Florence St. George, the ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry is happy that her relationship with him was short-lived! She has been in talks to appear on British TV show “Loose Women” and admitted she would like to write a book about the process.

The “meghan harry news” is the ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry, Florence St. George, has come out and said that she is happy that her relationship with him was short-lived! The royal couple have been dating for a year now, but it seems like their time together was not meant to last.

Florence St. George, the ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry is happy that her relationship with him was short-lived!

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Florence St George, Prince Harry’s previous girlfriend, is relieved that she did not pursue a relationship with the former Duke of Sussex. Florence said that she couldn’t manage the newfound fame that came with being the girlfriend of a member of the royal family. Though she was heartbroken at the time, she now believes it was for her own benefit.

The friendship between Florence St George and Prince Harry

Model Florence St George, 35, discussed her personal life and prior friendship with Prince Harry with The Telegraph’s Stella magazine. In 2011, the pair dated for a short time. Florence considers herself lucky that the relationship was short-lived since she had struggled to deal with the exposure that came with it. She was not pleased with the attention she received from the media as a result of it. Her privacy was abruptly violated, and public eyes peered into her personal life. It was too much for her to endure. She said, “

“A new story would surface in the newspaper virtually every day, my school classmates would be grilled, and cameras would be stationed outside my front door,” says the narrator.

“I admire those who can live that lifestyle, but I knew I couldn’t.” Although it was painful at the time, I consider myself fortunate that the connection was brief.”

FlorenceFlorence and Prince Harry are a couple. (Image courtesy of Mirror UK)

She did not, however, elaborate on the reasons behind the couple’s breakup.

Florence’s current love life and family

The model later married Henry St George, the Grand Bahama Port Authority’s vice-president. The pair had two children after their wedding in 2013. Iris, the oldest kid, is now five years old, and Jimmy, the youngest, is three years old. In her present life, Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend is happy and pleased. She has mental health concerns and anxiety when she was a teenager.

FlorenceFlorence and Henry, her husband (Source: Getty Images)

Florence is suffering from postpartum depression.

Florence said that she suffered from postnatal depression after giving birth to Iris. She went on to say:

“We fell in love as soon as I gave birth to my daughter Iris. “She was flawless, and I had a strong protective feeling for her,” says the author.

“However, that night, I sensed a molecular change inside me.” “One minute I’d be smiling and loving, the next I’d be weeping and enraged.”

FlorenceFlorence (Photo credit: Pinterest)

She was filled with concerns and apprehension. After her family pressed her to seek competent medical help, she had no choice but to do so:

“I was diagnosed with postnatal depression after a seven-month wait. The doctor inquired as to what makes me happy in an attempt to diagnose me, but I was unable to respond.”

“Despite having a wonderful spouse and a wonderful kid, I couldn’t recall the last time I was really happy.”

She turned to ceramics for solace in addition to the medications recommended by physicians. She said, “

“I had to push myself to take up the clay and play.” “The silky, damp material had such a soothing sensation to it,” says the author.

“I constructed a little pinch pot by pressing my thumb into the clay’s center and gradually shaping it into form.” I was so engrossed in the assignment that when I completed it, I felt a surge of happiness. I felt like myself again for a little minute.”

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