B.Tech Marine Engineering Course Details: Eligibility, Syllabus, Career, Duration, Fees, Salary, Colleges

In recent years, the number of candidates for a degree in shipbuilding engineering in India has increased exponentially. There are several reasons for this trend in today’s world, one of which may be the attractive salary and adventure of the job.

The program is designed so that a graduate can find a job anywhere in the world. Even as a recent graduate in maritime engineering, you will enjoy a very attractive salary.

This course includes the study of the various systems and controls used on a ship. The course will also familiarize the candidate with navigation systems, safety procedures, safety devices, etc. Compared to other B.Tech courses, Marine Engineering is relatively interesting and engaging. If you are a person who likes to travel and solve complex problems, then the B.Tech Marine Engineering course is just what you need.

What is B.Tech Marine Engineering?

B.Tech Marine Engineering is a branch of engineering aimed at imparting to the student an adequate knowledge of the marine construction and operation of various offshore mooring facilities, vessels, boats, craft etc. The main job of a marine engineer is to design, build and maintain vehicles or structures that can be used on or near water. This includes the design, construction and maintenance of ships, aircraft carriers, tankers, sailing vessels, etc.

The course covers many topics such as propulsion systems, cooling systems, steering systems, balancing, stealth, etc.

Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering Program: Admissibility

Several colleges and universities in India offer undergraduate courses in maritime engineering. However, unlike other bachelor programs, the selection criteria for this program are the same for all colleges and universities.

  • The applicant or candidate must be at least 17 years old.
  • He/she had to pass the 10+2 exam from an accredited public school.
  • The candidate had to study physics, chemistry and mathematics.
  • The candidate must achieve an overall score of at least 55% in the 10+2 class.
  • Once the candidate has completed the 3-year diploma course, he/she can enroll in the 2nd year diploma course. Year of B.Tech Marine Engineering to enroll.

Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering Program: Reception operations –

Currently, there are several colleges and universities in India that offer a Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering course. The admissions process may vary from college to college or university to university. The admission procedure usually begins with an entrance test. Some colleges or universities offer admission based on a merit system.

If you are planning to enroll in the B.Tech Marine Engineering course based on entrance exam, you need to appear in the corresponding entrance exam and get a good reputation. Once a student is shortlisted, unlike other courses, for a place in marine engineering. The applicant must undergo a medical examination and meet all the specified requirements. The requirements are set by the university or Indian Maritime University. Remember, a candidate who fails a medical or physical exam will be subject to a medical exam even if he or she completes the course. If he can’t get a permit to work on the ship.

Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering Program: Required skills –

The B.Tech Marine Engineering course is best suited for candidates who possess the following skills.

  • Good communication skills
  • Proven negotiating skills
  • Budget management skills
  • Time management skills
  • Team spirit
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Patience
  • An effective planner
  • Excellent mechanical and electrical knowledge
  • Knowledge of computer-aided design and production
  • Excellent computer and technical skills

Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering Program: Duration –

The Bachelor of Engineering in Marine Engineering is an undergraduate program with a total duration of 4 years. This 4-year course is divided into 8 different semesters and each semester covers a different subject.

Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering Program: Curriculum –

The curriculum for the Bachelor of Marine Engineering degree can vary from college to college. However, the topics listed below will be the most commonly used.

1 year

1 term 2 Term
Mathematics 1 Mathematics 2
Introduction to computer technology Data structure
Thermodynamics Computer room
Technical images Basic electronics
Physics 1 Mechanical Engineering
Workshop 1 Chemistry 1
Humanities and Social Sciences (HS) or electives such as. B. Business communication 1 Chemistry Laboratory
principles of electrical engineering Workshop mechanical engineering

2. Year

3 semesters 4 semesters
Physics 2 Mathematics 3
Electric machine 1 Electric machines 2
Values and ethics of the profession Mechanics of materials 2
Mechanics of materials 1 Auxiliary vessels 1
Workshop technique Materials Science
The fundamentals of environmental technology Economic and Commercial Geography
Applied Thermodynamics Applied thermodynamics 2

third year

Semester 5 6 semesters
Seekessel Shipbuilding
Machine mechanics 1 Machinery for handling liquids
The science of management Offshore steam technology
Fluid mechanics Boiler chemistry laboratory and test laboratory for domestic heating oil and fuel oil
Laboratory for electrical machines Machine Mechanics 2
Marine Auxiliary 2 Maritime electrical engineering
Basic ship design Marine I C Engine 1
Mechanics Laboratory 2 Mechanics Laboratory 3
Practical maritime workshop Practical maritime workshop

fourth year

Semester 7 8 semesters
Operation and management of ships Shipbuilding 2
Ship I-C engine 2 Control and simulation laboratory
Shipbuilding 1 Advanced marine thermal engineering
SSEP, Safe storage of watches and personal care 1 Control technology and automation
Laboratory for power stations SSEP, waiting, personal care 2
Selected Items Preparation of technical documents, projects and models
Control of fire laboratories Grand viva based on the project
Laboratory for electrical measurements
Design and drawing of marine equipment systems
Marine electrical engineering and electrical measurements

In the eighth. In the first semester students can choose an elective from the following courses

  1. Renewable energy sources and their applications
  2. Advanced thermal marine engines
  3. Biomass
  4. Advanced fluid mechanics
  5. electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic compatibility

Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering Program: Map –

The B.Tech Marine Engineering course is offered at various colleges and universities and the tuition fee completely depends on the college or university, reputation and demand for seats. However, the fee may vary from 1.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum.

Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering Program: Quarry –

Job profile Description of activities
Logistics Director This position requires the candidate to assist in the daily processing of export documents for ships. This task also includes taking care of procurement and storage.
Camp Manager You need to manage the warehouse and streamline the supply chain.
GM Advertising This position requires the candidate to plan and organize all activities related to the maritime supply chain.
GM SCM and logistics This position requires the knowledge and skills to lead a global ship supply chain development team and analyze cost saving methods and opportunities.
Head of Transport and Distribution The Manager of Transportation and Distribution is responsible for determining the most cost effective method for shipping and distributing ocean freight.
Chief Engineer The chief engineer is the senior position in the marine engineering department of a ship or aircraft carrier. He shall be responsible for the supervision of all persons under his authority or for monitoring the operation and maintenance of all technical installations on board.
navy This is usually a job for the government
Designer The job of a design engineer is to design a ship, boat or other maritime structure. This same task also includes the design of marine mechanical parts and other components.
Security Manager The Security Manager is responsible for the proper operation and security of the store.
Maintenance Technician The job of the maintenance engineer is to check the reliability and quality of marine engine components.
Chief Electrical Technologist The chief electrician’s job is to run the ship’s electrical department.

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Senior ship engineer recruiting a high technology specialist

There are several companies around the world and in India that recruit marine engineers. Here are the top recruiters

  • Maersk
  • Bharathi Shipyard
  • Trust
  • Hapag-Lloyd AG
  • CSAV Group Agencies
  • ABG Shipyard
  • Royal Fleet of India

Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering Program: Large colleges or universities

Of the many colleges and universities in India, the ones listed below are by far the best.

  • Indian Maritime University, Chennai

University Portal – https://www.imu.edu.in/

  • Coimbatore Maritime University

University Portal – https://www.cmcmarine.in/

  • International Maritime Institute, Noida

University Portal – http://www.imi.edu.in/

  • Tolani Maritime Institute, Mumbai

University Portal – http://www.tmi.tolani.edu/

  • Institute of Marine Engineering and Research, Kolkata

University Portal – https://www.imu.edu.in//index.php?prod_id=101

  • Indian Maritime University, Calcutta

University Portal – http://www.merical.ac.in/

  • International Maritime Academy, Chennai

University Portal – http://www.imauniv.in/

  • Maritime Education and Training Academy

University Portal – https://www.ametuniv.ac.in/

  • Institute of Marine Technology and Engineering, Kolkata

University Portal – http://www.itmeindia.org/

  • Maharashtra Marine Education and Training Academy, Pune

University Portal – http://www.manetpune.edu.in/

Wages and salaries for the technical equipment of ships

The expected salary after graduation of B.Tech Marine Engineering ranges from 5 to 20 lakhs per annum depending upon the experience.

There are several colleges and universities in India that offer undergraduate courses in Marine Engineering. However, there is one thing to keep in mind: Customs clearance may be possible, but you should check whether the Maritime Authority or the Indian Government recognises the intended route. In our experience, it is best to apply to public colleges or universities.

Marine technology course – frequently asked questions

  • What does the nautical college look like?

Maritime engineering, or BE in marine engineering, is a course of study concerned with the design, development, manufacture and maintenance of all equipment used on boats, submarines, ships and vehicles on the water.

  • How long does the Marine Engineering programme take?

The duration of the Marine Engineering course is four years. The entire course is divided into eight semesters. This is a full-time course offered as a graduate course.

  • What are the career options for a Navy student after graduation?

Too many career opportunities for a shipbuilding student after graduation. First, you have to start your career at sea, for example. For example, with a technical diploma at a shipyard, with a diploma in ship management at sea or with a diploma in ship management in the merchant navy. But once you have gained some experience, you can progress to the position of ship manager, second ship engineer, technical manager, ship operator, port manager, senior ship engineer, maritime supervisor and nautical college teacher.

  • How much can a marine engineer earn after completing the course?

After completing the course, you can start your career with Rs 5,00,000 per annum. But this is just a starting salary, and you can earn much more once you gain experience in this field. They can reach between 12,00,000 and 15,00,000 rupees a year. It also depends on the position you hold in the company you work for.

  • What are the main areas of work for a marine engineer?

Once you graduate as a marine engineer, you will be hired by people from different fields. Some of the most common employment sectors are maritime jobs, research centres, shipbuilding companies, colleges, universities and ports.

  • What is the educational requirement to be enrolled in a marine engineering course?

You need to make sure that you have completed a 10+2 course from a good college or university in India. Maths, physics and chemistry must be core subjects at 10+2 level. Moreover, it is very important to score at least 60% in the qualifying exam to appear in the entrance test. You must pass an entrance test and be at least 17 and under 25. If you meet all of these requirements, you can apply to the Marine Engineering program.

  • How much do marine engineering studies cost?

Normally, a few government schools offer this course while the rest are only private schools in India. The average cost of a college ranges from Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 1.50.000. 5.00.000. You can choose the right one from many different colleges. The demand for places and the reputation of a particular university determine the cost of a marine engineering course.

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