Trump used the meeting room to support unsubstantiated accusations that he had been robbed of a second term by fraud and disputed the democratic idea of a peaceful change of power if Biden would win. Instead, he proposes to fight in court until the elections are decided in his favor.

This is about those who are trying to steal the election, those who are trying to abort the election, and we can’t let that happen, Trump said in severe monotony, without presenting any evidence and leaving the room without answering his false accusations.

This spectacle, although planned by the president for a few months, was a sign that Trump was not ready to abandon the White House without a long fight. Even when he complained that his own race had been manipulated, Trump took the opportunity to praise the Republican victories without explaining why his accusations of fraud would not affect those races in the same way.

His message came as new talismans show that his leadership is in decline in Georgia and Pennsylvania, where ballots are still being counted for the mailing.

The trump card has spent the past six months refusing to use postbulletins, a strategy that even some Republicans feared would be nipped in the bud. Trump reserves the right to increase the number of votes to 270, but in less than an hour.

The president has not been seen in public since his midnight speech on Wednesday, when he falsely announced victory. Lawyers said Biden’s public appearances on Wednesday and Thursday – where he demanded patience and calm during the vote count – trumpeted to insist on doing the same, though some hoped to avoid the speech the president eventually gave

Despite the campaign’s assurance that the figures will eventually break their course – and despite the president’s clear willingness to fight – the reality in the White House and during the election campaign has had many positive sides.

Senior consultants privately admitted that math just wasn’t on their side and were preparing to lose. Others have acknowledged that Trump’s odds of winning are currently low and have considered their future careers.

But this reality does not seem to suit the candidate himself. Before he appeared in the briefing room, Trump kept calling all night, noticing that his leadership had disappeared in some states, and convincing Biden that he was going to steal the presidency from him.

Since he was in the White House with no public events on his agenda, Trump sent personal advisors to battlefields across the country hoping to conduct legal battles where borders remain narrow.

Including his two grandsons, who on Thursday expressed their disappointment that more and more Republicans do not support the president in his fight to stop counting.

Where’s the GOP?! Our constituents will never forget… …wrote Eric Trump. His older brother, Donald Trump Jr., accused the GOP of silence in 2024.

With Trump in the White House, there’s no guarantee the Republicans will stay on his side.

Today, there is no protection against presidential remarks that undermine our democratic process, Maryland ensured Governor Larry Hogan, who occasionally criticized Trump. America counts the votes and we must respect the results, as we have always done. No election and no human being is more important than our democracy.

But others have stood up, including Vice President Mike Pence, who hasn’t been heard since Trump falsely claimed victory on election night, I stand with President @realDonaldTrump, Pence tweeted. We have to count every legal vote.

Despite his personal scepticism about the effectiveness of the legal strategy, Mr. Trump wants to fight for a long time and considers it his only option. It was in a hurry that the president promised to release his legal team in the states where he lost.

However, it was a diffuse attempt that seemed more aimed at undermining the credibility of the election results and providing legal assistance to the unfounded accusations of fraud made by Mr Trump than at raising more votes.

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Trump revealed his intentions on his morning twitter, although his advisors insisted they would not try to suppress the mood.

He wrote around 9:00 in the morning. while polls in key states have shown he’s behind Biden, which means stopping the count would make him president for a term.

Tweets Trump, from the White House residence, received the full support of his public relations campaign and his associates, who made unfounded accusations that the elections had been rigged.

This year there is no credible evidence of large-scale electoral fraud. But Trump’s battle cry really encouraged some of his followers to gather in the counting centres to demand that the counting be stopped.

In public, Trump’s team always insists that their way to victory is possible and even possible.

Donald Trump is alive and well, Campaign Director Bill Stepin told reporters at the morning conference call.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump urged his assistants to take further legal action, condemning his legal reputation and personally asking his adult children to come and defend him, questioning the validity of the vote count, said a number of people familiar with the case.

The president has also tried to speak in public. While the assistants considered the possibility of giving a speech on Wednesday, they eventually decided to vote against because there was no clear message he could give. Some councillors have also planned events for the president to show him how he does his job, but so far none of these events have been carried out.

However, Biden has made brief public comments in the past two days and attended a briefing on the coronavirus on Thursday with his deputy, Senator Kamala Harris.

For Trump Wednesday was an unpleasant event. Two major battlefields, Michigan and Wisconsin, were mentioned in Biden’s favor. In Georgia and Pennsylvania the race slowed down considerably, while in Arizona the president narrowed the gap with Biden.

While Biden spoke to the cameras near his home in Delaware, encouraging patience and expressing optimism, Trump stayed out of sight. Instead, he spent the whole day angrily calling on Republican governors to demand updated information and asking why no more had been done to support his efforts, said the people familiar with those calls. Trump addressed the governors of Georgia, Arizona and Florida on Wednesday.

At the same time, he seemed to resign in conversation with some of his allies, wondering if his legal strategy would work and if his team was about to be called into battle, said the man who spoke to him. In these conversations Trump seemed tired and depressed, people were talking to him. Despite his skepticism, the president proposed to continue the fight alone.

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Trump lieutenants, including vice president Mike Pence, chief of staff Mark Meadows and senior advisor Jared Kouchner, met Wednesday at their campaign headquarters in a suburb of Virginia to show the way forward.

Other members of his team, including his son Eric Trump and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, have mobilized in Pennsylvania, which seems to be the basis of the campaign’s legal efforts. Another team, including former U.S. ambassador to Germany Rick Grennell, was in Nevada.

The Trump team has filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Michigan to stop the charges until observers have access to the trial. The campaign also served a lawsuit in Georgia for miscalculating votes in a county, suing Clark County clerk, Nevada, and challenging the ballot box control process.

The Trump Campaign also said that it is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in an ongoing case against the decision of the Pennsylvania State Court to allow the counting of ballots after election day. And he demanded a recalculation in Wisconsin, although he could not formally request it until the canvas was ready, which was the case in the 17th century. November could be.

According to various legal analysts, the various motions and petitions are long legal arguments that focus on allegations that are so subtle or influence so few votes that they will not decide the presidential election.

Admitting defeat is not a credible response so soon after the election, so they’re throwing out a lot of Hail Marys in the hope that something will stick, said Ben Ginsberg, a longtime Republican election lawyer and CNN sponsor. He stated that the nature of the lawsuits filed by the Trump team did not indicate that the company was optimistic.

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