This week number 255 of Savage Dragon was picked up where it left off last month. After an act that apparently left Malcolm dead at the hands of Dark, the fans watched the consequences of that fight this week – and it wasn’t pretty. In the meantime, almost all the characters in the comic have gone along with the audience to guess what it all means. From Chicago, where we meet Darling Labs and Bellco, to Dimension-X, where Alex and Paul Dragon try to turn the page, the question seems very big.

The creator of the series, Erik Larsen, has revealed a sequel to last week’s disaster that, although Malcolm is out of service and his life is at stake, the general story of the series seems to be moving forward. Larsen went with us to find answers to that question.

There are spoilers in front, so don’t read before you see it!

The retro cover works very well, with PAUL Dragon getting his first solo cover. Was that on purpose?

We offer retro 70’s covers as an option in addition to the standard covers. I painted this cover myself and I tend to choose a flatter finish than Nikos, which gives it a slightly more vintage look.

Should we read something about Alex named Paul Dragon?

I think Alex wants Paul Dragon to be her dragon – our dragon – the dragon she knew. But at the same time Paul usually called himself Dragon in his world, so it wasn’t uncommon for him to do so. But I think Alex is projecting a little.

Between Angel and some of the conversations Malcolm and Maxine have had, it seems that the next generation of heroes is not so enthusiastic about heroism. Is that a comment or are you preparing for the next big change?

You’ve been through a lot. Malcolm had a few near-death experiences and Angel had to be rescued. So it’s understandable. Especially if you’re dealing with an abyss. In Maxine’s case – she’s already been abducted twice to the afterlife – she’s very wary of death. And she certainly doesn’t want to raise four powerful children as a single parent.

After… …all that… it was a pretty abrupt end for Darth. It’s almost random. Why did you kill a cop?

They were there and she was in love with Malcolm. It seemed the obvious choice. If the northern troops had arrived earlier, they probably would have been taken alive, but the police were there. Luckily for them they fired a shot without firing a warning shot. She could have turned into a shark and that would have been the end.

What do you think of the fact that only a few months after BLM’s release we see police officers in attack gear again?

Not really, no. Whether we like it or not, they have a job to do and it’s called for. It’s not like they were told to quit smoking or anything.

Is there any chance it’s not… You’re dead! Soon the cover won’t be Mako, but Mako-Dart?

I’m afraid you’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Does this leave a power vacuum in the vicious circle or will it be filled quickly? Apparently Roger Warrior was already fishing.

Here we are, and the Bum Warrior is in custody. So it is not so easy to fulfil this role. There are others who want to take the job.

Are the children prepared for reality, is Malcolm’s situation dangerous? They had clearly never seen him before, but the scene with Jackson was heartbreaking.

It’s hard to know what will really interest such young children. Maxine and Malcolm both died when they were alive, but they were incredibly young then and probably can’t remember much about it. On the other hand, some of them even killed other people, so they saw it with their own eyes. But it’s a little different… It wasn’t someone they knew and then lost. There’s no one in their lives that they’ve lost and that they can remember.

I like to think we’re more responsible than Bellco. Have either of you ever read the paper?

Well, yeah. But everyone likes to think he works for one of the good and bad companies.

Does Billy have a chance to give us a Dragon-like villain whose powers are not just a slightly modified version of Dragon?

We’re still a long way from seeing Billy as a bad guy. He’s just a little kid.

Does the baby in the end mean that Jennifer was pregnant with The One when she died, and survived her terrible death? Or is this just another one of Michael’s?

Michael and Jennifer had a meeting. She got pregnant. When she died, the child inside her fed on her organs and dug a grave for her and for us, dragging her remains behind her. When we saw that his grave was disturbed, a child dug it up. In continuity, yes, there will be another elected official, which will result in a lot of them.

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