The Washington football team won one of its greatest victories on his return, led by a man who knows all about comeback.

Quarterback Alex Smith, whose career began more than two years ago due to a devastating leg injury, helped Washington to an impressive 23-17 to win over the previously undefeated Pittsburgh Steelmakers (11-1).

After a 14-0 score in the first half and near-zero offensive activity, Washington returned to attack in the second half. Everything you need this week
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Smith made 31 of 46 passes in 296 yards and one touchdown. He was anything but a lonely hero, but his steady hand helped a young team in need of leadership.

Meanwhile, Washington kept pace with the New York giants in the eastern NFC. Both teams are now playing 5-7 and after each of them there are four games where they achieved a devastating victory. In the last six games, Washington – 4-2, three of those victories went to the injured Dallas and Cincinnati Bengals.

But the victory of the Steelies in the rally due to two touchdown deficits was the victory Washington needed to show the progress it made under rookie coach Ron Rivera. The attack, the missing Antonio Gibson, comes to life thanks to Logan Thomas, the receiver of Cam Sims, and J.D. McKissick coming back. They all played big games to provoke a foul; Thomas caught nine assists for 98 yards and a touchdown.

There was also the defensive side of Montez Pot. Although a lot of attention was paid to rookie Chase Young, it was his improved sweating that helped warm up Washington’s defensive capabilities. Sweet, who scored a touchdown against Dallas on Thanksgiving, dropped three passes on Monday – including one intercepted by linebacker John Bostick in a two-minute warning. The pot also dominated the race.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Alex Smith completed 31 of 46 passes for 296 yards and a touchdown against the Steelmakers. Justin K. Allergy/Pictures of Getty

Washington has shown determination, as well as a base of young talent that has given hope to a fan base desperate for signs of life.

Washington’s defense also had a position on the goal line in the first half and closed Pittsburgh for four attempts in the 1-yard line. The young man made a good rescue, Sweet threw a pass, and the defense gave Washington a push.

The Washington D.C. defense held Pittsburgh at 21 feet and collapsed 14 flights.

After a difficult summer with so many franchise conflicts, Washington started to feel good throughout the season. Whether or not you eventually win a division is, in a way, not important. For the first time in a long time, Washington is heading in the right direction.

Rivera stayed on the field to congratulate his players on entering the dressing room, which he says he never does. But he said he wanted it because they deserved it.

It’s up there, he says, where the winning titles are for him. Despite some decisions I’ve made today. You’ve been working like crazy. It’s really valuable because that’s where we won. It’s one of the most memorable franchises. Come and win, it was very important to our boys.

We’re on the right track, Sweet said.

The destruction of the Buy More: We missed Smith’s part of the season and now we just need to see who he is: a tough and smart veteran who can get through the game and help the team stay in the game. At the end of the first half he took two bad bags with him, but he remained calm, and on a night like this it was a huge night. At the time of the touchdown, Thomas Smith faced a strong pass and waited for his goal to open before he got the ball out the door. Smith remains a limited quarterback, and there’s a lot he can’t do. But there are many other ways to help him. For him, it was never a matter of numbers, but rather an influence on his surroundings.

An omnipresent game: There were a lot of them, but let’s go to Washington’s first property in the third quarter. In the third and fourteenth. The session met Smith Cam Sims on the screen of the tunnel, hoping to get a few meters and improve the position of the team in the Hall of Fame. But Sims made it a 31-yard win – he also caught 30 yards and ran to a first half goal. The Sims also attacked with one hand on the third hand after 29 meters to score the winning field goal. But if he doesn’t play this game in third place at the beginning of the second half, Washington will take 11 points out of his end zone.

It’s a promising trend: For years, Thomas was one of Washington’s top off-season subscribers. In fact, J.D. McKissick falls into that category. But Thomas gave Washington a big goal for the quarterfinals. Thomas did well in training camp this summer, especially in the red zone. But he was never more than an extra player after reaching a difficult end at the beginning of his career. However, it was a solid and consistent goal and it was improved as a blocker in a game in progress. Whether it’s legal number one is controversial. But he is undoubtedly a quality player who has helped his new team a lot.

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