The debate over who is the better point guard in NBA history has been raging for years. Some say it’s Chris Paul, others say Russell Westbrook. Who do you think is the greatest point player of all time?

The ranker best nba players of all time is a debate that has been going on for quite some time. NBA fans argue over who is the better player, Chris Paul or Russell Westbrook?

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When it comes to some of the greatest point guards of this age, Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook are two names who should not be overlooked. The two stars have a lengthy history in the league and have received many awards. They all have one thing in common: they have never won an NBA title.

The two superstars have faced a lot of criticism from fans at times, and some have even questioned whether it has harmed their reputation. Regardless of whether or not they earn a ring, both players are certain to be enshrined into the Basketball Hall of Fame. If we’re talking about who ranks higher on the all-time list, things become a little more intriguing.

On Facebook, NBA Buzz posed the similar topic, and many fans argued who should be higher on the list. Is it Russ or CP3?

Some NBA fans had the following to say about the debate:

Gary Tang (Gary Tang): “I’m not sure why CP3 has such a high rating. When it counts the most, you always fail to deliver.”

Williams, Jerome: “Chris Paul is a musician from the United States. Night in and night out, he’s consistent, always has a solid game with great energy, and is a diligent worker.”

Marcus Chenard Landrum: I’m Marcus Chenard Landrum, and I’m “Anyone who claims cp3 isn’t familiar with basketball. Westbrook has won two scoring championships and four times led the league in assists. 2 all-star mvps, 1 mvp All-time leader in triple doubles. Rus has had by far the greatest season of any superstar teammate he’s ever played with. Although they are not responsible for their team’s postseason success, basketball is a team sport. The guy provides you with 100% eve “y game,” he says.

Todd Mason (TM): “It isn’t a matter of who you like or who you would choose. It’s all about who ranks higher on the all-time list. Westbrook, most likely, but it’s difficult to say for sure.”

“Well, Chris made it out of the first round,” Juraj Chov says.

Christian Pikadjo: I’m Christian Pikadjo, and I’m “Normally, there is no question objectively and rationally. It’s Russ, Russ, Russ, Russ, Russ, But it’s CP3 if you’re a zealot. I’m not entirely sure why.”

“Westbrook is an all-around player………..and he beat out the triple-double robinson,” says Andrew Co.

“CP3 is the better textbook point guard that every club wants to build around, but Russ is by far the greater athlete with an extremely unique skill set,” says Mike Latona.

“It’s point god cp3.. every team he’s played for is in the playoffs… russ has the higher overall numbers, but I awarded it to paul because of the immediate effect he’s having on teams like LAC,HOU,OKC, and now PHX.”

Condes, Jarvin: “I enjoy how cp3 plays, but it’s all about Russ for me! Mr. Triple Double, please! I like his vigor and athleticism. He’s also a one-time NBA MVP.”

Kevin Valera (KEVIN): “Any day, I’ll pick a healthy cp3 to lead a squad. Russ is a beast, so it’s close. Late in games, Cp3 is a superior leader with a higher IQ.”

Sison, Keith: “Haters may say anything they want about Russell Westbrook, but the reality remains that he is one of the best point guards in NBA history. Respect.”

“The man with the most triple-doubles and an MVP award,” says Reiz Mangabat.

“Westbrook will go down in history as having accomplished more, but I’d take CP on my squad every time,” Bo Jenson says.

Gianni Ottobri: I’m Gianni Ottobri, and I’m “cp3 is the code. He improves whatever team he is a part of. Russ degrades whatever squad he is a part of. He didn’t accomplish anything meaningful other than numbers since he didn’t have a KD.”

“Chris Paul is a better facilitator, shooter, and has a higher IQ,” Paulo da Silva says. “Russell is simply a superior athlete; he can be a triple-double machine, but it costs too many mistakes.”

“Individual honors, Westbrook all day,” Oliver M Valencia says. “Team accolades, I’d say CP3, the problem is, basketball is a team sport, but we compare people, not teams.”

“Russ was excellent at the start of his career, but then he began padding his stats…… Cp3 plays well in the regular season, but not so well in the playoffs,” says Dhanvin Ghowda.

Dumlao, JC: “They both made it to the NBA Finals but were unable to win the title. So I’m going with Russ since he has an MVP award (just my opinion).”

“Whoever gets an MVP and a triple-double season is better on the all-time greats list,” Noee Ambriz says.

Gordon Leslie (Gordon): “In my opinion, they are on par. Both will be inducted into the Hall of Fame but will be ringless.”

Templar Simon: “Russell Westbrook, take it easy…2017 Wasn’t a Joke : (MVP) & Scoring Champion, 2nd In Assist Leader…This Dude Is One Of A Kind. 31ppg 10apg 10rpg (MVP) & Scoring Champion, 2nd In Assist Leader…This Dude Is One Of A Kind.”

Ralph Vasquez (Vaquez): “If you say “all time list,” you must refer to a piece of paper. If that’s the case, it’s Russ. MVP, triple-double record breaker, and finalist like cp3. When the game is on the line, I’d go with cp3.”

Derrick Crutcher (Derrick Crutcher): “Westbrook is a city in the state of Oklahoma. Paul has competed in the Finals but has yet to win. Westbrook has gone to the Finals but has yet to win, although he does have an MVP award to his name. He’s also averaged a triple double on several times, something most of us never imagined was possible. Westbrook gets my vote for MVP and triple-double honors.”

“Whoever wins a ring, although right now it’s neck and neck,” Trevor Wheaton says, “but I’d pick cp3 because he can practically lead any team to the playoffs.”

Fans were split on which player to select, according to the comments. CP3 and Russ have had outstanding careers so far. If any of them can win an NBA championship before they retire, they will be the frontrunners in this argument.

Fortunately, the two stars are members of fantastic teams. This summer, Brodie joined the Los Angeles Lakers, where he played with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Meanwhile, Paul led the Suns to the NBA Finals last season and is surrounded by rising talents like Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton.

During the 2021-22 NBA season, the two teams may play in the Western Conference Finals. Which side would you choose if this becomes a reality? Please share your thoughts in the comments area.

NBA fans debate who is higher on the all-time list, Chris Paul or Russell Westbrook? Reference: top 50 nba players of all time.

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