Star Trek: This discovery has taken the chronology of the Star Trek universe to a new frontier: the 32nd edition of Star Trek. century, the furthest into the future we’ve ever traveled. This new version of the galaxy resembles more the Wild West than a galactic utopia, largely because of the disaster known as Burn, which distorted warp drive technology and severely limited Starfleet’s capabilities. So Michael Burnham and the Discovery team are about to rediscover some of Star Trek’s most famous braces. This week there was an alien symbiotic race called the Trill.

What’s a Star Trek alien race? Here’s the full explanation:

The trillium is a humanoid alien species born on the planet Trill. A small part of these Trill humanoids is a suitable host for a symbiotic organism called a Trill symbiote. Trill’s relationship with his masters and symbiotes has enabled the transfer of history and knowledge about the Trill culture and experience from the 12th to the 32nd century.

After being connected to the Vibrating Symbiont, the master has access to all the memories and possibilities of the former owners of the symbiont. The Master and the symbiont are indeed one at all levels, and to illustrate this balance between individuality and collective identity, the Master’s vibrator retains his name, while the symbiont adopts only his family name.

Vibration appears for the first time in Star Trek: Season 4, Next Generation Master, but exotic species should really shine in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. DS9 introduced fans to Jadzia Dax, a space station researcher. Jadzia Dax was a fan of the series – until the host was murdered, and the Dax symbiote was given to DS9 advisor Ezri Teegan. Ezri Dax will be presented in the last season of the show, which illustrates the transient nature of Trill’s existence.

Trill will continue to appear in the Star Trek series as Voyager and Picard, but never with the focus that DS9 has given them. This raised many doubts about the Star Trek fandom, as Trill was seen as a metaphor for LGBTQIA+ people – especially transsexuals. Star Trek seems to have moved away from solving LGBTQIA+ problems in the 2000s, a time when even Trill seemed to have largely disappeared from the franchise by chance.

In Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 4, Forget Me Not, we learn that after The Burn disaster, Trill will celebrate the 32nd anniversary of its creation. Century n. Chr. barely survived. Starburst had a major impact on Trill, as a warp dilithium explosion engulfed the entire universe and destroyed many of Trill’s viable host bodies. But Trill got a brave new hope: Adiral Tal (Blu del Barrio) was the first person to be associated with the symbiotic trillium, which shows that the breed can extend its influence to many other races and cultures.

In real life, the story of the symbiont Tala has received a fitting answer thanks to Trilla and his resonance in honesty. Hosts Talya Grey (Yan Alexander) and Adira (Barrio) play the first transsexual and non-binary Star Trek actors respectively.

Star Trek: In the third season new episodes will be broadcasted on CBS All Access on Thursday.

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