Chelsea continued their fine run in uniform with a 3-0 victory over Bernley on Saturday afternoon at the Turf Moor. Hakim Zieh’s strike opened a bill for Lampard’s men: Kurt Zuma and Timo Werner added a blues master class in Lancashire to the total amount.

— Burnley 0, Chelsea 3 :. Ziec scores the first goal for the Blues.


The ruthless nature of Chelsea’s threat in the last period was fully demonstrated here, and given that their defensive performance was no less impressive, there is reason enough to be happy for the London boys. They didn’t take any unnecessary risks, they executed their game plan brilliantly and in the end you felt there was an important connection and cohesion within the team.



Sometimes just after the break there were holes that could have been exploited by a more explosive opposition, and in the first half there was no killer instinct that could have made the visitors disappear before the break. Even with the 1-0 in the second half, they didn’t really want to fight for the second ball, in the sense that they were so easily out of the game.

Management figure of 10

8 — Frank Lampard made a clear statement and launched Attacker XI, which rarely withdraws from the gas. He remained loyal to the team for most of the game and although he was unlucky with Pulisic’s injury during the warm-up, it was the kind of balanced game that many of his Chelsea players wanted.

Player scores (1-10; 10 = best, players reported after 70 minutes do not get a score)

GK Edward Mundy, 7 — Mundy came to the rescue 5 minutes after Barnes’ dangerous attack.

DF Ries James, 9 – The young defender had confidence in both halves of the pitch, showed an excellent cross and played a key role in Chelsea’s third goal.

DF Thiago Silva, 8 — The veteran managed to slow down the pace when needed and from the first minute to the last foot he didn’t make a mistake.

DF Kurt Zuma, 8 – Luckily he wasn’t injured after 22 minutes, but overall the physical appearance of Zuma was only improved by his powerful 2-0 header.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Ziech (right) celebrates his first goal at Chelsea after a fantastic performance. James Williamson – AMA/Getty Pictures

DF Ben Chilwell, 7 — Made himself one of the quietest players on the field, although his distribution sometimes left something to be desired.

MF Mason Mount, 8 – Leads the way for Burnley as he bounces from three forward, his improved strength is enhanced by his fantastic ability to get the ball from one pole to another.

MF N’Golo Edge, 9 – Covers a large area and does not hesitate to put great pressure on the owners if it means that the property must be preserved.

MF Kai Havertz, 7 – He always looks as light as a pencil when he walks and moves, and always gives Chelsea extra momentum.

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FW Hakim Ziech, 9 — No matter how well he plays, Ziech opens his body easily and deserves both charity and help.

FW Timo Werner, 7 — Fnally scored the goal that would have earned his position in a last 70 minute, well run round.

FW Tammy Abraham, 7 — The academy star was happy to be on the ground and a team player, which was evident when he moved the ball beautifully for his first goal.


MF Jorginho, NR — Maintained the pace and helped shorten the minutes on the way to another outright victory.

MF Callum Hudson-Odoi, NR — Seemed active and ready to create opportunities, even if Chelsea was out of sight.

FW Olivier Giroux, North Homeland — Too bad he didn’t score a goal in his cell after being forced to go home after 80 minutes.

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