Formula One needs Lewis Hamilton to have a teammate who offers a better challenge than Waltery Bottas, said former world champion Jenson Button.


Hamilton has dominated his Mercedes Bottas partner since replacing Fin Nico Rosberg for the 2017 season. Rosberg retired after his victory at Hamilton in the 2016 championship.

Bottas fought for the uniform of Rosberg, who has often played for Hamilton and defeated the Englishman in the 2016 championship. Rosberg has won nine races in this campaign for the title – Bottas demands the same amount for three and a half seasons with Mercedes.

Button believes that F1 will benefit from having someone like Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in his sister’s car.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Jenson Button thinks Max Verstappen is the ideal teammate for Lewis Hamilton. Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Photos

Comparing records is a tricky thing, said Motorsport Button. We all like numbers, and we all like winning numbers, but it’s really hard to compare.

All we can say is that he did his best and that the team did a fantastic job. They were not defeated in the hybrid era and Lewis won every championship with them, except one. I don’t see that changing either. This continues until he stops or until he has a teammate who can really challenge him.

He has certainly learned from his teammates and he is definitely rounder than when we were teammates. But if he had a teammate like Max [Stacking], we’d see another Lewis driver.

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He needs this challenge, otherwise he will continue to take it and win the championship.

He needs someone to challenge him and Mercedes. You can’t blame them, because it’s easier if they have one that’s faster than the others.

I know that Valtteri is close to qualifying and sometimes beats him, but the speed of the race compared to Lewis this year is far from that.

Hamilton has not yet confirmed its plans for the period after 2020. Although he will have to sign a new contract with Mercedes, he recently suggested that leaving the sport at the end of the season is a real possibility. The young Mercedes George Russell, who will continue to work with Williams in 2021, is the most likely candidate for the next Hamilton teammate after Bottas.

I don’t think George is ready to hire Lewis, not so many pilots, said the button. Max, Charles [Leclerc] and Daniel Ricciardo are the guys ready to challenge Lewis.

I’d be happy to see Danny Rick against Lewis, because I think he’d do a lot of damage to Lewis. He would have been fast and laughed about everything, he would have been so relaxed, so on the field he is the right character, and I know most riders will find that difficult.

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