‘Fortnite’ datamine hint at more weapon mod slots, ‘Typhoon’ skin, and returning vehicles

Forty: The Battle Royale 15.20 update is in full swing, and the miners are checking out what the game files have in store for them. Unlike the skin and other types of cosmetics that usually leak. The Lakers have come across other elements at times that will likely be introduced into the game in the near future. One is the pistol function.

More information about FortniteWeapon models

One of Fortnite’s renowned data developers, HYPEX (@HYPEX), recently tweeted additional information about this feature that is not yet available. According to the data compiler (assuming this information is available) :

  • Players can add and remove a mod at any time.
  • The weapon has a number of valid mods that work with it, and
  • Weapons will have different slots for these mods.

HYPEX also tweeted a screenshot of what could be a line of code that apparently allows Fortnite BR players to save a weapon mod they created.

We’ll have to wait and see if Epic Games goes all the way, as not all the information in the game files will have a chance to see the light of day.

About a month ago, HYPEX tweeted something about a developer working on a so-called new gun mechanic. Additionally, Fortnite daters explained that these weapon modification sites seem to give the weapons capabilities or accessories.

More information here, thanks to @FunGamesLeaks for her help:
– You can add and remove a mod at any time, it is provided as item
– The weapon has some authorized mods that work with it (based on this PrintValidWeaponMods feature)
– The weapon has several mod slots https://t.co/SPuyjeZj5B

– GIPEX (@GIPEX) 16. January 2021

Coding: Typhoon

Another dataminer, Mang0e (@Mang0e), has also posted on Twitter saying that a new skin crossing called Typhoon will soon be available on Fortnite BR. According to the screenshots on Twitter, the skin that has not been released yet will be female and able to have these reactive styles.

The leak also pointed out that the portal where the skin is supposed to come from seems to have a custom flicker effect.

Therefore, Fortnite players are wondering who this crossover character will be. There are those who believe it will be the skin of Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series of games, while others believe it will be the skin of Samus from Metroid.

A new crossover, the Typhoon, is in preparation.
Information :
– Leather will be feminine
– Leather can have reactive styles
– This portal seems to have a custom shimmer effect
Portal image via @ximton <3 pic.twitter.com/hTEpHwveU6

– Mang0e | Fortnite Dataminer (@Mang0e_) January 16, 2021

For FortniteMultipurpose vehicles

A Fortnite leak known as FNBRUnreleased also dug into the game’s files and found information suggesting the return of some classic machines to the BR shooter.

According to the tweets, Epic might recommend golf carts, hoverboards and baseballs for the game. One Fortnite player said that any player in the Fortnite community would have a lot of fun with this information, and that’s true.

Balloons and hoverboards have also been updated! We’ll see them again soon.

– FNBRUnreased (@FNBRUnreased) January 13, 2021

As always, the boys of Fortnite should be wary of these leaks, as they have not yet been confirmed by Epic Games.

In the meantime, chew them with extra salt.

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