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Marcus Smart of the Celtics High Fifty Peyton Pritchard of the Celtics

Boston Celtics rookie Peyton Pritchard is still recovering from a sprain in the MCL and learning how to handle things on the field. At first he thought the worst when he felt a snap in his knee – Peyton feared his season was over.

I thought, I’m done, I’m done for so long, Pritchard said before Saturday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers. You don’t necessarily have to panic, but this is the first time this has happened to me.

After the first injury of his career, Pritchard is getting used to the recovery process in the NBA.

Payton Pritchard, Celtics rookie: I am slightly more than 50%I am slightly more than 50%I am slightly more than 50

After some physical relief, Peyton is back on the ground and about to make one last comeback.

I’ve been on the field the last couple of days, so I’m starting to move and cut and stuff, so it’ll be fine, Pritchard said. I’d say I’m just above 50%, but of course it’s a process, so it’s getting better every day.

Mr. Payton reminded reporters that this was his first injury.

The injury, which they said felt like it exploded, was my first knee injury, Pritchard said. Of course, when I got hit and felt the blow go away, I immediately thought the worst.

Peyton Pritchard on watching games from the sidelines: It is a kind of learning experience for me

Peyton is now trying to get closer to 100%, but explains why he doesn’t want to rush this new process he’s going through.

As for the schedule, that won’t be determined until I feel better and our team feels like I can give 100%. I try not to make it when I’m only 80-90%. I want it back, all of it. In terms of helping the team, having this experience of sitting on the bench, I can get back into the game and find little ways to see things that I probably wouldn’t have seen if I had played.

For me, it’s a learning experience of sorts; sitting there with the coaches and talking.

Inspired by players like Kemba Walker and Marcus Smart, Pritchard has adopted a new tactic that he will use upon his return.

Celtics Marcus Smart suffers calf strain against Lakers

Still, the Celtics would have to step up sooner or later, as Smart injured his left calf Saturday against the Lakers – significantly depleting Brad Stevens’ squad.

In the closing seconds of the race, Walker’s jersey bounced off the rim before Daniel Theis was able to get away before time ran out. The Lakers snapped a two-game skid in a heartbreaking 96-95 loss.

The next stop for the Celtics is a five-game stretch in the West, beginning Tuesday night against the Golden State Warriors, followed by the Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Clippers and Phoenix Suns. Finally, Boston concludes its road trip next Tuesday in Utah against the Jazz.

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