JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jaguar quarterback Gardner Minshue II said he begged Doug Marron head coach to get him back on the field after his medical release late last month after an inch injury.

However, Marron has chosen veteran Mike Glennon against Cleveland Brown, and after his three appearances against Minnesota last Sunday, he will stay with Glennon this week.

It’s so frustrating, Minsho said. I used to walk around a lot and beg a lot before I played in Cleveland to be able to play. It sucks, you know, it’s impossible to move.

I want to be there. I want to help our team, but if helping our team means I can be the best number 2, that’s what I have to do now.

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That role could be permanent, depending on how Glennon plays against Tennessee in the coming weeks. Marron says he knows Mincho isn’t happy but he wants Mincho to be better in practice before he thinks about hiring him again.

We spoke today and as I told him, I just want to see more practice, Marron said. I think he’s working on his volume, the number of nests and everything else. Of course it’s medically cleared, but you want to be able to see these things at the practice area. I think Mike can practice better now and give us a better chance to win.

I don’t think Gardner is at 100% capacity, and that always bothers me, and I’m trying to understand that. We’re both trying to deal with it.

Minshue – which on Tuesday night will be attending an exclusive conference for soldiers, veterans and their families as part of the USAA’s Salute to Service Virtual Lounge – hasn’t played since Jaguars launched its chargers on Tuesday 25, 39 and 29. October at the Los Angeles Chargers. After the game, he told the team that he had indeed played a game against Houston on the 11th. October, had suffered a thumb injury, but had been hiding it for two weeks.

Marron played newcomer Jake Luton in the next three games, but Jaguar’s 27-3 defeat in Pittsburgh changed things for Marron. Although Minshew has started pitching for the Steelers again, Marron has chosen Glennon. He started the last two races, which the Jaguars lost with a five-point lead in the general classification.

Marron said Minshue’s bad luck not to play was no problem.

We’ve had a lot of conversations, so it’s no problem at all, Marron said. Whatever he feels, he’ll do what’s best for the team. He talked about it a lot. I don’t see a problem. The connection went well. I think it was all ahead of us. I think they’ve already talked about everything. So I feel good.

I think he is doing everything he can to bring himself back to a state in which he feels comfortable and in which his workload is right.

The Jaguars decided to give Minshev the 2020 season to prove that he can be a long-term starter. Although he scored 13 touchdowns on five interceptions in the seven games he played, he did not significantly improve on the points he had as a rookie last season: Comfort in the pocket, firm hands, open receivers and working in the middle of the field.

The Jaguars have lost 11 times in a row and are currently competing with the New York Jets for first place. A place in the overall ranking is practically a guarantee that they have a quarterback.

What does this mean for Minshaw’s long-term future in Jacksonville? Does it have to compete with the design? Are you keeping him as backup? You want him to play with Luton as a replacement? Trade?

I don’t know, Minsho said I mean, I don’t know if anyone has a long-term future right now, because it’s just 1-11 nature, so there’s really no information about how things are going to play out. I can just check what I can do, and then we’ll see.

However, Minshu is looking forward to a virtual conversation in the living room on Tuesday evening. He will answer questions on SaluteToService.com from 19.00. ET (it’s on the website), and he said he was happy with the invitation, especially because his grandfather was a member of the Air Force and was able to fly with the Thunderbirds in January this year.

If you want to reach our military community, especially from the town of Jacksonville, where we have a naval base and a naval air camp, now is the time, says Minshue. … In a year that has been so crazy, with such a limited connection, I really miss the fact that this part of the game is so closely linked to the fans. It’ll just be a good time to give and deal with our military.

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