When looking for dog boarding in Bangkok, there are several things to consider. For instance, you need to check the cleanliness and hygiene of the facility. It should also have a knowledgeable staff that is willing to help in case of emergencies. In addition, you should check whether the facility has a veterinarian on call. If your pet gets sick, the vet should be able to provide immediate treatment. In addition, most facilities require your pet to be vaccinated.


Unleashed dog boarding in Bangkok is the first of its kind in the city and provides cage-free western-style doggy daycare. Unlike other kennels, dogs stay in spacious rooms without a cage, and they have access to filtered water and fresh air. They are also taken out for exercise and toilet breaks periodically. The facility aims to provide a relaxed and home-like environment, and it even has its own Facebook page and Instagram account.

Although most public parks in Bangkok are not dog-friendly, you can visit the Ratchaprasong Reservoir, a man-made reservoir with a jogging and bike path that goes around its edge. Some dog owners let their dogs run off the leash, but be careful around young children.

Paradise 4 Paws

Paradise 4 Paws dog kennel is conveniently located near the airport for travelers. It offers services such as complimentary shuttle service from the airport and a 50 percent discount on parking. It has three locations in the area. One is located near the Love Field international airport and the other is at 3010 N Airfield Dr. The dog boarding facility is equipped with a 24/7 video webcam that allows visitors to see what their dogs are up to. In addition, your pet will receive a tuck-in each night.

Paradise 4 Paws has luxurious suites for your dog. The Deluxe Suites include spacious play areas with cameras, and your pet can retire to its own suite for the night. Every night, your dog will be treated to a luxurious tuck-in.

Pet Hotel Bangkok

The Pet Hotel Bangkok in Bangkok is a five-star luxury boarding and daycare facility. The hotel offers 58 air-conditioned and climate-controlled rooms for your pet. Guests can also enjoy webcam monitoring of their pets. The hotel also offers grooming services and complimentary high-quality drinking water.

The hotel’s facilities include a dog pool, grooming station, and dog spa. It also offers a dog playground and a dog daycare. Dogs will have a great time in the pool or in the dog park. There are also grooming services and nail care available.

Dog Park 49

If you want to take your dog for a walk, Dog Park 49 is the perfect location. This dog park in Bangkok is full of activities for both people and their furry friends. It has daycare services, grooming, swimming and even a pet shop. It’s also a popular hangout for dog owners, especially during the weekends. To get in, you can purchase an all-day or a day pass. You can also purchase an access card that costs 100 baht, which you can use to enter the park.

Dog owners should consider the local laws regarding dogs. Most public parks in Bangkok do not allow dogs. However, some are exceptions. At the Ratchaprasong Reservoir, dog owners are allowed to take their dogs for walks. The park has four kilometres of bike paths, jogging paths and water’s edge. Some dog owners let their pets loose and run freely in the park, but if your children are around, you should be careful where you take your dog.

Farm boarding

The Farm offers boarding facilities for dogs just outside Bangkok in the countryside. They are located in a family estate with plenty of space for the dogs to play and run. The facility is safe and secure and has plenty of toys for the dogs. They also have swimming pools, a garden, and ball pits.

The facility is cage-free and offers two types of rooms for dogs: premium and deluxe. The rooms feature elevated orthopaedic beds and fleece blankets. The rooms are also equipped with air conditioning and access to fresh water. The animals are taken outside periodically for potty breaks and exercise.

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