Urban priorities for economic recovery, diversity, equity and inclusion, housing and climate action

SAN LOUIS OBISPO – After a very successful community consultation, the City Council on Tuesday officially adopted its goals for the 2021-23 budget plan. Objectives for the next two years include economic recovery, sustainability and fiscal viability; diversity, equality and inclusion; housing and homelessness; and action on climate change, open spaces and sustainable transport.

The Council also supported the vision adopted by the City Council, which aims to accept the future of San Luis Obispo while respecting its past, with the core values of citizenship, sustainability, diversity, inclusion, regionalism, partnership and resilience.

Since early November 2020, community members have had several opportunities to provide input to the City Council to help formulate the City’s fundamental goals. City advisory boards, a virtual community forum on Jan. 14, contributed to the survey, among other things. in which more than 160 community members participated, notification to more than 150 community groups and individuals, and two online surveys that together generated nearly 2,000 individual responses.

During the workshop on the objectives on 6… In February, the results of the public participation process were presented to members and each member independently reviewed the goal preferences presented to them before reaching a consensus. The City’s primary goal is to develop the desired long-term outcomes and to identify the concrete steps the City can take over the next two years to achieve those outcomes.

At a time when all members of our community have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, I am proud of the community’s contribution and participation and the Council’s focus on our ongoing recovery efforts, said Heidi Harmon, Mayor of San Luis Obispo. These core City goals, including the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion programs, will help ensure that resources are allocated to meet the highest priorities of the community while providing essential services over the next two years.

The City’s major goals for 2021-23 are as follows:

  • Economic recovery, resilience and financial sustainability

In collaboration with local partners, continue to support economic recovery for all following the COWID pandemic and maintain a thriving local economy by promoting local business, arts and culture, sustainability of centers, fiscal responsibility, repayment of unfunded pension liabilities, and investment in critical infrastructure.

  • Diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI)

In response to our commitment to make San Luis Obispo a more welcoming and inclusive city for all, we continue to develop programs and policies to support diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives and advance the recommendations of the DEI Workgroup.

To increase housing opportunities for all, the production of housing, including the necessary supporting infrastructure, should be further encouraged, with an emphasis on affordable housing and housing for the working population. Work with local nonprofit partners and county, state and federal governments to establish and implement comprehensive and effective strategies to reduce chronic homelessness.

  • Climate protection, open space and sustainable transport

To proactively address the climate crisis, continue to update and implement the Carbon Neutral Action Plan, particularly in relation to the conservation and expansion of open spaces and urban forests, alternative and sustainable transport, and the planning and implementation of resilience measures.

The city’s key goals focus on what we as a community should be striving for over the next two years, said city manager Derek Johnson. Staff will guide Council in budgeting efforts focused on the provision of essential services and critical infrastructure projects, prioritizing these core City goals. He also stated that these ambitious goals will be achieved while the community simultaneously recovers from the COWID-19 pandemic.

Draft work plans will be prepared based on the identified objectives and presented to Council in April 2021. Budget workshops will follow in June, after which the final budget will be adopted. Each financial plan covers a two-year period. For more information on the goals and budget process, click here.

To receive up-to-date information from the City, sign up for email alerts on the City’s website at www.slocity.org or follow the City of San Luis Obispo on social media.


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