his reaction to Watkins.

Mayfield said he had no problem with the tweet from #Chiefs WR Sammy Watkins who said the #Browns might not be very competitive.

– Tom Withers (@twithersAP) January 13, 2021

Honestly, I have no problem with that because if you don’t have confidence, you won’t succeed, Mayfield told reporters. These guys have been doing this together for years. They trust each other. People get mad when you post it as a quote on a discussion forum, but I don’t mind. The essence of this game is that you have to trust yourself, know yourself and believe in yourself.

Cleveland has joined the Browns is Browns statement

Getty ImagesBaker Mayfield and Miles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns.

Mayfield said all the right things, but there is no doubt that Watkins’ statement is being discussed to some extent in the locker room. For the Steelers game, it was JuJu Smith-Schuster who gave the Browns something to go along with it.

I think these are the same Browns teams I play every year, Smith-Schuster told reporters before the game. I think they’re nameless gray faces. They have some good players on their team, but ultimately I don’t know. Browning is browning.

After the win, Cleveland players posted messages on social media, chanted after the game The Browns are the Browns and even directly celebrated Smith-Schuster.

We believe in the people in this room no matter what, Mayfield told reporters after the game. As soon as COVID told us we were missing key people, starting with our head coach, we knew everyone was counting on us. We knew what kind of mindset we would have, and that was to let it go, to go out there and give it everything we have. There was no extra pressure or anything unnecessary. It was just a matter of going out and doing our job because no one believed in us but us.

Tanning up after a tough week

Denzel Ward: I was excited to be back on the football field. The 13th. In January 2021, Denzel Ward spoke to the media via Zoom. Denzel talked about returning to practice today from COVID-19 reserve, what makes it difficult for Patrick Mahomes to defend, what it means for him to be in the playoffs at Northeast Ohio, and how Baker Mayfield has the team revolving around him as a leader. #PlayerSound2021-01-13T21:18:22Z

After an incredibly difficult test due to a positive COVID-19 test, the Browns will take on some key players this week in preparation for the Chiefs.

The Browns activated defensive backs Denzel Ward and Kevin Johnson from the reserve/COVID-19 roster.

I feel like we are players that can step up and help this team, Ward told reporters Wednesday. Whether we’ve been there or not – we’ve clearly seen it – this team can get the job done and meet the challenge. No matter who is there, the guys are going to commit, play nice and do their jobs.

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski and Pro Bowl quarterback Joel Bitonio are also expected to attend this week.

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