Welcome to our weekly Heisman watch for the 2020 college football season. Throughout the season, the authors of ESPN.com will vote for their top candidates for the Heisman Trophy.

To obtain the final evaluation, we use the following methodology: 13 voters, five votes each. Points system: five points for first place, four points for second place, three points for third place, two points for fourth place and one point for fifth place.

The voters: Andrea Adelson, Kyle Bonagura, Bill Connally, Heather Deanich, David M. Hale, Sam Khan Jr., Chris Law, Ryan McGee, Adam Rittenberg, Alex Scarborough, Mark Slabah, Tom Vanharen, Dave Wilson…

Overall score: 56 (first place in the vote: 7/13)

It’s remarkable: The Trask summit in the middle of the season continues to cover Heisman in the design office in Florida. And this weekend, he’s bringing back Kyle Pitts as top scorer against Kentucky. Last Saturday, however, Trask did well without Pitts and lost 383 yards and three TDs. And no, he didn’t even have to play the whole game to beat Wendy. He leads the FBS with 31 touchdowns in passing.

I’m quoting: Moxie, it’s true, the winner is a big guy, but not so big, not so mobile, he looks like a 4.85, said the NFC chief.

Heisman’s chances: -110

Thank you, Caesar William Hill Sportsbook. Error! The file name is not specified. After a two-week break, Jones flew 230 metres and two TDs over Kentucky. UA Athletics/Collective Images/Getty Pictures

Total score: 50 (first votes: 6)

It’s remarkable: Jones missed 230 yards, and a pair of TDs at Tide by 60 points beat Kentucky on Saturday. His QBR 95.3 is the best of the FBS and his 2,426 runs are the best six of the FBS. He also leads Alabama’s first-class, undefeated team.

I’m quoting: I’m not sure there’s a man who throws a deeper ball. He throws the smartest, deepest ball I’ve ever seen. – Gene Cheesic, former Iowa and Auburn state coach and now SEC network analyst.

Heisman’s chances: +225

Total points: 33 (first place: 0)

It’s remarkable: On Saturday, Wilson continued to bring a large number of players onto the field against Northlabama. He used four TDs – all in the first half – to win the undefeated Pum 66-14. He throws for the third yard at FBS and takes second place with 26 TD passes.

I’m quoting: Wilson has a quick-release system with which the ball can be moved over 50 metres on the pitch with a single click. And he doesn’t miss a single field this season. It ranks third in the FBS and only 12.7% of the shots are considered unsolved. — Mike Renner, PFF.

Heisman’s chances: +2000

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Total score: 30 (first place: 0)

It’s remarkable: Lawrence did not play for the third consecutive week (the first two because of KOVID-19 and last weekend because of the delay in the serve). He keeps his head above water in the race thanks to his incredible start (he still has 17 TD passes left in the season) and also because a late season lead can still keep him at the top of the list.

I’m quoting: He always gets better. We saw a precision of Lawrence this season that we hadn’t seen in previous years. Our chart shows that Lawrence was the most accurate quarterback in school football in 2020, with 73.7 percent of his shots. — Runner…

Heisman’s chances: +1000

Total score: 14 (first place: 0)

It’s remarkable: Fields Heisman’s candidacy hit him hard when he made three interceptions Saturday as he was about to beat Indiana (he hadn’t made any interceptions in the last three games). However, Fields has been excellent this season – his QBR 93.7, good for second place in the FBS.

I’m quoting: That makes everything good and very consistent. Good, calm and balanced behavior. — …an NFC artist…

Heisman’s chances: +250

Other votes:

The total number of points in brackets: DeWonta Smith, RB, Alabama (8); Zaven Collins, LB, Tulsa (3); Javont Williams, RB, North Carolina (1).

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