LaMelo Ball was considered one of the top players in his draft class in the NBA draft through 2020. He was seen as a player who could become as good as his brother Lonzo Ball, or maybe even become a superstar. The potential was there for him to become a franchise center. But he also had a few unknowns: his effectiveness at playing in New Zealand was not great, and no one was sure that his style of play would fully translate to the NBA.

LaMelo Ball took people’s doubts and threw them out the window. LaMelo Ball is having a rather brilliant recruiting season and is the favorite of many analysts for the Rookie of the Year award. Here are a few reasons why LaMelo Ball could get his first NBA recognition at the end of the season:

3. LaMelo’s ball caught the attention of the media.

LaMelo Ball is one of the most dazzling players to watch. The way he plays his passes is beautiful to watch, and his game is a feast for the eyes. The best way to describe LaMelo Ball’s passing game would be to say that every pass he throws can be a star turn. LaMelo Ball is a flashy player who is not afraid to throw spectacular passes. His game is designed to be a highlight on Twitter, and media attention inevitably plays a role in determining his prices. Many people enjoy watching LaMelo Ball: that attention will certainly carry over into the momentum of his ROTY campaign, and many voters will support his performance.

The LaMelo Ball and Miles bridges already have a link to the elite.

This duo should be watching TV 🔥🔥

– Hilltop Hoops (@HilltopNBA) February 4, 2021.

LaMelo Ball has a great player to finish his reel passes to Miles Bridges. The connection between the duo is broken, and Bridges’ dunk matches Ball’s passes perfectly. Ultimately, LaMelo Ball is a basketball to keep an eye on: he has what it takes to be a top contender in the ROTY.

2. LaMelo Ball was statistically elite.

LaMelo’s balance sheet is statistically promising. In his first season, he averaged 14.3 PPG, 5.8 RPG and 6.1 APG. His play is indicative of a well-balanced start to his career in the NBA. LaMelo Ball looks like a stats accumulation machine as he impacts the game in every statistical aspect. One of the biggest fears surrounding LaMelo Ball was that his springy shot would not translate into the NBA: He shot a terrible 25% from 3PT range with the Illawarra Hawks, but that did not become a problem in the NBA. Ball shot a solid 35.9% of his 3PT shots in the NBA, and his sweater improved significantly.

LaMelo leads all NBA recruits:

🏀 Всего
Steals🏀 Double-doubles🏀
Player Effectiveness Evaluation

– SportsCenter (@SportCenter) February 10, 2021

While this data does not include Ball’s last game against the Grizzlies, the point made in the SportsCenter tweet is pretty clear. LaMelo Ball stands out statistically as a player among this year’s rookies, and it shows that he can really become special.

1. LaMelo’s ball is finally starting to roll.

LaMelo Ball had to gain the confidence of coach James Borrego, as Ball started on the bench to acclimate to the game. Now that he’s in the starting lineup and able to take full advantage of his passing game, he’s showing teams what he’s capable of. With the ball on the bench, he probably would not have been rewarded because he would have had little impact. But there’s no reason he didn’t start: he’s clearly talented, and here are some more numbers to back him up.

LaMelo Ball, 19, is the youngest player in NBA history with 7 threes and the youngest Hornet with 20 PTS/10 AST.

24 STP (high level)
10 ACT (high level
)7 3PT (
high level)
7 REBin

– (@Ballislife) February 9, 2021

LaMelo Ball is the youngest player with at least 34 points, 8 pts and 0 TOs. Two years and 134 days younger than Michael Jordan.

– Chris Palmer (@ChrisPalmerNBA) February 6, 2021

These statistical results were achieved after coach Borrego gave LaMelo Ball the starting right. Of course, a little help in a few minutes and the chance to play with the regulars brought out the best in LaMelo Ball. Ball had to start at the end: There’s no reason to take someone with the number 3 pick and not play tough minutes with him in the franchise’s reload. LaMelo Ball shows what he’s capable of as a starter, and he’s always been capable of something like this. If LaMelo Ball had sat on the bench, who knows how the rest of the season would have turned out? In the end, he takes over the franchise and wins their trust.

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