Diego Maradona could be discharged from hospital in Buenos Aires on Thursday, although his personal physician advises the Argentine football legend stay at least until Friday to recover from surgery for a subdural hematoma.

It’s always open with Diego. If he wants to leave, we tried to stop him and convince him with a [medical] check, but he can leave. Let’s hope it stays until tonight, said Dr. Leopoldo Luke in a medical update Thursday. We shouldn’t take him anywhere else. It’s a good postoperative [observation] and we’re seeing good progress. Of course, one out of every two patients will be examined at home, just like any other postoperative patient [observation].

You never know what he’s gonna do to Diego, but I’d advise him to stay until tomorrow. He can go. He talked to me. We have made a great recovery, although he, like everyone else, will have to be watched from home in the future.

On Tuesday, Maradone underwent surgery at Olivos Hospital to remove an accumulation of blood between her brain membranes, which was found in the MRI on Monday.

Luke, the neurosurgeon who did the surgery, said the post-op study looked good.

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Lukas, the neurologist who performed the surgery on Tuesday, said the problem was probably caused by the accident, but Maradona said he didn’t remember any events.

On Monday Maradona was admitted to the mortgage clinic of La Plata with signs of anemia, dehydration and depression. Friends said he wasn’t hungry. On Tuesday morning, a subdural hematoma was discovered on MRI and transported to Buenos Aires.

Last Friday he turned 60 and that same evening he played the Patronato in the National League game between the gym and Esgrima La Plata, in which his team won 3-0.

He left before the end of the first half of the year, which raises questions about his state of health.

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Maradona leads the team in the first division, but as a precaution he did not participate in the training of the team to avoid the risk of a KOVID-19 infection, because he is classified in a risk group.

Argentina and Barcelona striker Lionel Messi sent a welcome message to Maradona via Instagram on Wednesday: Diego, all the power in the world. My family and I want to see you as soon as possible. A hug from the bottom of my heart!

Maradona led Argentina to the World Cup in 1986 and is rightly considered one of the greatest players of all time.

After ending their playing career in 1997, the former Napoli, Barcelona and Boca Junior stars faced numerous health problems. He was hospitalized in January 2019 with internal bleeding in his stomach. He also fell ill during the World Cup in Russia in 2018, where he fainted during the match between Argentina and Nigeria.

In 2004 he was hospitalized with severe heart and respiratory problems associated with long-term drug use. He underwent two gastric bypasses to control his weight and was also treated for alcoholism.

Information from the Associated Press has been used in this report.

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